Friday, 18 January 2019

Botox Treatment to Soften a Square Jaw-Line - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

While a square jaw-line is an entirely acceptable look for a woman, many of them would prefer a softer, more feminine shape to their face. The female jaw is thinner than the male jaw and has slightly rounded corners, and while it is square, it's not blunt.

A few key characteristics that distinguish a male jaw from a female one:
  • Men tend to have a longer chin than women.
  • The angle of a man's jaw is sharp, making it look square, where a square jaw on a woman still has a curve.
  • On a man's face, the chin is flat at the base, but pointed on a woman.
  • A male jaw looks wider, heavier, and thicker than a female jaw.

A typical female jaw will curve gently from the ear down to the chin, and although this shape is often associated as being the most feminine and the most common, there are other shapes. There are lots of women who our society considers attractive, who have a more angular, masculine jaw-line. Some say that women with square jaw-lines have slightly higher testosterone levels than average, but in many women it's simply an ethnic feature.

Masseter muscles in the jaw are responsible for jaw motion, and as with any muscle, the jaw muscles increase in size with exercise. If a strong, square jaw-line becomes too pronounced, it can make the face seem masculine and in turn cause self-consciousness. Actions, such as repeated chewing gum, clenching or grinding the teeth while asleep, can cause the muscle to increase, creating a visibly square appearance in the face.

Botox injections carry fewer risks than surgical treatments and can also help those who suffer with teeth grinding during the night. Botox can help change the shape of your face by relaxing the masseter muscle and in recent years they have become a popular treatment for people who suffer from thickening of the jaw muscles. After botox treatment the improvement occurs naturally, with the greatest improvement being noticed between three to nine months after the injections.

Botox can also subtly contour the sharp angles of a square jaw-line, as when botox is precisely injected into the masseter muscles of the jaw to weaken it, causing the size of the muscle to reduce. Women with a squared jaw think it makes their face look a lot bigger, but as the muscle decreases in size a more oval face shape develops. However, getting botox to curve their square jaw is becoming popular among women, for a softer, more feminine look.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Definition on the Abs with Hi Def Vaser Lipo - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

These days, lots of men are just as worried about their bodies as women, and there's a growing pressure on men to look good, meaning that more men are turning to cosmetic procedures than ever before.

Unfortunately, it seems that these days lots of us don't have the spare time to spend working out in the gym. It takes dedication putting in all the hours needed to actually get a fit body, and then many hours working to keep it looking in peak condition. Sometimes, no matter how much work we fit in at the gym, there are still stubborn areas of fat that linger, which can affect our confidence and self-esteem, even for those of us who are fit and healthy.

Men today who want to look good are opting to have some cosmetic treatments to achieve it. Those who choose hi def vaser lipo treatment are usually men already who do lots of exercise, have a good nutritious, low-fat diet and basically keep up a healthy lifestyle. For them, vaser lipo is a last resort because no matter how healthy the diet, or how many hours they spend in the gym, it seems that there's always one area of their body where stubborn pockets of fat just won't shift.

Almost all men, especially the younger ones, would really like a good set of abs, but infuriatingly, it's the abs that are one of the hardest areas to lose that last bit of excess fat from, denying them the abs muscle definition. This is where hi def vaser lipo can help; removing the excess fat, getting you on the right track to get your body looking exactly the way you want it.

The precise nature of hi def vaser lipo makes it an ideal treatment for achieving six-pack abs, because it's a procedure that's done in small areas, with a great degree of accuracy. In this process, when the fat gets removed, it's removed permanently, although, a healthy diet and exercise regimen are still recommended after any body contouring surgery to keep up the great results.

The vaser lipo process is minimally invasive and very soft on the body, you won't believe the dramatic effect it will have on your abs, for such a seemingly small treatment. The vaser lipo method is much kinder to surrounding tissue than traditional liposuction thus giving less pain, swelling and bruising.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Botox & Filler for a Liquid Face Lift - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Unfortunately we'll all get older, and when we do we'll notice our face developing fine lines and wrinkles. Sagging facial skin will make us look tired, and if we lose volume in our face we'll also start to look gaunt. Many people think that invasive face lift surgery is the solution to correct these effects of facial ageing, however there's another option. Instead of going under the knife for a surgical procedure, many people find they'll get fantastic results from a non-surgical procedure such as the liquid face lift.

A liquid face lift is a cosmetic procedure where a combination of injected botox and fillers freshen the face by softening lines and wrinkles and adding volume to the face. When it's strategically placed, botox can give you an eye lift and the dermal filler, when injected into sunken, hollow cheeks will add volume to the face.

Those who can benefit are:
  • Clients who aren't quite ready, or who are reluctant to have invasive surgery.
  • Those who have slight sagging of the jowls.
  • Clients who have lost volume in the cheeks.
  • People who have lost volume under the eyes.
Botox and filler can also be injected into the temples, lower eyelids, cheeks and jaw-line to create more youthful facial contours. Using local anaesthetic on the face, means any pain is minimal and unlike a surgical face lift, clients can go back to work the following day.

