Wednesday, 26 October 2011

FUE... Hair Transplants

Hair transplants have become extremely popular at Selston. Dr Reddy has become widely sought after as one of the UK's leading FUE Hair Transplant surgeons. Doctors worldwide are now seeking him to train them in this cutting edge technique.

His results speak for themselves and we are very lucky he is operating out of Selston cosmetic for his northern clients.

Check out some of his before and after pictures on our FUE page and please feel free to come along and have a free consultation and assessment with Dr Reddy.

Clinic Manager

Smartxide..Facial Rejuvenation

Is your skin feeling like it needs a good pick me up? Dryness and fine lines from the summer sun? Sun spots and pigmentation?

Smartxide can help resolve all of these problems. A laser that actually does what it says on the tin! After just one treatment you will see visible results and other people will notice too! Your skin will be softer, smoother and the skin tone will be more even.

It works by damaging the skin, forcing the collagen to kick in and start repairing the damage, so after a few weeks the skin will looker plumper and revitalised. The top layers of the skin will be resurfaced so sun damage and pigmentation will start to disappear. Lines and wrinkles will be softer and greatly improved.

An all round treatment that is relatively inexpensive for the results gained! For a free consultation, please call 01773 861845.

Clinic manager

Vaser Lipo / Tickle

With two months until Christmas you still have time to get the silhouette you always dreamed of in that 'little black number'! Vaser Lipo combined with Vaser Lipo Tickle can rid you of those unsightly lumps and give you skin tightening at the same time.

Incorporating the Tickle method allows us to remove more fat from larger areas. With minimal downtime and post op recovery you could be looking fab, just in time for the party season!


Lead vaser Technician

Friday, 7 October 2011

Vaser Lipo Versus Abdominoplasty?

This young lady in her twenties wanted Vaser Lipo of her tummy. We recommended that she go for a tummy tuck with lipo as we didnt feel Vaser would give her the result she wanted.

She didnt want to go down this route, so we councelled her extensively about what we could realistically achieve with Vaser Lipo.

She followed our post procedure instructions to the letter but was worried about her ' pot belly' swelling. We reassured her and reminded her again about realistic expectations!

She came to see us a week later looking really fab, it was a fantastic result to say where she had started from!


Lead Vaser Technician

Vaser Lipo.... Large Tummy!

This lady is in her late fifties and came to see us as she hated the large bulge of her lower tummy. None of her clothes sat smoothly and she was very concious of it. A tummy tuck wasnt an option for her.

We performed Vaser Lipo of the lower abs with plenty of skin tightening to help the apron to retract.

She came back to see us really delighted. She has been on a cruise and caught a glimpse of herself on the ship video and didnt recognise herself from her side profile! She couldn't believe how flat her tummy looked in her clothes!

She is really pleased she had the procedure, her clothes fit better and she has much more confidence!


Lead Vaser Technician