Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Vaser Lipo Chest Before and After

What a difference a couple of months make....This guy came for Vaser Lipo of the chest, (man boobs) he wanted them completely gone! Dr Bassi duly obliged and just look at the result. He looks pretty good!

Clinic Manager

Friday, 12 December 2014

Vaser Hi Def..Before and 3 Months later

Here is an update on one of our international clients following his Vaser Hi Def procedure.
He is kindly updating us with 'selfies'.  He is looking amazing!  Take a peek..

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Vaser Hi Def..Clients 'Selfie' Photo Album

This client has kept a photographic record of his journey with Vaser Lipo and has sent his before and after photo's  over by i phone. He had his abs done first and came back a few weeks later for the flanks. He is now 2 weeks post last procedure and looking fab!

Clinic Manager

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Time For A Break........Selston Cosmetic Clinic

After a long busy Summer, it was time to take a good break from Selston Cosmetic Clinic before the rush of Christmas began.....
We headed off to the delights of India, long hot days followed by balmy nights, amazing seafood and a myriad of curries.. pure heaven.

Then onto the breathtakingly beautiful Maldives where the most exhaustive thing to do was to get out of bed....

Fresh King Prawn straight from the sea.

Dr Bassi catching a nap or two :)

Our beautiful Ocean Villa...How spoilt were we!!

Now back and fully invigorated..with a wealth of happy memories.

Clinic Manager

Friday, 21 November 2014

Vaser Lipo...Female Abs..Before and After

 This is a nice, simple example of Vaser Lipo on upper and lower abs one week later....

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Female Tummy.. Vaser Lipo...Lax Skin

This lovely lady in her late fifties was not looking to win swimwear competitions, but to get rid of the fat around her tummy and just look and feel better in her clothes. Her skin was quite lax, but with realistic expectations she went ahead with Vaser Lipo.....
She came back to see us at 4 weeks and you have to admit, she looks pretty fab! She has obtained a certain degree of skin tightening and the bulk has gone!

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Clinic Manager

Vaser Lipo Chest 6 Months Later

This young guy came to us for Vaser Lipo of the chest. He had one side that was larger than the other with little definition. We happily sorted it out for him! He came back recently for review..male model me thinks ;)

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Vaser Lipo in Harley Street London...Dr Bassi

Dr Bassi has had so much demand for Vaser Lipo from clients from the South of England that he has arranged to work from the lovely Phi Clinic on Harley Street.
He will be performing Vaser,  Vaser Hi Def and consultations for both treatments too.
All our other treatments, along with Vaser lipo will still take place at our flagship clinic in Nottingham.
For London treatments, either contact us directly or contact the Phi Clinic on 0207 0345999.

Clinic Manager

Vaser Lipo..Female Abs..4 weeks later

Doesn't this lady look amazing! Just 4 weeks after having Vaser Lipo, she came to see us with a smile from ear to ear. What a difference a few weeks make!

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Clinic Manager

Friday, 24 October 2014

Vaser Lipo..Arms Before and After

This lady is absolutely tiny and wished to trim her arms down a little with Vaser Lipo to match the rest of her.
A really nice result. 

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Clinic Manager

Vaser Lipo.. Male abs..Before and After

This lovely guy is a fitness fanatic, but could not gain the 6 pack his 12 year old has! Big competition!!  He had lost weight and had significant looseness of the skin...well 4 weeks later, just look at the result he has achieved so far after Vaser Lipo....Can't wait to hear his son's verdict ;)

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Vaser Lipo...2 weeks on.

Now just look at this result...Dr Bassi still manages to impress me with the work he turns out!! 
This young guy was after the elusive 6 pack look and after years of training he still could not achieve his goal. Vaser Lipo made his dreams come true on a Saturday afternoon! Below is a photo the client sent us 2 weeks later. Absolutely fab....

Come and realise your dreams..call us on 01773 861845
Clinic Manager

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Vaser Lipo.. Before and After

Here is a good example of Vaser Lipo before and after.. these photos are taken only six days apart! 
This is definitely a life changing procedure for this young lady! She was absolutely thrilled :)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Vaser Lipo..Upper and Lower Abs.

This young lady wanted to reduce her tummy..she needs her flanks doing too but is going to do them at a later stage when finances allow.
We did Vaser Lipo of the upper and lower abs and she came back for review a couple of weeks later.. Her body shape had changed so much and she was one happy young lady!

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Clinic Manager

International Clients at Selston...Vaser Lipo

This lovely young man flew in to have Vaser Lipo after seeing his friend Dr Reddy's results!
He has been emailing us photos of his progress, and we have to say we are all thrilled with the result so far :)

Come and see what we can do for you!

