Friday, 20 February 2009

Advanced Smartlipo - The New Generation

The Smartlipo laser lipolysis procedure has enjoyed spectacular success in the United Kingdom over the last few years. Much of this credit goes to the great marketing of the procedure in mainstream media.

But as time has gone on and the dust settles from the hype, it transpires that many people aren't all that satified with the results Smartlipo has achieve for them.

It is from this dissatisfation that saw the emergence of Advanced Smartlipo, a more finely tuned and reliable progression of the standard Smartlipo treatment.

The original Smartlipo procedure is performed by using a NdYag 1064Nm laser system with only 6W of power, after which the resultant liquefied fat was left to be absorbed and disposed of by the body’s natural processes.

In comparison, Advanced Smartlipo uses a more powerful 1064m Nd Yag Laser delivering 10w to 18 w of power, which at its highest range is almost triple in strength. This extra concentration of energy provides results in rupturing the fat cells whilst remaining safe and reliable. Added to this the new procedure intorduced gentle suction and aspiration of the liquefied fat rather than leaving it inside the body to be absorbed.

The results of the Advanced Smartlipo procedure has been highly praised and the satisfaction level of those who have undertaken the procedure increased considerably, this same satisfaction and praise has been echoed by the cosmetic surgeons who perform the process as well.

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By Dr S R Bassi

Dr. S.R. Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician at the top North Nottingham Clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic. See Advanced SmartLipo Lipo before and after, and learn more about Advanced SmartLipo, by visiting our website.