Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lip Enhancement/Augmentation Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield and Mansfield.

Selston Cosmetic Clinic's lip clinic is the way to head if you want defined, elegant lucious lips.
Lip enhancement involves placing the filler over the borders of the lips. Lip augmentation involves placing the the filler in the body of the lip. This technique involves precision placement and various techniques are used to do this.
Dr Bassi has great experience combing lip enhancement and lip augmentation to produce natural looking results.
Trout pouts should be a thing of the past!
Prior to the procedure a detailed history and consent form is filled out. The outline of your lips and potential results are discussed.
We recommend Emla cream to be applied 30 minutes before the procedure. This is a numbing cream and numbs the whole area so the procedure is relatively painless.
A local anaesthetic injection can be given to numb the area but this sometimes makes the lips lopsided like a dental injection, so when you are having lip enhancement/augmentation, it is difficult to judge the result until the aneasthetic has worn off.
Our lip fillers are advanced Hylauronic acid based fillers, not animal based fillers. Hylauronic acid occurs naturally in the body.
We use Teosyal Kiss or the Juverderm range as these products are market leaders producing excellent results and lasting up to 8 months.
Our lip filler clinic serves clients from Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield, but we have clients travelling up from London for this treatment due to results and word of mouth. 
Dr Bassi, our lead injector creates natural looking lips which balance the ratio of your face. 

For a free consultation, just call 01773 861845
Clinic Manager

Lip Filler Cost..Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Lip enhancement is always a popular procedure at the clinic. It takes 15 minutes and the result is instant. Normally one syringe is more than enough to make a big difference and results will last around 6 months.
Prices start from £250 for one syringe.. one is all that is normally needed.

Just call 01773 861845 for a free consultation.
Clinic Manager

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Rio... Here We Come!

We recently were fortunate to take a break from our busy weekends performing Vaser Lipo and fly to the home of cosmetic surgery..Brazil!  We started in Rio De Janeiro.. a stunning destination with glorious weather.
We were also lucky enough to fly in on the weekend of the Rio Carnival. Wow, this was a sight to be seen..the Brazillians were shaking them butts till 5 in the morning! 
All in all a relaxing, informative break.

Clinic Manager

Vaser Hi Def 4 Months on....

To say we are impressed with this young guy's body is an understatement. He had Vaser Lipo  four months a go and sent us an update telling us how pleased he was.
Its good to know we had a small part in helping him :) 

Clinic Manager