Monday, 28 March 2016

Vaser Lipo on Men's Abs Before and After - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield

These days, most men are just as anxious about their appearance as women, and it seems that the time for men to accept what they have, and suffer in silence is over! More and more men are turning to cosmetic procedures, as today, more than ever before, there is a growing pressure on men to look good.

With men's magazine covers, TV advertising and giant posters on billboards bearing down on us: of half-naked David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo posing in tight pants for their underwear range or shirtless tennis player Rafael Nadal advertising fragrances for Tommy Hilfiger..... it seems that it's less about the product they're selling and more about showing off the fit, toned bodies with six packs and definition!

Unfortunately, these days not that many of us have the time to spend in the gym, putting in all those hours needed to maintain a fit body and keep it looking in peak condition. This can affect confidence and self-esteem, even for those who are fit and healthy as sometimes, as no matter how much gym work is done, there are still stubborn areas of fat that linger.

Men today want to look good, and to do so they are opting to have cosmetic treatment to achieve it. At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic most of the male clients that come to see us for  vaser lipo treatment are normally blokes that take lots of exercise, have a good diet and basically keep up a healthy lifestyle. For them, vaser lipo is a last resort because no matter how healthy the diet, or how many hours they spend in the gym there always seems that one area of their body where stubborn pockets of fat just won't shift!

This lovely guy (see photo's below) is a fitness fanatic, but could not gain the six-pack he wanted. He had lost weight and had significant looseness of the skin... well 4 weeks later,  just look at the result he has achieved so far after vaser lipo.

4 weeks after vaser lipo !
Before vaser lipo

Almost all men, especially the younger ones, would wish for a good set of abs, but infuriatingly, abs just happen to be one of the hardest areas to lose that last bit of excess fat from. This is where vaser lipo can help, and can get you on the right track to get your body looking exactly the way you want it.

The precise nature of a vaser lipo procedure makes it ideal for achieving six-pack abs, as it can be done in very small areas with a great degree of accuracy and when the fat is removed with this process, it's removed permanently. Although it must be noted that a healthy diet and exercise regime are still recommended after any body contouring surgery to keep up the great results.

This young man (see photo's below) was after the elusive six-pack look and after years of training he still could not achieve his goal. Vaser lipo at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic made his dreams come true in one afternoon!

The vaser lipo process is very soft on the body, and is minimally invasive – you won’t believe the drastic positive effects it will have on your abs, for such a seemingly small treatment.
Give us a call and arrange a free consultation and we will give you the abdomen shape you’re looking for in no time.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Liquid Facelift at Selston - Before & After Photo's - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Ageing, is unfortunately inevitable. As we get older, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging facial skin begins to develop and we tend to lose volume in our face.

Many think facelift surgery is the solution to correct these effects of facial ageing. However, there is another option, and instead of going under the knife for a surgical facelift, many people might get fantastic results from a non-surgical procedure such as the liquid facelift.

After the treatment and WOW! What a difference!
Before the liquid facelift

A liquid facelift, also known as an injectable facelift, is where Botox is injected to freshen up the face by softening lines and wrinkles. Strategically placed, Botox can also give you an eye lift. Dermal Filler such as Radiesse is injected to volumise the face, giving it an instant result, like a mini facelift.

Botox and filler can be injected into the temples, lower eyelids, cheeks and jaw-line to create more youthful facial contours. The filler gives volumisation to areas that have sagged, and signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging jowls will diminish, and the procedure can take five to seven years off of your facial appearance. Local anaesthetic is used on the face, meaning any pain is minimal and unlike a surgical facelift, patients can go back to work the following day.

At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic we are performing many liquid facelifts using Radiesse dermal filler and Botox. Liquid facelifts are becoming extremely popular at Selston and you can be in and out within an hour having had a facelift without the need of a scalpel! As the before and after photo's show, we are getting fantastic results!


