Tuesday, 30 November 2010

What Are My Chances of Shock Loss..with FUE ?

I am a 23 year old male , losing hair at the front and at the sides. I have been using minoxidil and am starting to see results .

I have done a bit of research and i am seriously considering your 3rd Generation FUE hair restoration procedure. My one worry is shock loss . Do you think I would be a good candidate for the FUE procedure and what are my chances of shock loss?

With regards to your suitability for 3rd Generation FUE, we have very strict protocols for patient selection. Age is always important. Your hair loss may be progressive so this might not be the only procedure you have so we need to plan ahead to look at any future loss.

Looking from a different view , you are only 23 and if your hair loss is affecting you now, then why not have a procedure that will give you a very natural result with no down time!

What I would recommend though is to come and see me for a free consultation before making the final decision.

Regarding your 2nd question on shock loss , yes it is definitely an issue with any kind of hair restoration technique .

There are lots of reasons behind shock loss and this is something I always explain to the patient during my consultation for hair loss. I have my own protocol for prevention of shock loss and it has worked well for me .

Other clinics will have their own protocols for shock loss, but as i have mentioned in other blogs, whichever hair procedure you decide to go for, make sure your surgeon has answered all your questions and issues to your satisfaction, and you are 100% confident in his work.

Dr Raghu Reddy

Hair Transplant Surgeon for Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Facial Hair Free!

Alkaline hair remover is the next best thing to remove unwanted downy, facial hair.

This remarkable treatment is used to reduce that unwanted fluffy, downy hair and is particulary suitable and popular on the face and upper lip, this can also be used on other parts of the body. This usually results in permanant hair loss over a period of time.

The advantage is that it is possible to remove large areas of unwanted hair in one treatment.

This treatment is also pain free for that added bonus. Our clients are moving on to alkaline hair wash after having laser hair removal to give complete hair free skin.

In the end, the skin looks brighter clearer and more refreshed , giving you a flawless look without the hair!


Lead Cosmetic Technician

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Vaser Lipo - Results... Nearly 3 Years on at Selston Cosmetic Clinic

This is an article in which i hope to give my thoughts and reflections about the Vaser lipo procedure 3 years down the line at SCC.

Approximately 3 years ago Smartlipo was all the rage. This was when a laser was used , which melted the fat, and the fat was left inside the body to be excreted. The areas treated were small and the results were unpredictable, and fat removal or contour definition was minimal.

Vaser Lipo initially came to compete with this treatment, the areas treated were small akin to smart lipo and aspiration of the subsequent fat at that time was in my opinion ..conservative. However the results were still far superior to Smart lipo.....everybody was happy!

In life nothing stands still.....

In th UK early 2010 Vaser Mid Def and Vaser Hi Def arrived..we were fully Hi Def trained and ready to go by Feb 2010 .What we can now achieve with Vaser Lipo for the right candidates is impressive to say the least.

These procedures remove a greater amount of fat but also have the objective of contour definition... Vaser Hi Def is the ultimate treatment , but post op recovery is lengthy.

Vaser Mid Def is becoming the procedure of choice with clients at Selston Cosmetic Clinic. It marries Vaser Lipo with Vaser Hi Def, it removes fat, gives contour definition, post op recovery is easier compared to Vaser Hi Def and is cheaper!



This client from London. She is in her late 20's, exercises regularly but had resistive fat. She had Vaser Lipo Mid Def of her upper and lower abdomen and returned 3 months later to have Mid Def of her flanks. The after photos have been taken one week post 2nd procedure.

Dr S Bassi
Lead Cosmetic Physian
Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Vaser Lipo.. Large Tummy..female..Age 52

This lady travelled from London to consult about the options available to her.

We advised a tummy tuck....which she flatly refused to consider.

We made sure her expectations were realistic.

Vaser Lipo will only give so much skin tightening and she definitely would not get the same results as she would from a tummy tuck.

She accepted this readily and proceded to have Vaser Lipo of the abdomen and then the flanks 4 weeks later.

At review she felt the result had far exceded her expectations.

She informed us she had revamped her lingerie wardrobe too....!!


