Monday, 30 November 2015

Airbrushing and Photoshopping Images / Botox & Lipo - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Airbrushing and photo-shopping

Celebrities may look beautiful and perfect, but what is it that we are actually seeing?  We all know that they have probably had a bit of help with botox and lipo at some stage, but are the images we see the real them, or a photo-shopped version of the original which may be so airbrushed, filtered and edited that we really aren't seeing a true representation of the person anymore.

The editing does not end with perfecting peoples faces and skin, now digital touch-ups are even removing parts of people's bodies to make them look thinner.

Just this last week a row has erupted over how the bodies of some of the females stars on the TV show "I'm a Celebrity" appear to look drastically different from when they have posed in swimwear or underwear pictures taken in studio photo-shoots. Ferne McCann and Vicky Pattison look surprisingly less smooth and toned when washing in their bikini's the jungle shower!

It's no wonder that we, the ordinary people, are put under so much pressure to look our best at all times, a goal that's impossible to reach, not only for us apparently, but also for our Goddess-like role models. It's a bit demoralising being surrounded by photo's of models and pop stars that have been altered, not by botox or laser lipo but by technology.

We all know that today, ladies, whether famous or not, indulge in cosmetic procedures to help hold back the passage of time. There is no shame in having a bit of botox for the fine lines, maybe some lipo to get rid of unwanted fat, dermal fillers or lip enhancements. After all if we can make improvements on ourselves and boost our esteem, then why not?

But when women who are already slim and beautiful have their faces and bodies altered, whether with their knowledge and approval or by photographers without their knowing, then all it does is give an unrealistic portrayal of a woman's face and body. Model and TV presenter Kelly Brook even photo-shopped her own photo on Instagram recently to much public disapproval!

Why do models need to be airbrushed? Aren't models supposed to look good without having been airbrushed? If the already perfect people aren't judged to be perfect then what chance do we have?

Actress Julia Roberts is a beautiful woman who starred in LancĂ´me cosmetic advert, advertising foundation that supposedly created a natural light in the face. The images of the two page ad's were so digitally enhanced that the advert was judged misleading and was banned.

1960.s supermodel and actress Twiggy was also in an advert that was banned, this one was for the Olay "Definity Eye Illuminator" cream that promised : "Reduces the look of wrinkles and dark circles for brighter, younger-looking eyes" Complaints were, that the advert had been digitally re-touched, but gave the false impression that the cream alone was responsible for Twiggy's face being virtually line free. The woman is in her sixties for goodness sakes - she's earned some lines on her face!

In the end though, we all want to look the best we can and if we have a bit of botox or lipo to help us out, then all well and good. But we all still want to essentially still look like "us" and not some plastic line free mannequin.

Remember, nobody is perfect - you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful !
Cheesy, but true.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Time For A Break...Selston Cosmetic Clinic

After a very busy Summer it was finally time for holidays...i can't tell you how excited i was!! 

We headed off to Singapore to begin our journey around the Far East on a cruise.  We had lots of tours already planned and knowing we were going to gain a few pounds on cruise food booked in for afternoon tea at Raffles Hotel.... what pigs we were!

Our next port of call was Thailand where even more yummy food was consumed... and lots and lots of shopping done.....i was in shopping heaven :)

On to Vietnam, my personal favourite destination of the trip. Beautiful sights, white sands and palm trees, chic bars and restaurants and even more delightful food!!

In Saigon we were surprised by the amount of cosmetic clinics popping up. The Vietnamese are very much into wanting to maintain their looks as much as the rest of us.

Signs on the streets offering Botox and Dermal fillers immediately caught our eye with very pretty girls on the streets handing out leaflets.

Dr Bassi embarrassing this poor young girl asking for a photo ...she loved it really ;)

 Chic bars on the beaches of Nha Trang serving the most delicious food i have ever come across for very little money...