A liquid face lift treatment would benefit those who want to rejuvenate and refresh their face, making it appear more youthful. It's ideal for those who have lost volume to the face, especially in the cheek and mouth areas. With precision placement of the dermal filler to give tissue support and volume to areas which have sagged, along with strategic injections of botox to erase the fine lines, realistic goals of a refreshed younger looking face are achievable.

Benefits of a non-surgical procedure:
  • It's non-invasive, no stitches or cuts and no bleeding
  • Fast treatment time - 20 - 30 minutes
  • Quick recovery - minor swelling for a few days
  • It's affordable
  • Back to work - next day
  • Duration of results - up to 12 months
  • Anaesthetic - local
  • Results seen - immediate dramatic results
Having a liquid face lift is a minimal, swift procedure which can take five to seven years off of your facial appearance. It's possible to arrive and leave within an hour, having had a face lift without the need of a scalpel.

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Monday, 7 January 2019

Facial Fillers Erase Wrinkles & Add Volume - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Hyaluronic acid, hydration and water retention in our body decreases as we get older causing our skin to lose its plumpness and begin to get drier. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that occurs in the body, it holds water, which hydrates and gives volume to the skin, but unfortunately as we age this production of hyaluronic acid starts to diminish.

Cheek enhancement using dermal fillers
For many reasons; maybe age, stress or weight loss, we might find that our face is beginning to look tired, drawn and gaunt. Skin on younger people looks firmer and plumper in comparison, thanks in part to collagen and hyaluronic acid. One of the ways we can combat the signs of getting older, is to replace the hyaluronic acid that is lost during the ageing process with dermal fillers. They create a naturally smoothed out appearance, fill in the fine lines and wrinkles and plump out the grooves and creases.

Dermal fillers are an ideal treatment to improve facial contours, fill out sunken cheeks, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and help people regain their former youthful looks. Before our late 30's, the skin should still keep it's natural contoured nature and volume, without too many wrinkles or sagging, which makes the process a better prospect for middle-aged skin. Although late nights, heavy drinking and smoking can speed up the signs of ageing, so it's possible to need dermal fillers at a younger age.

Dermal fillers on tear troughs
Placing the fillers in strategic places will:
  • Add volume to hollowed, gaunt, or sunken areas of the face.
  • Give a natural filled out appearance under the lower eyelids, correcting the hollowed eyed look.
  • Soften the deep grooves between the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth.
  • Add volume to the cheeks, improving the marionette lines from the mouth to the chin.
  • Jowl correction will give you a smooth jaw line.
  • Will gently thicken skin that has thinned, due to ageing.
  • Improve furrows, deep folds and creases.
  • Will plump up the apples of the cheeks and sculpt the cheek bones.
  • Lip enhancement will give better definition, reduce lipstick bleed, add volume and give a fuller appearance.
Dermal filler on lip lines
The effects of dermal fillers are instant. There's a small chance however, of slight bleeding where the needle enters the skin, and slight swelling or redness at the injection area, although this will go down very quickly and the use of an ice pack will speed up resolution.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Enhance Your Lips With Lip Fillers at Selston Cosmetic Clinic - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

The more we age, the more likely we are to get new wrinkles, especially fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Because women's skin is thinner, they tend to get lip and mouth wrinkles more often than men and although lip wrinkles can happen to anyone, things such as repetitive movement, sun exposure, smoking and genetics will speed up the process.

Lots of face and body products claim to stop the effects of ageing, but unfortunately our skin will age regardless.

Ways to lessen lip lines and wrinkles:
  • Exfolliate - one of the best natural ways to lessen any wrinkles and lines on the lips is to exfolliate once a day, which will take away dead skin cells, making the wrinkles appear more shallow.
  • Apply lip balm - when the lips are kept moist and hydrated, it helps prevent them from drying and wrinkling. Also consider using lip balm with sunscreen, when you're out in the sun.
  • Diet - try to include food rich in antioxidants, such as leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and fatty omega 3 foods like fish or fish oil supplements into your diet.
  • Facial exercises - face massaging increases blood circulation and tightens muscles and tissues around the mouth.
  • Water - drink plenty of water to replace lost moisture to keep the skin hydrated and plump.

Injectable lip fillers plump up the skin, lessening the appearance of fine lines and creases at the lip. The filler stimulates collagen production and encourages new tissue growth in and around the injected area. Over time, the body absorbs the gel carrier, while collagen continues to grow at the injection site, replacing the gel with natural tissue. 

It's important to keep the natural shape and contour of the lips when you have filler treatment. Doctors can control how much volume they add to the lips, they can offer a gradual pace of treatment and give extra injections during follow-up appointments. The results are immediate and can last for 8-12 months, and most people who get fillers will need at least one follow-up injection within a year.

Benefits of Lip Injections:
  • Safe and non invasive procedure
  • Provides quick and effective results
  • Provides volume to thin lips, thus improving the skin around the mouth
  • Minimal recovery time and side effects
  • Clients can resume routine activities almost immediately

Treatment time for lip filler treatment is about 20-30 minutes  After the lip injections the client may very occasionally experience slight redness, mild swelling and maybe some tenderness but this disappears quickly.

Clinic Manager.