The best candidates for the liquid facelift treatment are those who would like to rejuvenate and refresh their face, making it appear more youthful. It's ideal for those who have lost volume to the face especially in the cheek and mouth areas. With precision placement of the dermal filler to give tissue support and volume to areas which have sagged, along with strategic use of Botox to erase the fine can achieve realistic goals of a refreshed younger looking face.

A non surgical liquid facelift involves:
  • No stitches or cuts, so no bleeding
  • Downtime - 1 day
  • Affordability
  • Procedure time - 20 - 30 minutes
  • Back To Work - Next Day
  • Duration Of Results - up to 12 Months
  • Anaesthetic - Local
  • Results Seen - Immediate

The use of Radiesse and Botox to achieve a liquid facelift is really phenomenal! It is amazing to see the difference a few syringes of dermal filler and the skill of the doctor can make in a relatively quick treatment!

The liquid facelift is now the answer!

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Vaser Lipo to Remove Unwanted Fat - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield

At the end of this month it will be the official start of British summertime! And we all know what that means... shorter skirts, sleeveless tops, and horror of horrors... swimwear !!!

Almost all of us carry some extra weight through the winter months. And after eating hearty meals and drinking mugs of hot chocolate to keep us warm, we can always wear an extra layer of clothes to keep out the winter cold and also to hide the spare tyres! But come springtime, the layers come off, only to reveal the extra pounds that have crept on throughout the winter.

So, if you are having problems dropping those last 10 pounds then vaser lipo is one of the most popular methods used, for removing stubborn pockets of fat from the body, and especially those parts unresponsive to diet and exercise. Vaser Lipo can help people who are getting frustrated with certain areas that aren't becoming trimmer and toned, even after months of strict diet and exercise. All body types are predisposed to store fat in certain areas, and even with vigorous exercise and diet, these unwanted bulges often still persist.

Vaser lipo is a contouring procedure which selectively removes unwanted body fat, using state of the art ultrasound technology to remove these unwanted flabby areas and reshape your body. The vaser lipo procedure is able to differentiate between the targeted fat from all the other important tissues, breaking up fat while leaving other surrounding tissues undamaged.

Ideal candidates for vaser lipo are those who are a little chubby, rather than overly fat, and have areas with little pouches of flab in the abdomen, thighs, flanks, bingo wings or double chin. It is not a treatment for obesity or cellulite but a treatment technique to remove the fat cells and give the body shape and definition, remodelling the figure, whilst achieving accurate results. The procedure is also incredibly gentle, and also offers improved skin retraction and as it is so precise, it can give you the body that you want, and the shape of your dreams.

The Selston Cosmetic Clinic offers a free consultation to anyone considering vaser lipo, or indeed any treatments. At your appointment, all your questions will be answered by an expert and whether you decide to go ahead with the cosmetic procedure or not, the consultation is still free. One thing is for sure – you’ll leave having a better idea of the potential benefits of fat reduction surgery, how long the procedure will be, how long the healing process might take, what kind of scarring to expect, and how to move forward.

So for a great way to sculpt and reshape your body, with a quick turnaround time in healing and the best smooth results.... give us a call!

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Removing Moles From The Face & Body Using Radio Frequency - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

While personally you might despise them, and have a big desire to look for removal options, just remember that these little spots are what make you standout from the crowd. Moles, when small and neat are often regarded as ‘beauty spots’ when found on the face. Celebrities famous for their moles include Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford and Eva Mendes and their moles seem to add to their beauty and allure. On the other hand, there are those other famous faces who opted to have theirs removed : Enrique Iglesias, Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna!

Moles that are highly noticeable on the body or face can affect self-confidence and cause embarrassment for the sufferer. If they restrict movement, or are overly large, then this can sometimes result in pain and distress. Larger moles, besides being a potential health risk, can be unflattering and cause irritation when rubbed against clothes or during shaving.

Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, especially on the face, arms and neck and can vary in size, shape and colour. Some moles are flat, while others can have a raised appearance and although most moles are harmless, it is important to make sure that a doctor examines any mole that changes colour or shape or starts to irritate, as these symptoms could be signs of something more serious.

