Monday, 25 February 2019

Safe Botox Treatment in Reputable Clinics - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Surprisingly anyone, regardless of qualifications or experience, can administer non-surgical cosmetic treatments like botox, meaning that every year in the UK, thousands of people suffer at the hands of untrained practitioners. Deciding where to go for botox treatment for the first time is difficult, but there are things that you can check, so you pick the right clinic, making sure that you're putting your health and appearance into the hands of the right people.

It's perfectly legal for anyone, regardless of what knowledge, ability, qualifications or experience they might have, to administer treatments to the paying customer. Treatments given by untrained people can result in injuries ranging from infections, burns, scarring and allergic reactions. The most popular and most used non-surgical cosmetic procedure is botox; the injectable treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, but to keep yourself safe, there are certain things to think about before deciding to have botox.

You should only go to a qualified and trained practitioner, preferably a doctor with experience in cosmetic treatments, and who has specialised, had training in facial anatomy and has a well-developed aesthetic eye.
  • You can easily check out UK doctors on the registration checking service, which allows you to check a doctors GMC status online.
  • Most reputable clinics offer a free consultation to clients, where you can enquire about different cosmetic procedures and find out what's involved in your chosen treatments before you commit yourself.
  • Botox parties at home aren't safe or suitable places to have treatment. Avoid.
  • Although most people tolerate injections, there are some people more sensitive to needles than others. Usually topical anesthetic creams or gels get applied to numb the area before any injections. Botox needles are very thin and the injections aren't very deep, so any discomfort during the procedure is usually minimal.
  • The Practitioner/Doctor should offer a 2-week follow-up review.
  • After injections, there's always some slight swelling and bruising, regardless of the experience and skill of your doctor. Significant results will show after 3-7 days when everything has settled down.
  • Less is more, so always be aware that over-treating the face can make the face expressionless and mask-like.

Having botox injected into your facial muscles is a skilled procedure and should only be administered by professionals. At Selston Cosmetic Clinic we provide an extensive range of cosmetic procedures, from botox, to vaser lipo, to laser hair removal etc, for the face and body.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Add Volume & Enhance Your Lips Using Fillers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

The lips are an indicator of ageing, as time spent biting or pursing them can lead to thin, deflated lips over time. Lips can say a lot about a person's age, health and character, and after years spent; talking, chewing, pouting, smoking or smiling can all lead to lines and wrinkles gathering around the lips.

Full, plump lips are typically a sign of youthfulness, and it's one of the main reasons that women have their lips cosmetically enhanced, and these days it's very easy to rejuvenate your lips, however old you might be. The lips start losing collagen as a direct result of ageing, and then they start to become thinner. Lip enhancement is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure using dermal fillers, which will increase flat, thin lips, add volume and enhance the overall shape.

Important rules for lip filler enhancement:

* Natural looking results
- Our lips are always on the go, so when we talk or smile we want it to look natural. For natural looking lips it's best to start with a small amount of filler and gradually add more, if needed. Less is often more, and it's best to have lips that look natural, rather than over-stuffing them.
* Safety - The preferred filler for lips are those which are hyaluronic acid based, because with this filler any side effects are extremely rare. This filler gives lips a natural feel, they are soft, absorbable and reversible if needed.
* Natural feel - If you choose an experienced cosmetic doctor with the right injection technique and then any lumpiness shouldn't occur. 

Dermal fillers for the lips are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available, and they are a very quick and easy way to improve your facial appearance. The fillers typically last between six to nine months and because hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin, the risk of any bad reactions to the treatment is very small.

You can enhance these areas of the lips:
  • Vermilion border - fillers will give a better outline and they will improve definition and minimise lipstick bleed.
  • The upper and lower lip - can have filler injected into it, giving more volume and substance to the lip.
  • Cupid bow - defining the cupid bow gives female lips a balance.
  • Philtrum ridges - when injected, the filler defines the philtrum ridges, further enhancing the lips.
Lip fillers can give your lips the outline and definition that time has destroyed. Check out our website / Facebook and Instagram and find out about the latest methods of lip enhancements, including what to expect during the procedure.

