Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Vaser Hi Def Flanks. Post Procedure

This guy had Vaser Hi def on his flanks at the weekend. The following video shows him 5 minutes after the procedure had finished.  There is obvious swelling from the procedure and the local anaesthetic, but the shape is all there and when it all settles in a few weeks he will have an amazing result. I will put on his before and after photos when he comes back for review.

Clinic Manager

Friday, 23 August 2013

A Weekend Off..Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Selston Cosmetic Clinic is always busy, particularly on a weekend when Dr Bassi and myself are performing Vaser and Dr Reddy and his team are doing FUE Hair Transplants. 
So with a welcome weekend off we headed to London to relax and catch a show. On the Sunday we popped in to visit our highly acclaimed hair transplant find him in an apron cooking us pancakes for breakfast!! 
So delicious they were, i have told him to bring his frying pan to Selston when he returns from holidays....his skills as a surgeon are totally wasted!! :)

Clinic Manager and pancake fan!

Vaser Hi Def..Nottingham The procedure

Below are three short videos showing Dr Bassi and Dr V performing Vaser Hi Def . I feel it highlights how a life changing procedure can be done simply and comfortably with the skills of two highly trained Doctors. As mentioned before, using two Doctors cuts down the time taken ensuring the anaesthetic is used to its optimum. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Vaser Hi Def at Selston Cosmetic Clinic

We now have two Doctors performing Vaser Hi Def at Selston. This means more work can be done at a quicker rate before the local anaesthetic wears off.  Dr Bassi is Hi Def trained and Dr V is Hi Def and 4D trained.
Here is a quick snippet of them both at work!

Vaser Hi Def and two Doctors at Selston Cosmetic Clinic