Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Semi permanent eyebrows - What happens?

Before any semi permanent eyebrow treatment , I always draw on the shape with you , to ensure you know what it will look like, this shape can change to your liking , to ensure you are completely comfortable.

After that we look and decide the colour, when we have decided on one I will apply a little on your cheek so you can see the desired effect.

Anesthetic is applied to the area and then we begin. The first part can feel a little scratchy but once that is completed, I will apply more anesthetic which will numb you further to avoid any discomfort. I will go over the area until the colour has taken and show you the end result of your eyebrow.

I will provide you with aftercare balm and an aftercare leaflet so you know exactly how to look after the area (but I’m always available, even after hours ,should you have a question!!).

Together we will book in another appointment to re-touch the area within 6 weeks.

This is all part of the initial cost. The retouch is to ensure the depth of colour, and to input any more pigment if it is desired or required .

We want to make sure that the brow looks as good as possible !

Then it’s a matter of waiting 12-18months before needing a re-touch, merely to keep the depth of colour.


Semi permanent make up artist at Selston Cosmetic Clinic 01773 861845

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I am thinking about Fue, but unsure of the surgeon to choose.

Q. I am thinking having the hair transplant treatment but i am not sure who to choose to do it for me. How much experience do you have with hair transplants?

A. Firstly I will say come and see me, I have extensive experience with 3rd Generation FUE hair transplants and strip hair transplants and I specialise in the former. Their are lots of well qualified doctors in the UK.

There are are two types of procedure, strip surgery which is a process that takes a strip of skin from the back of the scalp and hair grafts are dissected out and placed into the balding areas.

Not every one is suitable for the FUE hair transplant, so the strip hair transplant method might be appropriate or similarily the strip method might not be for everyone. In order to find out what is the procedure best suited to you I would need to see you.

Please call Selston Cosmetic Clinic on 01773 861845 and we will be happy to book a free consultation for you.

Dr Raghu Reddy

Hair transplant surgeon for Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Benefits of Semi Permanent Make Up.

Semi Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis). This infusion mimics perfectly applied make up.

This technique is widely used to give the appearance of being perfectly made up. Though it is called permanent, the treatment usually lasts between 1-2 years, during which time the colour will begin to fade.

Semi permanent make up enhances your natural features so you can do all the things you enjoy doing like going to the gym and swimming etc without having to keep replacing your make-up.

Permanent make up is a good choice for busy people or those with poor eyesight.

Lip liner can be applied to lips to make them appear fuller and more youthful. This helps to give definition, colour and vibrancy, problems caused by ageing changes.

Eyebrows can be redefined or lengthened.

Eyeliner can also be added to the eyes to give a subtle lash enhancement or a definite line.
This can define the eyes and make them look bigger, brighter and more wide awake.

It is quickly and easily applied with very little discomfort and it is safe and hygienic.

Topical anaesthetics are applied to deal with any mild discomfort.

Mild redness and swelling may occur for the first few days, however you can still go about normal activity following the treatment.

Contact the clinic on 01773 861845 to make an appointment with our highly experienced semi permanent make up specialist .

Cosmetic clinic manager

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Our 3rd Generation FUE Hair Transplant Pricing Structure

Our competitive FUE hair transplant pricing structure at Selston Cosmetic Clinic has been a resounding success....generating numerous enquiries and bookings.
Clients appreciate the cost structure as it is price per hair and it now decreases the more hair you have.
From our experience an extra 500 to 1000 hairs to the procedure can make the results exceptional.
Prices start at £2.25 a hair reducing to £2 a hair.
1500 hairs - £3375
2000 hairs £4500
2500 hairs -£5300
3000 hairs -£6000
Dr Raghu Reddy
Hair Transplant Surgeon at Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Monday, 7 June 2010

A few questions about hair grafts.

Q. My questions are related to hair grafts. I have read that a strip of scalp with hair is taken from the back of the head and then transplanted into the balding areas
Is it true that it can take up to one thousand grafts to gain a full head of hair? That sounds like a lot of grafts. Am i getting my information mixed up?

A. Hi there, thanks for your questions . Mainly there are two types of hair restoration surgery- strip surgery and FUE . With the strip surgery, a chunk of skin is taken from the back of the scalp and grafts divided into naturally occuring units. In the FUE surgery, grafts are taken one by one from the back of the scalp and placed one by one into the balding areas. A graft can have anywhere between one to four hairs, the amount of grafts needed will depend on your donor site and the balding area which requires filling in.

The advantage is that you have no linear scars and you can have your hair very short without any noticeable scarring.

I perform mainly the FUE technique. If you look at our website, http://www.selstoncosmeticclinic.com/ you will find lots of of information about hair transplants and ways to contact us to arrange a free consultation.

Dr Raghu Reddy

Hair Transplant Surgeon.

Im losing my hair and its falling out quite quickly!

Q. Im contacting you on my husbands behalf . His hair has recently started to fall out and its falling out quite quickly. It is not a problem to me at all but I can see it bothers him alot. Could you tell me about the treatments that would be suitable for him and where it would take place?

A. Hi there, thanks for your query. I specialise in all aspects of medical and surgical hair restoration . Our clinic is based in Nottingham. Kindly look up on http://www.selstoncosmeticclinic.com/ for more information and ways to book a free consultation.

Dr Raghu Reddy

Hair Transplant Surgeon