Vaser Lipo...A couple of years later!

We recently had the pleasure of a visit from a client who had Vaser Lipo with us four years ago.
Dr Bassi, always one for an opportunistic photo shoot was quickly on the case. 
You have to agree..total transformation!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My Hair Journey so far………One Clients Story of FUE

January 14 – ‘Time for change’
This was the ‘selfie’ picture that finally gave me the push I needed to start to make   enquires and appointments with HT surgeons I had been researching over the last two years. A week later I had met with three clinics and decided that Dr Reddy was the only man for the job and had proven excellent results specialising in 3G FUE.

March 14 – ‘Operation Day’
So this is it, the two days I had been waiting for. Quite nervous going into the surgery however that soon changed once I met Dr Reddy and his team. They made me feel very comfortable and explained everything and answered any questions I had. The two days went pretty fast and pretty pain free. The journey of growth now begins!

 Below are pics of my hair the morning of pre-surgery and then immediately post-surgery.

March 14 – ’10 days Post Op’
By day 10 I could really start to see my new hairline. I made sure that I followed all procedure for the first few days after surgery and took great care and precaution when washing the grafts and donor area. Again no pain, the occasional stinging or itchiness but nothing to complain about J

March 14 – ’21 Days Post Op’
I just wanted to include this for two reasons. The first being that this picture was taken in Germany and I had a work conference to attend. Many colleagues believed I had shaved my hair for the summer and I didn’t suspect my surgery at all. The second is I had my first beer in almost 6 weeks. I made a personal choice not to drink alcohol leading up to the surgery and then again after. I’m not sure if this made a difference or not but I’m sure it didn’t do any harm J

May 2014 – ‘2 Months Post Op’
Well the ugly duckling stage truly set in at this point. Only a few weeks back I was showing off a nice buzz cut with a definite hairline in front of my colleagues in Germany. The grafts scabbed over initially then slowly began to fall naturally off 1month – 2month post op. As you can see from the pics, the redness in the recipient area is showing and I have managed to keep hold of some of the transplanted hairs. This is a tough stage to be at as many people say. You just have to get on with it and be sure that your new hair is on the way. Most people wear hats etc... at this point. However I just decided I didn’t want to cover it up and again most people thought I had shaved my hair.

June 2014 – ‘3 Months Post Op’
At three months post op most of the hairs had shed and the good news is I could see new hairs popping through the scalp. Some thin hairs and some tiny black dots breaking through the surface of the scalp. At this point I had my first haircut. Not really much to cut or style on the top yet but the back and sides I had cut down to a ‘number 2’ at the barbers. The donor area was also still slightly pinkish in tone. I have included a collage of pics here going back to day one. I will do this every three months to remind me of the journey and the progression.

August 2014 – ‘5 Months Post Op’
Didn’t really take many pictures around month 4 due to work commitments and then a holiday. One thing worth noting, whilst away on holiday I ensured I used factor 30 high designed especially for scalp protection in the sun. I had no issues whatsoever and didn’t go into the pool, opting for the natural sea water with no chemicals J
So 5months, a lot has changed since my last pictures. The new hair has really started to come through and thicken and I’m very pleased with my new hairline! Close up still quite see through and the new hair thin in parts, but it’s all part of the process and the waiting game. I had arranged my first ‘styled’ haircut later in the month. The first time in years I walked into a barbers and felt like I was getting a ‘real’ haircut!

Late August 2014 – Newly Styled Haircut! Finally!

September 2014 – ‘6months Post Op’
So here I am 6months since my FUE transplant with Dr Reddy. I had a 6month check-up appointment with him and took a picture the morning of the appointment. The other pictures is my most recent haircut which I had done last week (late September). The hair and texture is really starting to thicken up and I even ‘tested’ the donor area by asking the barber to shave down to a 0.5 into 1.0 blend. The pictures are not too clear but there is no visible scaring whatsoever! No harsh red lumps or bumps and nobody would suspect this surgery. Full credit to Dr Reddy and his team here for a truly fantastic professional job.
I still have another 6months before I can really evaluate my results. My hair should continue to thicken over the next few months. I will continue with my daily regime of Regaine Foam 5%, Propecia, and Vitabitocs hair skin and nails tablets.
Dr Reddy has asked me to go back at 9months for another check-up and update pictures. So far I am over the moon with the results and it really has been a life changing experience. Already at 6months I’m a once a month regular at my barber and I look forward to being able to style my hair in many different ways.

The journey continues………….