Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Macrolane.....The Advanced Techniques

Macrolane breast shaping injections were launched in the United Kingdom over one year ago. At present over fifty cosmetic clinics are providing this procedure and the numbers are slowly increasing.Macrolane is a NASHA (Non Animal Stabilized Hyalauronic acid ) based product manufactured by the Swedish firm Q MED. It is broadly based on their Restylane Sub Q Dermal Filler range , which is commonly injected into the face.

To date over 9 million treatments have been given with the Restylane range of fillers. Macrolane can increase the breast by 1 and 1 and a half cup sizes , along with enhancing breast shape allowing you to obtain a cleavage and the classic “tear drop shaped “ breast which everybody usually desires.

The actual Macrolane procedure has advanced over the last twelve months. We will consider the techniques of anaesthesia, the amount of filler commonly injected, sites of incision, cannula track sealing and most importantly… the site of product placement in the breast.The breast area needs to be anaesthesised to make the procedure simple and pain free. Some physicians are now using very fine needles called spinal needles to inject the anaesthetic, from my experience this is much more comfortable compared to in the past when larger diameter infusion cannulas were used.

One hundred mls per breast was generally the benchmark to be injected, it is now common practice to inject around 120mls/breast even up to 140 – 150 mls, this is of course client dependant.The sites of incision is becoming a controversy, some physicians are starting to inject from above the breast, however we must remember, the incision to inject the macrolane will leave a scar, albeit , a tiny one. Subsequently a top up is required around 12 months, as the product begins to be absorbed by the body…so repeated injections from above the breast will eventually leave a more noticeable scar , whilst an equivalent scar under the breast will be hidden by the breast shadow and bra. My personal preference is to inject from under the breast along with another tiny entry point along the areola ( the dark area of the nipple). This technique is excellent to achieve a tear drop shaped breast. Incision sites need to be fully discussed with the client.

The actual site of product placement is crucial to achieve a smooth result and avoid the upsetting situations of lumpiness that can occur as Macrolane tends to ”travel”. The Macrolane breast shaping injections need to be carefully placed in the retromammary space, this is between the breast mammary gland and the pectoralis major muscle of the chest. Finally the physician must ensure the the track of entry of the cannula is sealed. In summary the delivery of Macrolane breast shaping injections has developed over the last twelve months as physicians gain more experience with the product and procedure , equally clients have developed more confidence in the product .

Dr S.R. Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician in North Nottingham premier medical cosmetic and laser clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic. Visit our website or give us a call to find out more about Advanced Techniques with Macrolane which give assured outcomes and Vaser Lipo… the revolutionary new walk in/walkout liposuction procedure with guaranteed results!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Dr Bassi and myself travelled to Belgium to assess the Vibro liposculpture system.

In our opinion our Vaser system is excellent for removing small to medium volumes of fat. However our portfolio is lacking for people who are larger and need large debulking of fat.

We went off to visit Dr Safar, who is an eminent liposuction surgeon in Brussels, having performed in excess of 5000 liposuction procedures, and has been using the Vibro Lipo system for over 10 years.

One of the V.I.P lady's whom we assessed in Moscow flew into Brussels, had the procedure done by him, under local anaesthetic whilst chatting away......in Russian!

The results to say the least were very impressive, over 3.5 litres of pure fat was taken away from the upper/lower abdomen and anterior flanks of this large lady.

The Vibro Lipo System has been installed at Selston Cosmetic Clinic and we hope to be using the equipment within the next few months. This will increase our portfolio for all patient type shapes and sizes.

Stay tuned


Lead Vaser Lipo Technician

Selston Cosmetic Clinic