Thursday, 17 January 2013

Vaser Lipo...Female Flanks. Before and After

This client came for Vaser Lipo of the hips/flanks, she just wanted to get rid of that bulge that always wants to pop over the top of your jeans!
We duly obliged and she came back a week later looking really fab!

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Clinic manager

Vaser Lipo... Love Handles!! Before and After

This young guy had typical love handles, he wanted to smooth them out with Vaser Lipo and not look so curvy. He came back a few weeks later with a little bruising and swelling but looking pretty good!

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Vaser Lipo Outer thighs. Before and After

This lady came for Vaser Lipo of the outer thighs. She had quite chunky legs anyway but wanted the 'saddlebag' bits removing that jutted out.
As you can see it made quite a difference to the outline of her shape.

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Clinic manager

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Image.....Is Everything!

With lots of rave reviews from our clients about our Daily Defense moisturiser with a SPF 30, it was a pleasant surprise to see it featured in a recent edition of OK magazine as one of the top 5 creams! 

We stock it in a hydrating, tinted or matte formula. As in the article its rrp is £41.99 for 95ml but we sell it at £37.99. Come and get yours!!

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Clinic Manager

Friday, 11 January 2013

Vaser Lipo Before and After

This young lady came for Vaser Lipo of the upper and lower abs.One child had changed her shape forever!!(As they do!) She wanted rid of her 'mummy tummy' and more smoothness and outline to her shape.
We gladly obliged!

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Clinic Manager

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

SmartXide...Smart Decision!

Are you wanting to lose years off your skin's appearance, tighten up sagging areas, rid yourself of sun damage and age spots? Well SmartXide is the treatment for you!
The SmartXide dot laser totally resurfaces your skin leaving new baby pink skin underneath. Deep wrinkles are softened and visibly reduced leaving a new, rejuvenated you!
Three treatments are recommended to get full benefits,but results can be seen after the first treatment.

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Clinic manager

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Traction Alopecia...Before And After

This young lady had traction alopecia, this happens when you have constant tugging of the hair as with braiding causing too much tension on the hairline.
She had 2493 hairs or 790 grafts transplanted by the Fue method. What a difference!

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Clinic Manager

Restoration Of The Crown...Before And After

This client had 3983 hairs or 1204 grafts transplanted by Dr Reddy using the FUE technique.  He had an obvious thinning of the crown. This was soon rectified 

Clinic Manager

Friday, 4 January 2013

Vaser Lipo ..Man Boobs!

This gentleman's man boobs were the equivalent of a ladies A or B cup. He did not want invasive surgery that involved cutting and knives!

He decided on Vaser Lipo and had realistic expectations about the skin tightening he could achieve. Vaser promises 33% skin tightening...any more and its a bonus!

He came back a few months later, his results were very pleasing and he was very happy.

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Lead vaser Technician

Vaser Lipo..Before and After..Selston Cosmetic Clinic

This young lady came for Vaser Lipo of the abs and flanks. She wanted Mid Def, that would give her some definition along with a smoother figure. She enjoyed the gym but could never achieve what vaser did for her!
She also dropped 2 dress sizes!

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Lead Vaser Technician

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Acne...A Cream That Works!

In our new range of skin care is a wonderful little gem called Acne Medicated Lotion. This has proven in every client that has purchased it to dramatically clear the skin up in days!

I trialled it out on my 17 year old daughter who gets the occasional break out. Her spots were gone within 2 days and she made me buy her the full size bottle! 

At just £29.99 acne can be a thing of the past!

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Dermal Fillers....Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Dermal Fillers these days have changed the face of cosmetic medicine. We are now using them to  great effect...especially for facial volumisation. this simply involves placing the fillers in strategic places  to lift the cheeks and jowls.
This is not a replacement for a facelift  but when used appropriately can knock off  up to 5 years off your face !
We use Radiesse  Dermal it can last up to  12 to 18months....the literature states it should last up to 24 months...this has not been our experience. New fillers are coming on the market ....a recent arrival is Ellanse M....which has shown to consistently last for 24 months...we will be offering this as part of our portfolio of fillers at Selston  Cosmetic Clinic.

 Prices    Radiesse  1.5 ml syringe   £250
              Ellanse  M    1ml syringe   £300

This lady below has had 6 syringes of Radiesse  given over a 6 week period.

Clinic Manager

Age Later....Beautiful Skin

Our fantastic skin care range is complimented with a range of facial peels to suit every skin type, be it acne, aging or rosacea prone skin. They can even out your skin tone and rejuvenate your skin.

If you have several problems the peels can be tailor made just for you! At £50 a peel or £65 for a Microdermabrasion and skin peel combined, you can have the the skin you have always dreamed of!

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Clinic Manager

Image Skin Care

We have been using our skincare range for a few months now and getting some excellent feedback. Our hero product of the range is the Vital C Serum. This is used morning and night under your moisturiser and is targeted at  Rosacea, sensitive and dehydrated skin. It is good for smokers, travellers and skin that just needs pure moisture!

Now in stock at £57.95..come and get yours!

Clinic Manager

Unrealistic Expectations....Vaser Lipo

Some clients come to Selston for consultation regarding Vaser Lipo and have very unrealistic expectations, we can only work with what we have and when the canvas is very tarnished we cannot expect to end up with a Monet!

This client had a large tummy, flanks and back fat. Notice how lax the skin is too! This is a clear case for a tummy tuck as once the fat is removed, what is going to happen to all that skin?  Vaser offers at least 33% skin tightening and often delivers much more!

So what happens next? We make it clear what we can expect to achieve, and in this case explained her best option would be a tummy tuck with liposuction as well.

This lady did not want to go down the surgery route and wanted to take her chances with Vaser Lipo. It was explained that she could end up with a lot of loose skin but she elected to proceed.

Here are her before and afters, and although she is half the woman she was, she was not happy with her result. She chose to go to another clinic for further lipo and we are very confident that because more fat was removed she will have significant, unsightly loose skin.

Lead Vaser technician