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Vaser Away Chin Fat For a Better Facial Profile - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Usually, the only problem we might have with our chin is the occasional spot, but sometimes we have to face facts, and admit that somewhere along the way we have acquired a double chin. There are times when you're having a great time on holiday, at a party or out with friends and the cameras are clicking, but when you actually see the photographs you find yourself shocked at the lack of definition of your neck and chin.

Defining the jaw-line is one of the best ways to stay looking youthful. A well-defined jaw does more than just enhance our profile, it also takes years off the face, which can only be a good thing. As we get older our skin will lose elasticity, the muscles will lose tone and stretch, and the fatty tissues in the face will lose volume. All these changes can cause the skin to sag, and it will become most noticeable in the chin, jowl and neck area, as it's the fatty deposits under the chin that can give a 'double chin' effect.

Vaser lipo treatment is one of the gentlest and most powerful form of liposuction available today and it can quickly rectify the problems we have with our jaw-lines and chins. One of the biggest benefits of having vaser lipo on the chin and neck area is the massive improvement to your profile. As well as reducing fat cells, the unique selling point of vaser lipo over other procedures, is that the ultrasound energy achieves a degree of skin tightening, which is particularly effective in this area.

At Selston Cosmetic Clinic we use local anaesthetic during the vaser procedure, making it almost painless. Vaser lipo breaks up fat with ultrasound energy. The vaser probes that deliver the energy are very thin, solid and have grooves. Heating up the connective tissues means they tighten up and collagen production is also stimulated, so over time there will be a continuing improvement. Vaser ultrasound energy only dissolves the fat cells and simply bounces off other structures such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, which are left undisturbed, giving great results.

The vaser lipo procedure takes less than an hour and although results are noticeable straight away, they will improve with time. It's a simple procedure and usually the client is in and out of the clinic within hours. Vaser also gives you 33% skin tightening, so you will end up with a tighter, more defined look, making you look years younger.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Laser Treatment to Get Rid of Moles - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Lots of us have moles on our face and body, some sit on the skin large and noticeable, while other moles are most probably small, neat and unobtrusive. Todays society unfairly criticises and makes fun of people with moles, especially those on the face. 

Almost everyone has at least one or more moles on their skin and nearly all of them are harmless. Moles are blemishes of different sizes and colours that are commonly seen on the body or face. They occur when cells in the skin grow in a cluster, instead of spreading out over the skin. Moles are usually pigmented, often a brownish colour, although some might be darker or skin-coloured. They might be flat or raised, smooth or rough, and some have hair growing from them. Moles are usually circular or oval with a smooth edge.

Having a mole might be irritating, annoying and even painful and having them can really affect our self-esteem. Catching them on jewellery and clothes can also be irritating, and shaving could be very risky, trying to shave around the mole without catching it. Unlike a concealed mole on your back or leg, a mole on the face or those on the neck, are there for everyone to see.

There are a few ways to get rid of unwanted moles:
  • Radio Frequency Mole Removal: This is one of the most effective non-surgical treatments for taking away moles. It's state of the art technology which produces radio waves which instantly vaporises the moles, and results in minimal scarring.
  • Laser Mole Removal: A state of the art laser system which can remove simple moles on the face, giving excellent cosmetic results, with negligible scarring or marks.

At Selston Cosmetic Clinic you will have a mole removal consultation with our experienced cosmetic physician Dr. Bassi, where he'll take a clinical history. He will examine the mole and then recommend a method of mole removal. If clinically it's deemed necessary, Dr Bassi will excise the mole and send it away for histology.

These non-surgical cosmetic treatments are simple, quick, and painless and the results are instant. At Selston Cosmetic Clinic the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and there are no incisions and no stitches. It takes just one single visit to the clinic, and full healing occurs within 4-6 weeks.

