Monday, 29 September 2014

Vaser Hi Def...Male Abs..Before and After

This 44 year old man came back a couple of months after his Vaser Hi Def of the abs. He wanted to get some definition back after losing it some years ago. He is now going to start training again, which will really enhance his definition. Have a look......

Friday, 12 September 2014

PDO Thread Lift...Face Lift Without Knives

This lady was one of our first clients to try out the revolutionary new treatment using tiny threads to create a non surgical facelift.

PDO Threadlifts involve injecting tiny threads under the skin to form a matrix which lifts and supports the skin.

The threads can be used all over the face, but are particularly useful for sagging jowls and cheek lifts as demonstrated on the below photos's.

Results are visible straight away but continue to improve as collagen is promoted.

Take a look at the photo's, the cheeks are fuller and the jawline is more smooth and even. 
Judge for yourselves!

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Clinic Manager

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Vaser Lipo...Abs..Before and After

This lovely lady didn't need too much work, just a little on her lower tum with some definition. We did Vaser Lipo and she came to see us a few weeks later looking fab, and looking forward to getting into her bikini's on her upcoming go girl!

Clinic Manager

Abs and flanks...Vaser Before and After

This lady flew in from Glasgow for Vaser Lipo of the abs and flanks. She came back for her 4 week review and wow! She looked half the person she was before, she was so trim with a great waistline..see for yourselves...

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Clinic Manager

Dr Reddy..Vaser Hi Def..Post Gym...

Just a quick update on our very own Dr Reddy...he is 8weeks post Vaser and training regularly. He is one happy man..never seen any one whip his shirt off so fast to flex his muscles! 
He looks so good now and it  has been a pleasure to see his transformation. 

Clinic Manager