The final part of our trip saw us in Hong Kong for a couple of days, beautiful sights by night and even more shopping and food by day. Our luggage and waistlines were a lot more stretched on the return journey!
All in all, an amazing holiday with lots of relaxation, recharging the batteries for the upcoming festive season :)

Clinic Manager

Reality Stars & Botox - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield.

Reality TV Stars - Botox and Cosmetic Procedures.

What is it with all these reality TV stars and their obsession with cosmetic procedures? It would seem that they all feel the need to have a certain look. Whether it is inflated lips, foreheads full of botox, veneers on the teeth, breast enlargements, nose jobs and even bum implants - if it's available, they want it!
It would seem that as soon as the big pay cheques come rolling in, the cosmetic surgeons have been booked!

American TV shows like the "The Hills", which is set in California, are full of young women who are all perfectly good looking. For instance, 20 year old Heidi Montag, who at the start of Series 1 was the epitome of an All-American girl, blonde, slender and pretty. Fast forward 3 years and she hit the headlines for getting ten cosmetic procedures done in one day! Among the procedures were brow-lifts, ear-pinning's, a chin reduction, as well as a second rhinoplasty and second breast augmentation, all at the tender age of 23!

UK reality TV show "The Only Way is Essex" has an abundance of stars, from Amy Childs to Chloe Sims to Lauren Goodger, who are no strangers to cosmetic surgery. And whether it's vanity, peer pressure or just a quick fix, these girls just don't seem to have the ability to say - enough is enough! Bigger, be that lips, boobs, hair or veneers, is not always better!

Whilst botox, lip fillers, breast enlargements and the like are perfectly OK, reality stars don't seem able to grasp that they shouldn't necessarily have them all done in one job lot!

Quite a few TOWIE stars now have big regrets about the cosmetic procedures they've had done. Amy Childs admitted "I do look back at pictures and think I looked like a freak – I went overboard with my lips and looked like Pete Burns at one point"

Abi Clarke suffered a bad reaction to lip fillers, and her lips swelled so much she almost ended up with permanent facial damage. She said "I went in for a an exfoliation and the person who did that for me could also do botox and fillers so they suggested to do that for me"  Abi also admitted she hadn't done enough research into the beautician or the procedure.

So why do they do it? Is it a case of making too much money too quickly? being thrust into the limelight and not feeling like you compare to the other glamour girls? or maybe it's just that they are young, immature and easily influenced!

Cosmetic work is all well and good if you want to tweek your imperfections, a bit of botox for the wrinkles, plump up lips that are too thin, lipo away stubborn fat that just won't budge, after all, we all want to look the best we can. Moderation is the keyword!

Another keyword is research. Always check out your cosmetic doctor as you are quite literally putting your well being into their hands.
Make sure they are fully trained in cosmetic work and always have a consultation to discuss your needs and the outcome you are wanting to achieve.

Remember.... never be rushed into any cosmetic procedure, make sure you find a doctor you can trust and always choose a reputable clinic.

Clinic manager.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

SmartXide Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield.

SmartXide - Anti-ageing and acne scarring.

There are many reasons that we are not satisfied with our face, hands and neck.
Whether it is acne scars, fine lines or wrinkles, pigmentation marks on the face, hands and décolletage or sun damaged skin - none of them boost our self confidence and we would all love to turn back the clock.

So if you want to lose years off your skin's appearance, tighten up sagging skin and rid yourself of sun damage and age spots - well, SmartXide is the treatment for you!

Selston Cosmetic Clinic uses the revolutionary SmartXide Dot laser system, which was awarded The Best Skin Resurfacing Laser In The USA. It has caused great excitement in the dermatology cosmetic surgery world because it really delivers results!

SmartXide is a treatment that is effective for all skin types, totally resurfacing your skin and leaving new baby pink skin underneath.

It will dramatically improve the appearance of your skin, tightening it by stimulating collagen and elastin production.
Deep wrinkles are softened and visibly reduced, leaving a new, rejuvenated you!

