Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bodytite V Vaser Lipo.... Update

We recently addressed the issue of Bodytite v Vaser lipo and skin tightening. Bodytite claims to give 50% skin tightening compared to Vaser lipo's 34% +.

Two weeks ago we did a Vaser liposuction procedure on a lovely lady, she wanted her upper and lower abs trimming down but had a largish overhang from having her children. Her expectations were realistic, she knew she wasnt going to get back her body from her twenties!

She returned a couple of days ago for a quick review, we were all highly delighted with the initial results, time will only continue to improve the outcome! But it is fair to say she has had a good 50% + skin tightening effect. Judge for yourselves!

Lead Vaser technician

I am a lady in my 50's and starting to suffer hair loss!

Q. I am a female aged 52 and have started to suffer hair loss in various parts of my head. Im sure most of your patients are male and wanted to know if the FUE hair transplant procedure works the same for woman as it does for men?

A. The procedure is the same for men and women. Women tend to lose hair from all over while men tend to follow the male pattern baldness. We have carried out lots of successful procedures on women and each case is different.

I suggest you either come to the clinic or send me through some photo's so that I can see the areas in question and also see what i think is causing this.

Please also have a thyroid check up, anaemia and also a hormone check up as many women loss hair during the menopause.

We have also had some great success with laser hair therapy for women to increase the thickness of the existing hair but without seeing you it is difficult to know what to suggest.

Dr Raghu Reddy

Hair transplant surgeon

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Can i have a FUE hair transplant without shaving my hair?

Q. I would like to have a FUE hair transplant but want to know can it be done without having to shave all my hair?

A. Yes you can have FUE without shaving all the head, there are a number of options. The first is that we can just shave a small area from which we can take the donor grafts. This is possible if your donor area is of high density, meaning you have generous amounts of hair at the back and sides.

This however does reduce down the choice that I have when taking the grafts and also will reduce down the area that I can take them from.

We can also do long hair procedures, i.e without having to shave the head, but I generally charge more for these as they take a lot of time and effort to do.

I would need to see either you or some pictures in order to assess whether it would be in your best interest to have your hair cut short or not.
You head is not shaved completely but is a grade one hair cut, similar to David Beckhams when he had his hair very short.

We usually recommend is that you start to gradually reduce down the length of your hair before the procedure. This is generally easier during the summer months as many men do this anyway due to the heat and convenience for swimming etc.

Dr Raghu Reddy
Hair Transplant Surgeon

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

FUE or Strip Surgery?

FUE has really taken off at Selston Cosmetic Clinic, as it is one of the most successful and guaranteed procedures for hair transplants. As Dr Reddy comes to us, it is also extremely cost effective compared to London prices.

We recently had a client come to us for a FUE procedure who was fully confident he wanted some more treatment as he had the same procedure done a few years ago at another clinic. On starting the treatment Dr Reddy noticed he had a linear scar at the back of his head where he had obviously had strip surgery!

The client was flabbergasted when shown the scar as he had definitely signed up and paid for FUE! Needless to say he was hot footing it back to the clinic to complain.

When having a hair transplant, make sure you have read all the paperwork, asked all the right questions and know exactly what procedure you are having!


Clinic Manager

Monday, 2 August 2010

Bodytite or Vaser Lipo ? Which is better ?

We have had numerous enquiries lately about the new Bodytite procedure and its comparison to Vaser Lipo. These are two seperate systems. Bodytite is based on radio frequency technology and Vaser is an ultrasound technology.

Bodytite gives increased skin retraction,up to 50%, whilst Vaser gives increased skin tightening up to 34%, however in our opinion the amount of fat that can be removed is significantly less with Bodytite than compared to Vaser. Talking to our colleagues such as Dr Grant Hamlet and Dr Kam Singh, we are all of the same opinion.

So where does it leave our clients who are paying hard earned money to achieve their goals with respect to their body shape?

My feelings are .... if your expectations are realistic and the clinic feels confident it can deliver...whatever their system they use, Bodytite or Vaserlipo, then you should go ahead with the procedure wherever you feel comfortable.

However in 6 months time at your review, if there is only slight improvement, i.e 20% - 50% of your realistic expectations, the clinic should perform the procedure again free.

Sadly, many times people have come to our clinic after disappointing Smart lipo and Advanced laser lipo results with only minimal improvement and the clinics they used stating '' well we can see a result.....end of matter! or there is an improvement ..if you are still unhappy ... we will charge you only 50% for another revision procedure ! "

This guarantee of repeating the procedure also applies obviously to us, as no surgeon is a god ! and the odd revision may be necessary..... which we are very happy to do !

Dr Bassi
Lead Cosmetic Physician
Selston Cosmetic Clinic