Monday, 31 December 2012

Norwood 3..Before and After

 This young man had 3788 hairs or 1021 grafts transplanted by Dr Reddy using the Fue Hair Transplant method. You can see a year later how much the hairline has improved!

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Clinic Manager

Diffuse Hair Loss....Before And After

This young guy had diffuse hair loss all over the top of his head. He had 2732 hairs or 811 grafts transplanted by the FUE technique. Here are his results a year later...Pretty good!

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Clinic Manager

Norwood 4..Selston Cosmetic Clinic

This client had 6137 hairs or 2370 grafts transplanted by the Fue method. As you can see he was receding at the front as well as the crown....What a difference a year makes!

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Botox...The Face Lift

Dr Bassi is trained in giving advanced Botox injections. He has now developed the Botox 'face lift' where Botox is given to,

  1. The Forehead
  2. Crows feet
  3. Eye lift
  4. Chin area
  5. Neck
  6. Jawline                                      
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Clinic manager

Botox...Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Create that refreshed look..the new you for 2013! Have a presence when you walk in the room.
Given by an advanced, trained Doctor you can achieve that look and shed a few years!

Our Botox prices are;
£99 per area
Special Offer
£250 for 5 areas.

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Dr Bassi

Friday, 28 December 2012

Botox...Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the UK. Clinics in the past few years have been springing up everywhere.

You can have it at home, a beauty salon or even at your hairdressers! Regulations are tightening and some of these clinics and practises are disappearing.

We feel Botox should be delivered by a stand alone clinic, the practitioner should be Doctor or nurse practitioner appropriately qualified and above all the clients should have good access to the practitioner if they are not happy!

Botox is a great product and you will be surprised to find out in the USA and Europe, only a Doctor can administer it and it is a criminal offence for anyone else to do it otherwise.

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Dr Bassi

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Fue Hair Transplant..Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Here are some great photos showing before, immediately after the procedure, one week later  and a year later, following an Fue hair transplant with Dr Reddy.
He was a Norwood 3 and had 3633 hairs or 1207 grafts transplanted.

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Clinic Manager

Fue..Before and After....4000 Hairs

This young man had diffuse alopecia. He had over 4000 hairs or 1207 grafts transplanted by the Fue technique. 
4000 hairs is not a large amount for such diffuse hair loss, but styled with some thought you can make it look amazing!

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Clinic Manager

FUE...Norwood 6

This young man had extreme hair loss, he was a 6 on the Norwood scale. He had over 11,000 hairs or 4700 grafts transplanted by the Fue method
How different he looks!
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Clinic Manager

FUE Hair Transplant....3100 Hairs

This client had an Fue Hair Transplant with Dr Reddy. He was a Norwood 4 and had 3100 or 979 grafts transplanted. Here are his results over a year later.

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Clinic Manager

FUE..Before And After

This gentleman had 3400 hairs transplanted by the FUE 3rd Generation technique. He was a Norwood 4.
Just look at the amazing results!

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Clinic manager

Monday, 24 December 2012

Winter Savers! Our Latest Offers

Botox and fillers should always be injected by a skilled professional. There are far too many beauty salon offering these services and from client feedback they are not even sure if the person injecting was qualified! 

We have had a Winter saver on Botox and Dermal Fillers that has proved to be extremely popular. This is probably down to the economic climate, but the fact it is a very substantial discount and the person injecting is a highly trained and skilled Doctor helps!

We are extending the offer until the end of January for new clients and for all our regulars the offer will be on indefinitely! 

So call the clinic on 01773 861845 and get your 5 areas of Botox for £250 and Dermal Fillers for £250 a syringe!

Clinic manager

Vaser Lipo Mid Def Results

Lots of clients want the 'six pack' look and think that High Definition is the way to go. This look is easily achievable with Mid Def Vaser, without the downtime, intense aftercare and the high price tag that 'top' London clinics charge!

