Monday, 27 June 2011

Vaser Lipo....Double Chin Result

This lovely lady hated her 'turkey neck', it was a problem all her family suffered with and she wanted rid! She did not want major surgery so opted for Vaser Lipo.

As you can see she had a lovely result, it was much more refined and knocked years off her!

Lead Vaser technician

Female Upper and Lower Abs...Result

This lady came for Vaser Lipo, she had quite a good body shape already but just wanted it smoothing out and her lower tummy flattening.

2 weeks later and already looking fab!


Lead Vaser Technician

Large Female Flanks..Vaser Lipo Result

This client decided to have Vaser Lipo on her flanks. She had about 4 to 5 inches of fat that she could grab. She was after skin tightening and a reduction in the amount of fat her partner could grab!

At her four week review there was a definite improvement, she still had some swelling but the fat had been reduced to 1 and a half inches and she was very impressed!

Lead Vaser Technician

Vaser Lipo.....Inner Thighs.. Results

This lady came along wanting help with her inner thighs! She wanted a result where her tops of thighs did not rub together and a straighter outline. She had very lax skin but reasonable expectations.

Vaser Lipo gives at least 33% skin tightening so with this in mind she went ahead.

She came back two weeks later, having followed the after instructions religiously. She was extremely happy and had so much more confidence!

Lead Vaser Technician

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Vaser Lipo.... Male Breasts

This following client came along with mum who told us her son had big confidence issues due to his gynocomastia . He decided to have Vaser Lipo to address this problem.

Dr Bassi went for definition and skin tightening to get the best results possible. The young man came back a couple of weeks later and happily threw off his T shirt to show his results! Mum said he was walking around the house now without a top on, his confidence had grown and that he was so happy which in turn made her happy! Lovely.

What a difference!


Lead Vaser Technician

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Liquid Face Lift!!! Radiesse Dermal Filler and Botox

At Selston Cosmetic Clinic we are performing numerous liquid face lifts using Radiesse dermal filler and Botox.

As you age....the face sags and loses its firm, fresh appearance. A face lift is the answer but the majority of people do not want to go under the knife!

The liquid face lift is now the answer! With precision placement of the dermal filler to give tissue support and volumisation of areas that have sagged, along with strategic use of Botox to erase the fine can achieve realistic goals of a refreshed younger looking face.

So if you would like a non surgical face lift involving

  • No anaesthesia

  • No bleeding

  • No stitches or cuts

  • No prolonged recovery period

  • Affordability

  • Procedure time........45 minutes

Then a liquid face lift at Selston Cosmetic Clinic is the procedure for you!

This lady was really upset at how quickly her skin was heading south, she is still fairly young and just did not know what to do about her problem.

Dr Bassi suggested the Liquid Face lift, councelled her extensively and explained she would get a nice result but to be realistic when comparing it to having major surgery.

Immediately after the procedure the client was amazed, she just could not believe what had taken place in 45 minutes. Judge for yourselves, these following photos were taken a week apart, the client was delighted and her confidence was through the roof!


Clinic Manager

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Far East Treasures!

Dr Bassi and myself recently enjoyed a well earned break from Vaser Lipo! Off we headed to Singapore to join a cruise ship that was to take us around Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Shanghai!

Dr Bassi started with all good intentions, no cake, no alcohol and lots of sessions in the gym! ....Right!

Well, it started off ok...

Then it started to slip a little

Till he became the dancing king!!!

It was a fantastic holiday,much fun was had! We seen the most wonderful places, met some great people and did LOTS of shopping :)

Vietnam by day and Hong Kong by night!


Lead Vaser Technician

Saddlebags! Vaser Lipo Result

This lady had disproportionate outer thighs. One leg was considerably larger than the other. She had Vaser Lipo to even this problem out. High Def techniques were used to achieve significant skin tightening.

She came back a week later, still bruised and swollen but with very good initial results!

Lead Vaser Tecnician

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Vaser Lipo...Lax skin

This lady came to see us for Vaser Lipo as she wanted to achieve a sleeker silhouette. She had very loose, lax skin but was councelled about what she might and might not achieve. She was very realistic and knew she couldn't turn back the clock!

These photos were taken only a week apart and initial results are looking very favourable!



A lot smoother and streamlined and the skin was contracting nicely!


Lead Vaser Technician

Upper and Lower Abs... Result

This lovely lady came along from London to get her tummy sorted out, very unhappy with how the weight was piling on around her middle as she approached her forties.

She decided to have Vaser Lipo as soon as she could as her mission in life was to look good in her clothes and to get a new man!



She came back to see us two months later unbelievably happy with her new shape and the new man in her life!


Lead Vaser Technician

Vaser Results....Chin

This lady came along unhappy with her double chin, all her family have this disposition and she was determined to get rid of hers! It was quite a simple procedure and she was in and out within a couple of hours.

She came back to see us a couple of weeks later for review, extremely happy with the results of her Vaser procedure so far.

A really good result!


Lead Vaser Technician