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Rejuvenate Your Face with Botox - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Whether it's checking that our make-up is still in place, looking for mascara smudges under the eyes, glancing at our teeth for lipstick marks or maybe to check if there's a pimple, it's said that women look at themselves in the mirror at least eight times a day, but really, the main reason we check out our reflection, is for a sense of reassurance.

The signs of facial ageing in women statistically begins to show by about the age of twenty five. The first signs of ageing are fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and the frown lines between the eyebrows are common too. There are times when our face seems to look older than our actual years; sometimes this is just bad luck with our genes, but smoking lines at the mouth or over exposure of the sun are things which give us more lines than the norm. Fortunately we can dramatically reduce or even remove these lines with some strategically placed botox injections.

Lines and wrinkles form because of the constant movement of muscles in actions such as; scowling, squinting and the raising of eyebrows. In time, these creases become permanent, because skin which is regularly being creased in the same place, doesn't get a chance to smooth out, and this is where botox treatment can help.

Although botox is a toxin, when it's used properly it isn't a high risk procedure at all, and has been safely used by medical and cosmetic practitioners for the last 30 years. Having botox injection treatment is fast becoming as common as getting your nails done, your roots touched up at the hairdressers and having your legs waxed. Just twenty minutes of your time having botox can give you a much fresher, smoother look, as it relaxes the facial muscles so that you can't frown, and softens any deeper lines that you might have.

The botox procedure takes about 20 minutes and needs no anaesthetic. Botox gets injected with a very fine needle into specific muscles and only causes minor discomfort. Botox usually takes effect within 5 to 14 days after the procedure, and the result is that we don't frown as much, or crinkle our eyes when we are smiling. Botox often lasts up to four months and you will find the lines and wrinkles looking less severe with time because the botox has taught the muscles to relax.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Replace Lost Volume in Your Lips - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Over time, the volume of our lips will deplete, leaving them with a thinner, flatter appearance. We aren't all blessed with naturally full lips, many of us need a little help to achieve the fullness that we want.

The amount of dermal filler needed varies from person to person, as someone with very thin lips would need more than someone with lips that are already quite naturally plump. Of course, everyone has different ideas about how much volume they would like to add to their lips.

Filler doesn't usually change the shape of the lips to a great degree, it actually enhances the volume and voluptuousness of the lips, but it can help to elevate the corners of the mouth to create a slightly happier and relaxed look and not having the 'down in the mouth' look that sometimes comes with ageing.

A lip enhancement treatment using dermal fillers is a quick and safe way to give you fuller lips with a natural freshness, and it can also minimise fine lines and wrinkles along the edges of the lips. Most people who are thinking about a lip enhancement procedure want fuller lips that are smooth, plump, wrinkle-free and youthful looking.

Having dermal fillers injected into the lips can sometimes make people nervous, they worry that they'll get massively inflated lips, but this isn't the reality. If you have always dreamed of full, sensuous lips, then Doctor Bassi at Selston Cosmetic Clinic can help you to get beautiful natural looking lips which will suit you and your face. We can adjust the amount of lip filler to suit the need of each client.

Once the dermal filler gets injected, you will see an instant result, with fuller, well-defined, contoured lips. The fillers used are hyaluronic acid based, which is a natural part of the body, meaning the risk of an adverse reaction to the procedure is very small. Changes in the lip shape can create fullness and can also correct asymmetry. Dermal fillers for the lips are one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available and are a very quick and easy way to dramatically improve your look.

A reputable clinic will always discuss what you do, and what you don't want at your consultation. Dr Bassi, is our fully trained, very experienced, specialist cosmetic doctor with over 10 years experience in injectable treatments. The effects typically last around 6-9 months. After that you'll need more injections to top-up the volume of your lips.

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Skin Treatments for all Weathers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Nottingham

The weather has a huge effect on the health of our skin, no matter which time of the year it might be. The sun isn't the only thing that can cause damage to our skin; the cold, rain and wind also play their  part. If it's too hot or dry outside, our skin will let us know. Squinting in the sunshine and scrunching up the face against the blustery wind and rain can cause the unwanted appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin is our body's largest organ, and it's extremely vulnerable to external elements like heat, cold and moisture. Our skin is the outer layer that we expose to the world every day, and we want to keep it looking as healthy as we possibly can, but with each new season, we get new skin concerns.