This young man chose to go for Mid Def Vaser, and sent me his pictures a few weeks later. He admitted he had been partying hard and hadn't started back at the gym, but intended to after the Xmas period.
The look he has achieved through Vaser alone is amazing and will definitely look forward to more photos when he does hit the gym!

Lead Vaser Technician

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mole Removal..London UK

We are constantly surprised how far clients will travel to our clinic for mole removal. They seem to be coming from every corner of the UK, and London in particular.

We have been offering routine mole screening if required using Mole Mate, a diagnostic computer system which visualises the pigment and vasculature of the mole and gives a good indication of what to, or what not to worry about!

This screening service if required is free and is part of your consultation.

We only remove moles for cosmetic reasons and any lesion looking slightly suspicious we would recommend you go back to your GP and be referred to hospital.

In light of current NHS cutbacks, lesions cannot be removed for cosmetic reasons. Thus we are finding ourselves very busy with Radio Surgery mole removal.

This is not surprising as we are very competitive with our pricing!

Call the clinic on 01773 861845

Clinic Manager

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Female Abs....Vaser Lipo

This lady in her fifties decided it was now time for her and came to have Vaser Lipo on her upper and lower abs.

She had quite a large tummy that just wasn't shifting! We explained she wouldn't get a 'beach babe body' because of her age and skin laxity but would get a definite improvement!

She was very realistic and went ahead....

Four weeks later she came for review. There was a vast difference already and it will continue to improve for the next few months. Needless to say she was very pleased!


Lead Vaser Technician

Vaser Lipo....Female Tummy and Flanks

This young lady came for Vaser Liposuction. She had a shape most people would be happy with but just wanted it tweaking to make it a little more smoother!

Dr Bassi duly obliged and the result was lovely. Her tummy was a lot flatter and her hips were smoothed out giving her a nice curve on her back.

See for yourselves!

Lead Vaser technician

FUE 3000 Hairs or 1000 Grafts

People often call enquiring about a FUE Hair Transplant. A usual comment is '' I only need a few hairs as ive only receded a little''

This young man had 3000 hairs replaced. Below are photos taken immediately after the procedure. He will get a fab result as this amount of hair will give him the density to match the rest of his hair.

It is always worth having a free consultation with Dr Reddy to assess what you will need, rather than guessing what you think you need!

Call us on 01773 861845 to book an appointment.

Clinic Manager

SOS Month.... Save Our Skin!

Ladies, Are You Having A SOS






There is a treatment for everybody!

Just call us with your concerns!


Clinic manager

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Selston Cosmetic Clinic Patient Survey 2011 to 2012

Excellent customer survey feedback for , over 95% were very happy replying yes to the questions we asked ....

Here are some of the questions we asked ....

Was the appointment offered at your convenience?

Was information regarding your treatment explained in terms you understand?

Were you involved in the decision for the most suitable treatment ?

Were you pleased with the outcome of your treatment ?

We are always eager to recieve your suggestions in our survey.... customer feedback is very important to us, it helps us to give you the best service possible. manager

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Follow Up....Vaser Lipo

This lady featured in one of our blogs in June 2011. She recently sent a lovely email which i have added below.

Hi Dr Bassi and Mags,

I found my before and after photo's of my saddlebags on your blog of June 2011 and am finally making the time to get back to you. I tried to add a photo to the blog, but not clever enough! I wanted to tell you how pleased i was and send you my latest update.

With running and exercise ive managed to improve the shape of my legs even further and my self confidence is so much better! I constantly say i am so happy i finally had the Vaser Lipo. Just wish i'd done it sooner. Im still not runway model status but far better than before!

Its always good to get updates from clients!


Lead Vaser Technician

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Male Breasts.....Vaser Lipo Results

This lovely guy had already had Vaser Lipo of the abs and 18 months later decided to come back to have his man boobs reduced to complete the look!

A big difference!!


Lead Vaser Technician