Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Follow Up....Vaser Lipo

This lady featured in one of our blogs in June 2011. She recently sent a lovely email which i have added below.

Hi Dr Bassi and Mags,

I found my before and after photo's of my saddlebags on your blog of June 2011 and am finally making the time to get back to you. I tried to add a photo to the blog, but not clever enough! I wanted to tell you how pleased i was and send you my latest update.

With running and exercise ive managed to improve the shape of my legs even further and my self confidence is so much better! I constantly say i am so happy i finally had the Vaser Lipo. Just wish i'd done it sooner. Im still not runway model status but far better than before!

Its always good to get updates from clients!


Lead Vaser Technician

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Male Breasts.....Vaser Lipo Results

This lovely guy had already had Vaser Lipo of the abs and 18 months later decided to come back to have his man boobs reduced to complete the look!

A big difference!!


Lead Vaser Technician

Vaser Lipo.... Skin Retraction Results

Having realistic expectations has been mentioned frequently. When the following lady came to see us, Dr Bassi was worried that if too large an area was worked upon in one go, she wouldn't get the skin retraction she needed.

It was agreed that the Vaser Lipo would be staged in three procedures. As you can see the after photos are taken straight after the last procedure. But what a huge difference it has made to her shape, and no loose skin!!


Lead vaser Technician

Our Bikini Babe!! Vaser Lipo

This lovely young lady came to see us for Vaser Lipo. She wanted mid def of the flanks to achieve the bikini body she desired. Well, look at the before and after photos, doesn't she look amazing!!


Lead Vaser Technician