Clients are enjoying tighter skin, a big reduction in open pores and super smooth clear skin, as sun damage and blemishes are banished.

The SmartXide CO2 laser is very impressive, the treatment takes about an hour of your time and takes away about 10 years!! The SmartXide can tone and tighten your skin, reduce wrinkles and acne scarring and take away skin pigmentation.

So how does the SmartXide Fractional Laser work?

SmartXide DOT is a fractional Co2 laser system. Using the latest technology, Co2 lasers are able to stimulate and rejuvenate by targeting small areas from a small wand-like device that is passed over the treatment area. The laser creates thousands of microscopic spots and by hitting only small areas in depth during treatment it eliminates the usual side effects of laser resurfacing such as pain, scabs and swelling.

SmartXide DOT doesn't remove the entire skin surface, so skin redness after treatment only lasts a few days. SmartXide is quick and precise, and the whole neck and face can be treated in under an hour.

During the treatment the high energy laser damages the outer layers of the skin and as the skin heals they peel away. The laser also heats the dermis which stimulates new collagen production, and as new skin cells develop, the face will become smoother, firmer and more youthful in appearance.

You will probably see an improvement in skin tone and texture as soon as the redness fades after one treatment. Over several months you will see a continuous improvement in the texture and smoothness of the skin. Wrinkles, lines, acne scars and dark marks will be reduced as well.

The procedure is not painful and you can expect to feel a stinging sensation but that only lasts a few seconds as we use a topical anaesthetic cream that is applied before the treatment. Depending on how much damage there is to the skin and what end results are required, we will recommend a treatment program that suits you. Most people require 3 – 4 treatments, spaced 4 – 6 weeks apart.

Post-treatment redness only lasts for a few days and can be covered up with cosmetics. Some slight swelling may occur for a few days following the treatment and we will recommend the correct creams to ensure your skin is properly moisturised.

Call us for a consultation at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic and whether you go for a course or a one off treatment, you are guaranteed to be the proud owner of beautiful, rejuvenated skin!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Wart Removal - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Wart Removal

Warts are small rough growths which infect the top layer of skin and they often develop on the hands and feet. They vary in appearance and may develop on their own or in clusters. Warts affect particular areas of the body, for example, verruca's are warts that usually develop on the soles of the feet.

Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and they typically occurs on the hands or feet but also in other locations.
Most people will have warts at some time in their life, although they tend to affect children and teenagers more than adults. Warts can appear at any age but are more common in older children and are uncommon in the elderly.

I'm sure that over the years we have all heard the numerous wart jokes.
Wart's the matter ?
Wart time is it ?
Wart's that thing on your face ?
All quite amusing..... as long as it isn't you that actually has the darned thing !

The appearance of a wart varies, depending on  its location and the type of virus that has caused it. Most warts go away after a year or two, but some can last for years or return after going away. When warts are located in areas that are rubbed against clothing or bumped frequently, they can become irritated and the skin around them can become painful and they can itch and bleed.

There are many types of warts and these include :

Common Warts - Common warts are firm and can be light grey, flesh-coloured, yellow, brown or grey-black. They most often appear near the fingernails and on the backs of the hands, but they can also appear on the elbows and knees. Common warts do not usually hurt.

Filiform or digitate wart - are most common on the face, especially near the eyelids and lips.

Genital wart - (venereal wart) is a wart that occurs on the genitalia.

Mosaic warts -  they are a group of tightly clustered warts, commonly found on the hands or soles of the feet.

Periungual wart - is a cauliflower-like cluster of warts that occur around the nails.

Plantar wart - (verruca, verruca plantaris) this is a hard painful lump, often with multiple black specks in the centre, usually only found on pressure points on the soles of the feet.

Now, if you have a wart or verruca, the first port of call should be the chemist for home treatments.
Creams and gels or freeze spays can be used to get rid of the wart, and there are numerous natural remedies you can look up online.