Moles are very common, with 1 in every 100 babies being born with one or more, although more moles can develop later on. They are often a brownish colour, although they can also be darker or skin-coloured. Moles have a smooth edge and are usually circular or oval in shape and some have hair growing from them.

Moles can increase in number and change in appearance. Sometimes, over time moles fade away, often unnoticed. They can also respond to hormonal changes :
  • Pregnancy - doesn't usually lead to the creation of more moles, but existing moles may get slightly darker in colour.
  • Teenage years - there are a lot of hormonal changes that tend to occur when a person hits their teens. During the teen years the incidence of moles will be the greatest, when they may increase in number.
  • Older age - they may disappear from 40 to 50 years of age onwards.
  • Sunlight - prolonged exposure to sunlight can trigger the formation of moles. Moles triggered by sunlight are more likely to turn into melanoma, or skin cancer.

The vast majority of moles just sit on your body and they cause no harm whatsoever, that being said, many people choose to get rid of their moles for purely aesthetic reasons. Mole removal treatment is one of the simplest procedures in cosmetic surgery and at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic the preferred method is radio frequency as it is ideal for facial moles. 
At the mole removal consultation
  • A clinical history will be taken by our experienced cosmetic physician and GP, Dr. Bassi.
  • The lesion will be examined and if required the mole will be analysed using a state of the art skin scanner system.
  • The method of mole removal will be recommended and discussed.
  • If clinically it is deemed necessary, the mole can be excised and sent for histology.
Mole removal is a relatively quick and simple surgical procedure, where we use state of the art technology that produces radio waves which instantly vaporises the mole, and results in much less scarring. The mole can be removed under local anaesthetic, which means that the affected skin area will be completely numb but you stay awake.
The most you are likely to experience is a possible scab following the removal and some potential redness, which could last up to four weeks at the most. The procedure itself usually takes no longer than twenty minutes. The removal of moles is a very common procedure requiring little recovery time.
The consultation is free and our treatments cost £150 for the first mole and £75 for subsequent moles.

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 14 March 2016

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment for Hair Loss - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

It would seem that some men are experiencing the beginning of baldness as early as in their 20s, which is a giant leap from our fathers' generation who had hoped to get to their 40s, with a full head of hair. statistically, about two out of three men experience hair loss by the age of 60, and that's mostly due to male pattern baldness, caused by a mix of genes and male sex hormones.

No one, given the choice, wants to lose their hair and the discovery of any hair loss is a stressful experience. A lot of feelings towards baldness are overwhelmingly negative, in a world that views luscious locks of hair as a sign of youth and good health. For a person with a balding, or thinning hairline, it can not only have an affect on the personality, but make them the target of ridicule and for some have their baldness ending up as a family joke.

Consequently, for many, it feels as though the start of hair loss dramatically signals the end of youth, vitality and desirability. Many sufferers suffer frustration at their inability to style their hair as they would like and the trouble it takes to camouflage thinning hair. Hair loss can alter the way a person looks and a receding hair-line can result in an aged appearance.

When looking at the history of hair loss patterns of parents and close relatives, then the fate of your own hair must seem inevitable. The effects of balding can ruin your self-esteem and for this very reason men seek to find a cure or solution to this condition. When hair loss starts, the  sooner you seek out hair restoration treatment, the better the outcome. Getting hair loss treatment early will mean that you have fewer years of worry, watching your hair disappear down the plug hole.

The Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a process that involves removing some of the healthy hair follicles from one part of the scalp and placing them in a different area without hair. With FUE, we extract individual follicles directly from the back or side of scalp and transplant them individually, as opposed to in one single strip. If possible,  we will place the transplanted hair into the same slot that the former hair follicles were in, to keep the look as natural as possible. There is no cutting of the scalp and there will only be some minor scarring, which looks like tiny pin pricks, straight after the operation but this will disappear during the healing process which takes about  5-7 days. After a week, any redness or slight swelling in the treatment area will have subsided.

