Monday, 28 April 2014

Vaser Lipo.. Update Amazing Results!

This Vaser  procedure was done well over a year ago. This yummy young man sent me his after photos a couple of months later looking amazing. They were taken over the Christmas period when he hadn't exercised and had been indulging... but nevertheless looked fab. 
Today he sent me some more pictures. He has been working out and really looking after himself and all i can say is ....Girls he is not single!! ;) 

                                                             APRIL 2014

Clinic manager

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fue Hair Transplant.. 6000 Hairs Dr Reddy

What a difference two days can make to your life! This client was very thin at the front of his head and went ahead with a Fue Hair Transplant.  He was a Norwood 3 and had 6000 hairs transplanted using the most advanced techniques available. 
I am sure he was very happy with his new 'crowning glory'.

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Clinic Manager

Fue Hair Transplant Before and After

This client had a Fue Hair Transplant with our Dr Reddy. He had almost 8000 hairs transplanted over a two day session with outstanding success.  His condition was a Norwood 5, so quite severe hair loss. 
As you can see it has made a huge difference!

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Anti Ageing...Selston Cosmetic Clinic

We have been using Teosyal Redensity with great results. One client said out of 10 she would give it 11!
Recently in the best injectable category, it won the Anti Aging and beauty trophy.
Redensity is a hyaluronic skin enhancer that keeps on exceeding practitioners and patients expectations! It prevents premature skin aging, skin is naturally plumped leaving it radiant and smooth with luminosity restored.
It is placed with lots of micro injections all over, so the whole face  is evenly treated.
It can be used for the face and neckline  (an area often overlooked).

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Botox..Selston Nottingham

Botox injections are extremely popular at Selston, even more so since we have had an offer on all our prices!

5 Areas for the price of 3  £250
3 Areas are now £199
2 Areas are now £175

Our loyalty card scheme is also flourishing...if you have your Botox done regularly ( every 3 to 4 months )
you will get the 4th session at half price! A very good offer indeed!
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Vaser Lipo...Female Abs..Before and After

This lovely lady flew in from Afghan to have Vaser Lipo of the Abs and Flanks. She started with the tummy first and a week later came back for the flanks.
The after photo was taken a couple of weeks after the first procedure as the lady had to fly back.
She is going to keep me updated by email, so hopefully we will get some more after shots we can show.
But as you can see she was looking pretty amazing post op!

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