Thursday, 19 May 2011

Female abs..One Week Later.

  • With Vaser Lipo we can offer at least 33% skin tightening, sometimes people get more as you can see from our previous blogs and this is a bonus. It all depends on how religious you are with your aftercare and obviously the quality of your skin to begin with.

  • This following lady had quite stretched skin as you can see from the stretchmarks on her lower tummy. She understood the implications of this, but wasnt looking for miracles, only a flatter smoother silhouette !

  • She bought her own ultrasound machine which she used daily and had professional massages. She came back a week later for review and looked amazing for such a short space of time!

    The procedure took 2 hours and required 3 litres of anaesthetic.

A nice result which will continue to improve.


Lead Vaser Technician

Male Abs.... Results!

  • At Selston we offer a bespoke service, unlike larger clinics or groups we spend all afternoon doing Vaser Lipo on one client. This way there is no rush and hopefully the experience is a pleasant and fruitful one for the client!

  • This following client is a regular customer of ours, his mission in life is to max his credit card out!! (And you know who you are gorgeous)

  • He came to have his tummy sorted then four weeks later his flanks. After many sessions of ultrasound and massage that had him screaming and me in fits of laughter, he came back for some after shots.

Take a look... The procedures each took 2.5 hrs and each required 3 litres of anaesthetic

I hope you are wearing all those new shirts you've bought as that body is certainly going to do them justice!


Lead Vaser Technician

Front of Thighs...Vaser Lipo Results

This lovely young girl came to Selston to have Vaser Lipo on the front of her thighs, she had a lovely body but had a problem with her muscular looking legs.

Because she was young and her skin is very elastic and firm, we knew she would get great results with good skin retraction.

The procedure took 2 hours and required 2.5 litres of anaesthetic



A much slimmer leg!


Lead Vaser Technician

Vaser Lipo...Front of Thighs

This returning client had already had Vaser Lipo on her outer thighs and came back to have the front of thighs treated. She really disliked the prominent curve from the top of her leg and and the way that tight jeans emphasised it!

Just look at how fab she looks two weeks after her second procedure!



The nice thing is that now her legs have been 'Vasered', she is starting to look in proportion with her upper body. New jeans me thinks ;)


Lead Vaser technician

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Vaser Lipo.... Chin Results

This lady has had lots of Vaser Lipo and was considering a lower facelift as she wasnt very impressed with her chin!

She decided to try Vaser Lipo as it does offer 33% skin tightening as well. She sent me her photos, before the procedure, the day after the procedure and 10 days later. Already you can see a big improvement, and happily our client is loving the initial results!




More improvements to come!


Lead Vaser Technician

Monday, 16 May 2011

FUE Hair Transplant.... 6 Months Later

This young guy had 4107 hairs transplanted, 1338 grafts. He was thinning really quickly and decided to have a FUE Hair Transplant. These photos show the hair before and results at 6 months. He will still get more improvement up till 10 months from the procedure.

Hair before FUE

6 Months later

A big improvement dont you think!


Clinic manager

FUE...10 Months later

This client had 2643 hairs transplanted, 962 grafts. He had his FUE hair transplant 10 months ago and is really pleased with the result. So much that he is coming again for a couple more thousand hair to give even more density.

Hair before FUE

Immediately after the procedure

10 Months Later

What a difference!


Clinic Manager

Friday, 6 May 2011

Vaser Lipo... Large Female Abdo

  • This young lady is in her late twenties. She is 5ft 3 and weighed 11 stones. She gyms all the time and has a really good diet. Because her fat was resistive no matter what she did, she developed low self esteem and let herself go

  • She had 3 seperate Vaser Lipo procedures 4 weeks apart. Each time she had 3 litres of anaesthetic and all procedures were roughly 2 and a half hours long. No production line here, we spend all afternoon with one client!! In total she had over 5 litres of pure fat removed!

  • She followed the post op instructions to the letter, she lost 7 inches in circumference from around the waist! Our client is a new person, she has returned to the gym to reduce her internal fat.

  • In 6 months time she will be a new girl! I will keep you updated.

What a fab start to the 'new you'


Lead Vaser Technician

Vaser Lipo Inner Thighs and Knees

At Selston, we like to show the tricky cases as well as the easy cases, not everyone has a reasonable canvas to start with.

This lady in her late fifties wanted her inner thighs and knees trimming down.
She appreciated her legs were very large and wanted to reduce the constant rubbing of her inner thighs and to be able to wear a skirt which was the only reason stopping her.

Her expectations were realistic, she was counselled extensively re;

1 Skin most 33%..however we wil use Vaser Hi Def techniques to improve this.

2 We will create a straight line appearance of the inner leg from inner knee to inner upper thigh.

3 She was happy with her outer thighs and the rest of her legs, she just wanted to improve the inners.

The procedure required 2.5 litres of anaesthetic and took two and a half hours.
Her results were satisfactory and she was happy.

Here are a few before and after pics.

Results after one week..


Lead Vaser Technician