Cosmetic clinic manager Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Vaser Lipo - Inner and Outer Thighs..Results

This lady had Vaser Lipo of her inner thighs and knees, then five months later came back to have her outer thighs done.

The after picture is 1 week post the second procedure and there is still slight swelling of the outer thighs.

There is a significant improvement of the shape of the legs.....this ladys expectations were realistic and she is very happy with the results so far! Her results will continue to improve over the next few weeks.

Dr S Bassi
Lead Cosmetic Physician

Vaser Lipo ........Post Op Scar Treatment.

Clients with continental, Asian or dark skin can develop hyperpigmentation (darkening) of their scar sites.

We do not suture the incisions as this allows draining of the anaesthetic fluid post procedure. This helps give a smooth result and minimises lumps, bumps and swelling post- operatively.

The Vaser Lipo scars are roughly 4mm in length and we attempt to place them in discreet positions.

So what is the solution... to minimise the pigmentation after the procedure?

We are recommending clients whose skin well may have a tendency to hyperpigment to start a depigmentation programme 4 weeks post surgery.

This involves using skin needling ( dermarolling) , retin A gel and Agera Rx phytolightening cream in a certain combination for six months.

The pigmentation lightens and the scarring is much improved.

Dr Bassi
Lead Cosmetic Physician

Monday, 8 November 2010

Restoring skin for the winter!

Preparing the skin for the winter months ahead is important as it can cause a lasting effect on your skin........

What to do?

A build up of cells along with daily grime can cause the pores to block. Medical Microdermabrasion can give the skin a BOOST by getting rid of the dead cells and therefore giving you a refreshed and glowing look to the skin.

Perfect for the party season ahead.

A lunch time procedure that wont damage your purse!


Lead Laser Technician

Just starting to lose my hair at 60!

I have just turned 60 years old and have recently begun to lose my hair. My health has always been very good so it is not down to any medical problems.

Once i started to notice my hair loss it seemed to become more accelerated and i would really like to slow it down! Do you think at 60, anything can be done about my hair or am i too old?

With advancements in technology , 3rd Generation FUE hair transplants can be performed at any age. The only factor we have to look at is the availability of donor hair .

My advice would be to consider medical options first if you have only recently started losing your hair as early intervention can stop progression of hair loss. Kindly look up on http://www.selstoncosmeticclinic.com/ for more info and ways to make an appointment.

Dr Raghu Reddy

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Tummy Tuck....By Vaser Lipo... Results !

Lots of our ladies come to see us wondering what can be done about 'aprons'. Whether it be down to lots of pregnancies or general weight gain.

Most have been advised that they will need a tummy tuck, but they really don't want to go through such a major procedure or have a huge scar that an apronectomy incurs.

Vaser Liposuction will give a minimum of 33% skin tightening so our ladies have to have realistic expectations about the result they are expecting. Most do not want to wear a bikini again, they just want to feel better about the way they look in their clothes. The rest who want a perfect tummy, we point in the direction of a surgeon.

We recently performed a lower tummy procedure on a lady in her mid fifties. Dr Bassi decided to do the procedure in two stages as he felt the result would be far superior. The photos below show a good sized lower tummy. The area treated was from the naval downwards.


The lady came to see us a couple of weeks later and wow, She had followed our post op advise to the letter and it had really paid off.

This lady is in her fifties but she did have good skin tone. See what you think....


I think she looks great.


Lead Vaser Technician

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Vaser Lipo Mid Def.. ..Result....Male...Age 50

eeCase two

50 year old male who had Vaser Lipo Mid Def of his abdomen and four weeks later returned for Mid Def of his flanks



After pictures have been taken immediately after the second procedure. (flanks) . Further improvements yet to come.

Nice, defined results to be expected!

S R Bassi
Lead Cosmetic Physician.

Vaser Hi Def/ Mid Def....Males...Results !

Case one

30 year old male, he had Vaserlipo Hi Def of his abdomen and returned 3 months later for Mid Def of his flanks.


As you will agree he has got great results and is happy, combining the two different procedures has been cost effective for him as well!
Please note the after photos have been taken immediately after the second procedure (flanks)
S R Bassi
Lead Cosmetic physician.