Deciding whether or not to have a hair transplant procedure is a big step and if you do decide to go ahead with the transplant, we at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic have had fantastic results. Heading the FUE hair transplant team is Dr Raghu Reddy, who is now known as one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the country and he is delivering consistent outstanding results, as you can see with our before and after photo's. Dr Reddy and his team have performed close to 3000 successful hair restoration procedures using FUE technique.

So if you're ready to take that first step, take it with us, your hair will be safe in our hands!
Clinic Manager.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Botox for Wrinkles, Frown Lines & Crows Feet - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

When you feel the time has come to take a few years off your face, the first solution that comes to mind for many, is Botox. Take a look in the mirror and if the face looking back at you has frown lines and a gradually deepening network of lines and wrinkles, then it’s time to start the intervention.

However, even though its cosmetic use is now well-known, lots of people are still apprehensive about going for Botox treatment, thinking it might leave them with an unnatural and plastic-looking face. The truth is that anything done in excess can have side-effects, but when done in moderation by a trained, qualified doctor, then it can do wonders for your appearance.

It's a shame that in the past, Botox has been associated with overdone treatments, which have left people with immovable foreheads, mouths that can't smile properly and an inability to show emotion. In reality, these days, correctly administered Botox still allows natural movement in the face but smooth's the harsh lines. Today, its more about natural enhancement and looking softer and more rejuvenated, as you can have movement and still look wrinkle free.

Facts about Botox.
  • Botox is a prescription medicine and should only be prescribed by doctors, dentists and nurses.
  • Botox started being used medically in the late 1970’s for treatment for squints and facial spasms.
  • The word Botox is actually a trade name for the drug botulinum toxin type A.
  • Botox injections are the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures worldwide.
  • Botox injections are extremely safe and they have been used in a clinical setting for almost 30 years.
Beware of fake Botox!  Botox bought over the internet from an unverified source could result in poisoning and potentially serious complications. Untrained people injecting Botox, with no detailed knowledge of facial anatomy can result in disastrous outcomes.

Botox is a safe treatment which involves injecting tiny amounts of Botox muscle relaxant, very precisely into several locations on the face using a disposable syringe with a very fine needle. The place to inject is decided by carefully examining the movements of the muscles of your face, and once treated the lines and creases around these muscles will fade and become softer.

It’s vital that you choose the right place to go, to get the best results and to ensure your safety. At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic many clients come back time, and time again and many clients come to us through word of mouth. Dr Bassi has performed thousands of injectable treatments throughout 10 years of experience as a specialist cosmetic practitioner. The clinic, located within the modern purpose-built healthcare complex in Selston, Nottinghamshire, where we offer a free consultation and competitive prices in a warm and friendly environment.

Botox gives patients a more youthful, fresh-faced appearance, creating a look that simply looks like you’ve had a great night’s sleep, and who wouldn’t want to have that healthy glow about them?

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Gynaecomastia - Vaser Lipo for Man Boobs - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

People consider having a vaser lipo procedure for many reasons. Sometimes it's because they can't stay faithful to a restrictive diet, while others are just not able to commit to a regular exercise regime. Vaser lipo treatment can target many areas, including the waist, hips, love handles, chest (men), chin and the back of the arms.

Vaser lipo is popular with both women and men, removing stubborn pockets of fat that they are finding impossible to shift, or to gain definition or maybe for conditions caused through hormones.

Before and after vaser lipo on man boobs

The increase in the numbers of men getting ‘man boobs’ is thought to be linked to the rise in obesity, but in reality man boobs (Gynaecomastia) have been an issue for lots of men for many years. It's a common condition that causes boys’ and men’s breasts to swell and become larger than normal and it's most common in teenage boys and older men.

