Friday, 18 October 2013

Vaser Hi Def Before and After

We now have two Doctors performing Vaser Hi Def at Selston. The beauty of this is that we can achieve a lot more in a shorter time which makes it a far more comfortable experience for the client. This guy came to us looking to regain the athletic look he had years ago but had not been able to obtain through diet and exercise alone. 
There was quite a bit of work to be done but just look at the after photo 2 hours later whilst his sculpting was just been finished off...a completely different set of abs, the definition looks amazing !                                               

Clinic manager

Special Offers...Botox Nottingham

As our offer of 5 areas for the price of 3 on Botox treatments has been so popular, we have decided to keep it running indefinitely. For our regular clients it will remain at the same price with no nasty price hikes!
We have also introduced our 'loyalty' card for regulars which entitles you to half price Botox on your 4th treatment. This actually makes the 5 for 3 offer an absolute bargain!
So ladies and gents call the clinic and get your free consultation, rid yourselves of those lines and wrinkles and save a few pounds in the process!

Clinic manager

Friday, 4 October 2013

Botox Alfreton Heanor Hucknall Nottingham

Botox is quickly becoming as common as getting your nails done, your roots touched up and your waxing done! Basically it is the norm to have our 3 to 4 monthly injections as part of our grooming routine.( The list gets longer ladies!)

Our client list has grown rapidly because of this and also because we are in a convenient location. Clients no longer have to find a city centre, somewhere to park and pay city centre prices!

We are in a village that is 5 minutes from the motorway and have close links to  lots of nearby towns such as Alfreton, Kirkby in Ashfield, Heanor, and Hucknall.  Clients often choose to come to Selston from the other side of Nottingham, bypassing the city centre because they love the service and prices here.

Why not come and have a free consultation in a professional but friendly village clinic.
Clinic Manager

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Vaser Lipo..Nottingham Before and After

Here is a really lovely example of what Vaser Lipo can do. This young lady was extremely slim but what was hidden beneath her clothes was quite surprising...
She described herself as having her ' Grandma's legs'. After two procedures on her inner and outer thighs, her legs were more in proportion to the rest of her body. Bruising is present as the after pics are only 3 days after the procedure! 

To book your complimentary consultation, just call us on 01773 861845
Clinic Manager

Botox...Selston, Nottingham

In our opinion, and most professionals, only Doctors and trained nurses should administer Botox.  Botox parties, where people are plied with wine are becoming a thing of the past. All too often we hear the sorry tales of Botox 'gone wrong'!

Two day training courses in the art of Botox are just not takes a lot of time and practice to get it right. Doctors are constantly on conferences where they are learning and updating their beware when you are offered Botox at the local beauty salon or nail bar!!

At Selston we have a loyal clientele list, they return regularly because they love the way their Botox is done. Dr Bassi knows exactly where to place the injections, because he knows the client and how they react to it. And a lot of Botox is done through word of mouth because of happy customers!

At £250 for five areas of Botox you are getting the results of a mini facelift and this price is maintained for regular customers. Consultations are free with Dr.Bassi and if the treatment is not for you...he will tell you..
By calling us on 01773 861845 you will recieve1st class treatment by a competent, qualified Doctor.

Clinic Manager