Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Vaser Hi Def.. 2 Weeks Later

This gentleman in his early forties is a keen runner, running around 6 miles twice a week.
He has a very active and heavy job which involves international travel.
He stated after much research, looking at many websites, he eventually chose us and came up for a consultation at Selston Cosmetic Clinic, travelling all the way up from London.

Dr Bassi felt he was an excellent candidate for Vaser Lipo Hi Def.
He underwent the procedure under local anaesthetic, he was on and off the table within 2 hours. 
He came in religiously for his Vaser post op care by Mags and had 8 sessions. 
Selston Cosmetic Clinic has a bespoke post op care programme for each client
His results are astonishingly good for 2 weeks...the picture and video,  before and after clearly demonstrate a major difference.

This young guy in his twenties was another good candidate for Vaser Hi Def, again after looking at all the Vaser forums, chose Selston Cosmetic Clinic for his Hi def procedure.
He exercises regularly but could never achieve the elusive 6 pack.
He travelled from Brighton for his consultation and booked in for a few weeks later for the procedure. His results were instant, you could see his 6 pack appearing as he jumped off the operating table!
He found a good therapist locally for all his aftercare and came back to see us at 4 weeks for review.
Take a look at his results!

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Lip Enhancement Nottingham

The lip clinic at Selston Cosmetic Clinic specialises in Lip enhancement and Lip Augmentation.
Over the last year having fuller lips has become very popular. Most of our clients are terrified of having a 'trout pout'.. but we can assure you we would never let this happen.
Dr bassi has performed many lip fillers and his treatment ethos is to produce elegant looking lucious lips which should only draw you compliments rather than ''what have you had done to your lips!''
Lip enhancement generally involves outlining the lip border.
Lip augmentation involves making the body of the lips fuller.

A complete lip filler process at Selston Cosmetic Clinic's lip clinic will involve marrying the two processes and having to expertly place the fillers in other areas to balance the lips out and give natural looking results.
This young lady had a thin upper lip compared to her lower lip. She had lip enhancement and lip augmentation of the upper lip.
She will probably have a top up in 2 weeks as only half a syringe was used. 
The results will last for approximately 6 months plus.

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Vaser Hi Def.. Selston Cosmetic Clinic.. 6 months later...

This gentleman in his late thirties, travelled from Brighton to Nottingham for his Vaser Lipo procedure. He goes to the gym regularly, doing cardio and lifting weights.
He was unable to achieve that athletic look despite all his efforts.
Interestingly he runs his own cosmetic forum on line. 
He told us he came to us after extensive research on the internet and seeing reviews about us on real self, which in his own words were 'very positive'.
The reviews were also backed up by the clients own before and after pictures. 
Our website has a large plethora of before and after Vaser Lipo and Vaser Lipo Hi Def  pictures.. do have a look!
The after video which our client took himself, shows excellent definition which is only going to get better as he trains further.

This following young man in his mid thirties travelled from London to Nottingham to have his Vaser Lipo Hi def procedure.
The procedure was a two stage procedure. He had his abdomen done first, followed by the flanks.
Dr Bassi breaks the procedure into 2 stages, as he believes the client has much better results and pain control, as we can flood the area with generous amounts of local anaesthetic and extract the maximum amount of fat.
We can offer a one stage procedure but this is under conscious sedation needing a consultant anaesthetist present.
The advantages of this is that it is done in one stage, but the cost is the same as having a 2 stage procedure. We firmly believe two stage procedures give you better results, the results are equivalent as if you were having the procedure done under general anaesthetic in hospital.
This young man's before and after photo/video, the latter is taken 4 weeks apart, clearly shows definition and sculpting. He starting to train soon and full results will be seen in 3 to 4 months.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Vaser Lipo Of The Legs

This lady had Vaser Lipo of the outer thighs.. as you can see it has considerably slimmed down the look of her legs!

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Vaser Lipo ..Inner And Outer Thighs

Look how fab this set of legs looks after having Vaser Lipo of the inner and outer thighs! It has totally changed the way she looks. Definitely one happy client!

Clinic Manager