Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Skin Tips

Skin Tips........for dewy radiant skin 

Spring/Summer is wonderful and spending more time outside is a bonus , but it can take its toll on your skin.

Top Tips

Exfoliate  removing dead skin will reveal new skin.

More Moisturizer..... keeping it refreshed.

Drink plenty of water... keeping it hydrated.

Sun Block to protect your gorgeous skin a definite.


Cosmetic Technician

Vaser Lipo Male Abs Hi Def Before And After

This is a nice example of Vaser Hi Def.  This young guy hated his lower tummy and came along to get this sorted out. Once he realised that Hi Def was available he opted for that and got himself booked in!
He came to see us recently for an update and his results were lovely. He is going to hit the gym so will be returning in 6 months to give us another photo opportunity! 
Take a look!

Clinic Manager

Dr Reddy Fue Surgeon has Vaser Hi Def!

Well...after a very long day performing Fue Hair Transplants Dr Reddy decided he wanted Dr Bassi to do his Vaser Hi Def for him. After years of exercising he still could not get the definition he was looking for! 
So 7.30 in the evening we started.. as you can see he enjoyed the experience, big smiles all around! Dr Reddy was an easy candidate, naturally slim with just an inch or two of fat covering that elusive six pack.

You can see the look of amazement when he jumped off the table to take his first look at the result, and you have to admit, he looks pretty fab!

The bottom photo is one week on, looking slightly swollen, which is expected but still looking very good.

Dr Reddy is Hi Def trained himself, so i think it is always good to be on the recieving end and experience the procedure 1st hand. He admitted it was quite painless and the recovery was good, just the aftercare massages were slightly painful! 

I will update in the next few weeks as his results improve.

Clinic Manager

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wedding Fever

The season has started .....

Brides to be ..........

A gentle peel that will leave you with a wedding day ready, glowing complexion ........without the down time.

Image skin peels that are safe and gentle for you......

Making THAT entrance will be a lasting moment ......

Cosmetic Technician


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Why use the Image range ......

This is why you should use the Image range in Cosmetic Creams and Skin Peels .....

Image is an evidence based clinical skincare range.

The quality, versatility and effectiveness of the the Image Skincare range and Peels are truly amazing.

Image Peels are safe and gentle on the skin , depending of the type of peel, you may experience flaking , peeling .... but this is revealing a healthier skin..... which is a good thing !

Give it a go.....


Cosmetic Technician

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fue Hair Transplant.. Dr Reddy...Selston

This patient had 3041 hairs transplanted using the Fue technique. This is roughly 1200 grafts. On the scale he was a Norwood 3. As you can see it has made a huge difference!

For a consultation with Dr Reddy, call 01773 861845
Clinic Manager

Fue Hair Transplant.. Nottingham

This client had just over 7000 hairs tranplanted using the Fue method.
What a result!

For your consultation with Dr Reddy, call the clinic on 01773 861845
Clinic Manager

Vaser Lipo.. Male Abdo Before and After

This client has been through a big journey of his own.. he had lost 5 stone and opted for a tummy tuck without lipo. He came to us for Vaser Lipo with realistic expectations, he knew he had excess skin still and a large abdominal scar to deal with.
He came back a couple of weeks later, really happy with the progress so far.... his skin is tightening up nicely and there was a significant difference to his shape!

Clinic Manager

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Spring Clean

Enjoy that fresh skin feeling with our Image Skin Peels

Tailor made for you ....... adding different enhancers to your suit your skin....dry or oily ... or anti aging... using Image Peels make that difference.

Dont forget your skin when you Spring Clean.