But if all that fails, then the Selston Cosmetic Clinic can definitely get rid of your warts for good !
We have several methods of wart removal at our clinic : Radio Surgery, Electrocautery and Laser Wart Removal.

Call us for a consultation and we can choose a method of treatment to suit your needs.
Clinic Manager.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Lip Creases / Dermal Fillers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Lip Creases / Dermal Fillers

It does seem to be that wrinkles tend to show up in all the wrong places. When meeting, most people focus their attention on the other person’s eyes or mouth during a conversation. Unfortunately, those are exactly the areas where wrinkles show up first.

Even if we are not old, the signs of ageing will still show in our face sooner than we would want – especially around the mouth and lower face.
Are you beginning to notice lip creases and lip lines? Is your lipstick bleeding into your wrinkles and ruining your smile?

As we age, our bodies to go through many changes that can alter our appearance. Upper lip wrinkles can be caused by repeatedly making the same facial expressions, pursing the lips, by smoking, excessive sun exposure which can break down collagen and elastin in the skin, or maybe just the skin elasticity breaking down, these can all cause fine lines around your mouth to form over time.

Lip creases, also called lipstick lines or smoker’s lines, are those fine lines that start to radiate from your lips as you age. Lip lines can cause lipstick to bleed, as well as being a major sign of ageing. These vertical lines on the lips seem to be especially problematic for women.
The thinner your skin, the more visible the lines become. Over time, after many years these lines become permanent indentations in the lips.

Lip creases, one of the most dreaded signs of ageing, are caused by a loss of collagen and muscle tone. As our skin ages, we lose collagen in the skin and the skin becomes lax. This makes lip wrinkles worse and also allows the lip to sag or become longer. Loss of fat which occurs with facial ageing also contributes to thinning of the lips.

Although natural ageing does play a part in the formation of lip lines, the good news is that we can do something about it. At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic we have had fantastic results using lip fillers to banish those lip creases.

Dr Bassi is a fully trained cosmetic practitioner in advanced filler techniques. No two faces are the same, so he tailors his facial filler and remodelling treatment to each individual.

At the clinic we recommend any of the following fillers for lip crease correction :
Restylane range
Juvederm Ultra 2
Teosyal Fine Lines

The procedure takes about 20 - 30 minutes. There will be a little swelling following the treatment and maybe some bruising. The swelling will have resolved within a day or two but any minor bruising can be covered with make up.

Come on ladies - kiss your lip lines goodbye !

Clinic manager,

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Vaser Lipo Male Abs - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Vaser Lipo - Male Abs

In recent years we have seen a huge change in the way that men want their bodies to look.
A lot of men who don't have a so-called ideal body, are embarrassed and self-conscious, believing that the less muscled they are, the less masculine they are.

We have seen sportsmen, actors and models like David Beckham, David Gandy, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mark Wahlberg show off their toned muscles and abs in adverts for underwear and aftershave. With images like these being so strong and used worldwide, on TV, billboards and magazines, it is not hard to see why men might not feel able to match up to them.

Men, just as much as women these days, have concerns about their bodies. So it is no wonder that vaser lipo for men is increasing in demand.

So if you were a man, why would you consider Vaser Lipo?

Well, for a start it would decrease those stubborn areas of fat that cannot be reduced from exercising and dieting alone.
It can create a more balanced and proportionate body.
Vaser Lipo can give you definition for an athletic appearance.
It can increase your body confidence and boost your self-esteem.

If you use a gym regularly but are still not happy with your shape and find yourself getting frustrated by it all, then you should consider Vaser Lipo.
At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic we perform the vaser lipo procedure with fantastic results.

This client had a rather large tum and we were not expecting the best of results. His fat was hard and solid and we were just looking to reduce it. Look at the difference Vaser Lipo and the correct aftercare has made to his body shape!

Here is a client who is not overweight but just needs a little tweeking with Vaser Lipo. He didn't need a lot of fat removal just a little definition to give him an athletic appearance.