In spring, however weak the sunshine, it can still cause sunburn, which increases the risk of premature skin ageing and skin cancer, so always apply sun cream. Legs, and other body parts have no doubt been covered up throughout the cold winter months and ignored, but when springtime comes around and the days begin to get warmer, it's time to think about shaving and waxing again. Laser hair removal is an ideal alternative if you want to avoid any razor burns, rashes or irritations.

Summer is the time for outdoor activities but over-exposure to the sun can lead to not only sunburn, but can also cause facial damage, such as fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation. Sun exposure can make some skin conditions such as rosacea worse, however some sunlight is good for acne. Throughout the summer a high factor sun cream will protect your skin from the sun.

When cold, wet, windy weather arrives in Autumn, it's not only unpleasant, it can also be harmful to the skin, leaving it feeling drier, tighter and dull. Taking good care of the  hands and face is essential, as they get exposed to the cold and wind the most. Moisturiser applied to the skin twice a day is advisable and wearing gloves when out and about will protect them from drying out.

Winter's icy cold temperatures, low humidity and cold wind can wreak havoc on the face and body. Chapped lips, sore red patches and flaky skin become a daily occurrence in winter, when we have freezing temperatures outside and the central heating turned up inside. It's important to exfoliate at least once a week to rejuvenate and show fresh new skin. It's important to keep the skin hydrated, so apply a moisturiser morning and night after exfoliating, Skin conditions like eczema and rosacea can flare up in colder weather.

At Selston Cosmetic Clinic procedures such as botox, dermal fillers and other face enhancement treatments can help you say goodbye to wrinkles. Laser hair removal for the legs, armpits and bikini line are ideal for unwanted hair. Chemical peels can work wonders on skin complains like rosacea, acne and pigmentation and microdermabrasion can refresh and rejuvenate tired, lifeless skin.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Erase Laugh Lines with Dermal Fillers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Facial expressions are a huge part of our life, and the more mobile the expressions we use when we talk, smile or laugh, the greater chance that deep laugh lines will develop at a younger age. People often feel that laugh lines will make their face look fatigued or drawn, but it's when these lines become more pronounced, that they become a problem.

Nasolabial folds are the two folds of skin that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. They are natural facial contours which are commonly known as smile lines or laughter lines. Nasolabial folds can appear on the face of people as early as their 20's and they can be relatively fine, maybe just a fine wrinkle or become a deep fold, to the point that the skin above seems to hang over it.

There are several ways of reducing nasolabial folds, from topical treatments, to more invasive courses of action.
  • Creams and Serums - Using topical creams and serums may only be a short-term solution. Most of these creams contain ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid which improves the way the skin retains moisture, tretinoin which slows the breakdown of collagen, and exfoliants which help remove dead skin cells.
  • Cosmetic Surgery - Surgery is an expensive but long-term solution for reducing nasolabial folds, but it's an invasive surgical procedure and it's not a decision to take lightly. A facelift can reduce laugh lines, as the tightening of the skin makes the folds more shallow and less noticeable.
  • Dermal Fillers - Fillers offer the most effective non-surgical method for treating these lines. Non-permanent dermal fillers present a non-invasive and cost-effective means of treatment.
These facial lines are part of our normal anatomy and they can develop at any age and in fact, many of us grow up with a slight hint of laugh lines, but with time as we grow older, the fold can seem deeper as our skin loses volume. As we age we lose the elasticity in the skin, and our facial muscles weaken, making this area one of the first places to sag.

Dermal filler treatment usually takes 30-45 minutes and a local anaesthetic injection is usually given to minimise any potential discomfort. Correction or softening of these folds gives you a youthful fresher look and the results achieved by using dermal fillers for treating the nasolabial folds are stunning and natural looking.

Clinic Manager.