Causes of Gynaecomastia
  • New-born baby boys - It can possibly affect baby boys, as oestrogen passes through the placenta from the mother to the baby.
  • Puberty - during puberty, boys' hormone levels vary an if the level of testosterone drops, oestrogen can cause breast tissue to grow.
  • Hormone imbalance - An imbalance between the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen can cause Gynaecomastia.
  • Obesity - Being excessively overweight can increase levels of oestrogen, and this can cause breast tissue to grow.
  • Older age - Older men tend to have more body fat and this produces more oestrogen, which can cause man boobs. 
Carrying around excess fat is difficult and uncomfortable for anyone and when it's also causing embarrassment and affecting self-confidence, then it is time to do something about it. The procedure relies on the power of ultrasound to precisely remove unwanted fat, leaving other parts largely undamaged. The fat is melted and then removed from the body using the vaser cannula's. Vaser lipo is a relatively quick procedure, taking about 2 - 3 hours. It achieves effective results and is ideal for people who don't have the time for extensive downtime.

Vaser lipo greatly reduces man boobs

The Selston Cosmetic Clinic is located within the modern purpose built health care complex in Selston, Nottingham. We offer only the the very best and latest cosmetic treatments and techniques in a professional, discreet and comfortable environment. As we are based in the East Midlands you'll find that the the cost of our Vaser Lipo is far less than London prices. For the sake of a train fare, you could save over £1000 on London costs!

Ring us now for an appointment where we will offer you a free consultation and bespoke pricing.
Our aim is to help you be the best and a more confident and younger looking you.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Father's Day Treatments - Botox - Vaser Lipo - FUE Hair Transplant. Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Mother's Day is nearly over for another year, and now it's time to start thinking about Father's Day! Is your dad looking a bit weary and tired looking, is he a bit bigger around the tummy area or maybe his hair is receding or becoming thinner. Over the years our dads have looked out for us, maybe now it's time for us to show them, just how grateful we are.

If you haven't bought your dad a present yet or you haven't got any bright idea's what to get him, well, help is at hand. At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic we have lots of treatments to, not only spoil your dad, but improve his overall appearance as well. What more could you ask for!

A study last year found that men who become fathers experience weight gain! The research found that British men put on an average of one and a half stone after having a child. The reasons for this are largely due to lifestyle as they stay in more, increased consumption of takeaway meals, sleepless nights and a lack of time to exercise.

Here are some idea's which may help you get your dad the present to transform him from the dad of today to the dad of yesterday!

  • Botox - Sons and daughters give their dads lots of things over the years, but one of the most unwanted things they get are wrinkles and frown lines! And the great news is, that botox treatments to take away these lines and wrinkles are quick, easy and very effective with immediate results, Send your 'old man' here for treatment and get a 'new man' coming back home!

Male abs - Vaser Lipo before and after

  • Vaser Lipo - Dads are forever taking the kids out, to the cinema, the park and the football match. Imagine all the popcorn, Big Mac's and hot dogs they get through........ and that includes the dads! Over the years dads slowly get a bigger tummy, they get padding on the hips and the chin is no longer defined. Vaser lipo can give them back their six pack, the tummy and flanks (love handles) can be trimmed and toned and the double chin can be stream-lined and given definition.

FUE Hair Transplant before and after

  • FUE Hair Transplant -  The one thing that children can't be blamed for, is hair loss. But as one cause of hair loss is genetics, it's most likely sons will inherit this condition from their fathers! The Selston Cosmetic Clinic offers the most advanced hair transplantation procedure available on the market today. The FUE Hair Transplant Technique was developed by renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. Raghu Reddy. Hair gets transplanted to areas where you need thickening or regrowth. With natural looking, long-lasting results, there are no stitches, no scars, no pain and the results are 100% guaranteed!  Dr. Raghu Reddy's main practice is in Harley Street, London and his satellite clinic serving the North and Midlands is at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic.

To guarantee a treatment for your dad (or husband) in time for Father's Day, give us a call and make an appointment for a consultation. Dr Bassi will give you honest and ethical advice on the treatment you are interested in and your treatment plan will be tailored specifically for you - from solo treatments or combining different treatments.

Check out our website and book for a free consultation, you'll be amazed at our competitive prices!

Clinic Manager.