This young man is obviously swollen and full of fluid from the procedure, but you can see that Vaser lipo does give an instant result.

Vaser Lipo breaks up fat with ultrasound energy which is delivered by the Vaser probes. Vaser ultrasound energy dissolves the fat cells and simply bounces off other structures such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, which are therefore left undisturbed giving great results. It is performed under local anaesthetic

The results are immediate. There is minor swelling for approximately a week. After treatment you will be routinely offered follow up appointments, at one month, three months and six months.
As the swelling subsides the results continue to improve for up to six months as collagen grows and tightens the skin.

Give us a call.

Clinic manager.

Monday, 16 November 2015

FUE Hair Transplant - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

FUE Hair Transplants

There is no denying that losing your hair can be a hugely distressing thing to go through.
Many men start to lose their hair at a young age. In fact, it isn’t unusual for some men to begin losing their hair in their late teens or early twenties.

At whatever age the hair loss happens, the majority of men are self-conscious about this condition, although the alternatives can sometimes seem just as excruciatingly embarrassing.

And so men, the choices are :
You can either wear a hat or cap,
Maybe try to disguise it with a Bobby Charlton style comb over
Or perhaps emerge one day wearing a toupee or a hairpiece?

None the best of ideas. It would make life much easier if your real hair could just grow back.

 And this is where the Selston Cosmetic Clinic can come to your rescue.
We can offer you the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) the most advanced hair transplant procedure available on the market today.
Developed by renowned top hair transplant surgeon Dr. Raghu Reddy.

The FUE hair transplant treatment that Dr Reddy performs at Selston Cosmetic Clinic involves taking each hair individually from the back of the head, or anywhere else on the body (chest hair and even beard hair can be used) and inserting it in to the treatment area.
Unlike previous transplant methods which involved cutting whole strips of hair away at a time, with the FUE hair transplant treatment, we take the hair follicle by follicle to insert one by one.

This gives a much more natural result, a quicker recovery time and a less painful treatment process leaving no visible scarring at the back of the head. The FUE treatment can be used for a receding hair line, a balding crown or for correcting previous bad hair transplants and scars at the back of the head. It is also suitable for women who are thinning too.

Prior to the procedure a computer digital scanning is used to identify the strongest donor follicles. This is to protect future hair loss. A local anaesthetic is applied around the perimeter of the scalp and once the scalp is entirely numb, the rest of your procedure is completely painless.
Should your procedure be an extensive one, lasting more than 5-6 hours, an additional anaesthetic will be applied before the first one wears off.

Individual hair follicles are removed separately using the micro extractor by the experienced hair transplant surgeon.
Then specific hair follicles are placed meticulously into zones of hair loss using the patented implanter pen.
The FUE hair transplant doctors use this precision implement to implant the hair to imitate the angle and direction of growth of each person's original hair which is unique to them.

There is no risk of nerve damage and new hair grows naturally in it's new location.
Up to 3,000 - 5,000 hairs can be extracted/ implanted per day. Hair extraction is simple, painless and the donor area heals within 5 days. Hair regrowth is usually seen after 16 weeks.

From the initial consultation and diagnosis by Dr. Bassi, to the procedure by Dr. Raghu Reddy and easy after care - We offer a complete bespoke service at Selston Cosmetic Clinic.

No Stitches! No Scars! No Pain!

Clinic manager.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Vaser Lipo on Inner Thighs - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Vaser Lipo on the Inner Thighs

When thinking of their bodies, most women consider their “problem area” to be their thighs.
Ladies who have big thighs have a lot to deal with, it’s one of those trouble spots that women struggle to maintain.
We bike, we run, we go to the gym and still our legs don’t have the shape that we want.

Now, while we are talking about thighs I must point out two words: thigh gap.
A thigh gap is a gap that emerges between a lady's inner thighs when she stands with her knees together.
If you haven’t heard of it, that’s probably because it doesn’t exist on the majority of the population.
But, due to social media, internet and magazines, in the last few years a thigh gap has become an aspect of physical attractiveness, which for most, is an impossible dream.
Peer pressure from social media has caused girls and young women to pursue an elusive and dangerous weight loss goal to achieve this look.

What we are talking about are legs that are are chunky, flabby or just a little fatter than we would like them to be.
Flabby thighs are a common source of frustration for the majority of women, as well as some men.
Diet and exercise should always be your first line of defence when tackling fat, especially as the legs tend to respond well to this combination.
That being said, there are more invasive options for when you need a little extra help.

There are various reasons why women want slimmer thighs :
When the thighs sweat and rub together getting red and sore and causing chaffing. 
At water parks or swimming at the beach or pool, the legs stick uncomfortably together.
Clothing looks nicer, shorts don't ride up, trousers fit better and you feel more confident to wear shorter skirts and dresses.

It is perfectly reasonable to have vaser lipo of the inner thighs if there is excess fat which creates an unwanted fullness and distortion to the shape of your leg.
But it is important to know what’s realistic for you, for your body shape. It really does depends on what suits you and not what is this seasons current body trend.

At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic we perform this procedure regularly with satisfying results, as the before and after photo's show.
This lovely lady had Vaser Lipo of the inner thighs and knees. Her legs were a little chunky and she wanted to feel good in her jeans.
Just enough fat was taken to give the appearance of a slim, straight leg.
The client was delighted with the early results and said it had already made a huge difference to how her clothes fitted her!

This lady wanted a result where her tops of thighs did not rub together and to have a straighter outline.

We were able to smooth out the unevenness as much as possible with Vaser Lipo and to give her a smooth line from the knee to the upper thigh and to create a gap in the upper thighs.

Call us for a consultation and together we will help you to achieve the perfect leg shape for you.

Clinic manager.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Facial Spider Veins - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Facial Veins

Spider veins on the face are something you see on many people and this is often a cause of great embarrassment.
They are placed prominently on the face, around the nose or cheeks and can cause great anxiety since they are not easy to hide.

What are facial veins :
Facial spider veins are tiny blood vessels which run close to the surface of the skin and look like fine red, or sometimes purple, wiggly lines.
They are sometimes called 'thread veins' or 'broken veins'  The tiny veins just under the surface of the skin are delicate.
Sometimes these veins dilate and break, the veins will remain that way and won't constrict back to their normal thickness or repair themselves.
While spider veins do occur on the legs, a great number of them also happen on the face, around the nose, cheeks, and chin.

Who gets facial veins :
Anyone can get facial spider veins.
Ageing cause the weakening of veins and skin, and the ageing skin can make spider veins more noticeable.

What causes facial veins :
Facial spider veins can become more prominent as we get older, but there are actually six main triggers that can provoke them at any age.
These are: pregnancy, chronic sun exposure, temperature extremes, excess alcohol, facial injuries and high blood pressure.
Also scrubbing your face too vigorously or washing with water that's too hot can also cause facial veins.
Age, lifestyle, rosacea and smoking can also play their part.

How do you treat facial veins :
Selston Cosmetic Clinic has state-of-the-art Laserscope Aura-i and Lyra-i laser systems to safely and painlessly treat facial spider veins.
The photo's show our amazing results.

The safest, most effective treatment for spider veins on the face is laser treatment. A laser is applied to the skin directly above the spider veins and the energy from the laser is preferentially absorbed by coloured tissues, such as spider veins.
The energy causes the spider veins to heat up and collapse. After treatment, the body slowly re-absorbs the veins.

Laser treatment takes only 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated and recovery on most people takes no time at all.
The skin over the treated area might be mildly sensitive for a few days after treatment.

The appearance of spider veins will greatly improve after just one treatment. However, to fully remove spider veins most people will need two or three sessions.
Repeat treatments are scheduled a month apart and after the treated veins disappear, they will not reoccur.

Clinic manager.