Monday, 27 June 2016

Before & After Vaser Lipo Treatment for Man Boobs (Gynecomastia) Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

There are many reasons why it becomes harder to lose excess weight as we age; our metabolism slows down, we may become less active and our digestion changes. Certain body areas are resistant to diet and exercise and it's very frustrating, wondering if we’ll ever be able to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that just won't shift, even when following a healthy, active lifestyle.

Man boobs or gynecomastia is excessive fatty tissue that's stored over the pectoral muscles on the chest area of a man. These breast tissues are made up of fat deposits and swollen glands, and are extremely difficult to lose, even with exercise. Gynecomastia can arise through hormonal imbalance, side effects from certain medications - especially those with steroids as an ingredient, obesity and ageing. It's not uncommon for this condition to develop during puberty too.

At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic we successfully use Vaser Lipo to correct man boobs. The Vaser Lipo procedure uses advanced ultrasound technology to emulsify the fat, under local anaesthetic, whilst avoiding the veins, nerves, blood vessels and surrounding tissue, which leaves them relatively intact. The fat is then aspirated. Even though there's some minor swelling, the results are instantaneous, and there's further body contouring and skin tightening over the next 6 months.

At the clinic earlier this month, we had a lovely young man from the North who had a problem with gynecomastia which had affected him for a long time. He had tried to exercise them away but just couldn't rid himself of his protruding breasts. He never felt confident enough to wear certain clothes which would emphasise his problem and he wanted a Vaser Lipo procedure to completely flatten his chest.

.....before vaser treatment

Earlier this month.....

This week - just two weeks later - he came to see Dr. Bassi for a follow-up appointment and the initial results were fab! His chest was really flat, and the improvements and skin retraction will continue for a few months. He followed our post op care to the letter and even bought himself an ultrasound massager to use at home!

Stunning results just two weeks later!

Selston Cosmetic Clinic was one of the first clinics in the UK offering the Vaser Lipo procedure and we are a main Vaser Lipo National Training Centre for cosmetic doctors. We are also a national and international clinic, having clients travelling to us from all over the UK, Europe, Middle East and China! To keep up to date with trends in the cosmetic industry, Dr Bassi has attended courses, training and seminars in various parts of the world, such as USA, South America, Europe as well as in the UK.

At the clinic Dr. Bassi has performed over 15OO procedures (and still counting) performing 4 to 5 procedures each week, giving a bespoke personal service to every client. Vaser Lipo is regarded as the gentlest and most powerful form of liposuction available today and over the past year we have used the Vaser Tickle Lipo system along with Vaser and by using both technologies we have been able to extract greater amounts of fat, faster and in more comfort.

The philosophy of our clinic is simple - to make sure that cutting edge treatments are identified, improved, and made available to clients at Selston Cosmetic Clinic at competitive prices.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Dermal Fillers For a Non-Surgical Nose Job - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Is there really such a thing as a perfect nose? It would seem that a lot of us aren't 100% satisfied with the size or the shape of our nose. The focal points of the face are the eyes, mouth and nose and for many people who are unhappy with the shape of their nose, this can undermine their confidence.

Until recently, the only solution for reshaping the nose was a surgical rhinoplasty, which is a painful procedure, requiring an overnight stay in the hospital and time off work for recovery. A surgical nose job is still the main solution for significant corrections on the size and shape of the nose, but with most issues for those with moderate nose reshaping or recontouring, a non-surgical nose job procedure is an ideal solution.

If you are unhappy about the shape of your nose, treatment using a non-surgical dermal filler is a great option, using it in various ways to correct the problem. Whether it's used to straighten a curved or hook shape, plump out areas or depressions caused by an accident or maybe inserting filler into the nose tip for an upturned appearance, dermal fillers can solve these problems, and more:

Straighten a slightly crooked nose.
Build up a small nose.
Straighten noses that are hook shaped.
Correct a mild to moderate bump or depression on the bridge of the nose.
A moderate drooping of nasal tip.
Refinement after surgical Rhinoplasty.
Noses that would like more height, definition and a nose tip.
Smooth contours of the nose.

At a free consultation at Selston Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Bassi will discuss your needs and expectations and will examine your nasal profile, making sure that the treated nose will be in proportion to the width and height of your face. During the procedure topical anaesthesia is applied to the nasal surface, which will numb the area, and the dermal filler is then injected into precise areas of the nose. It's a painless procedure lasting about ten minutes and there might be minimal swelling or redness afterwards, which will subside after a few days.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a safe, non-invasive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty and the results are instantly visible. If you have always wanted to give your nose a different look but would not dream of having normal surgery …than this procedure is for you.  A well-done rhinoplasty can subtly enhance your features and restore facial harmony, resulting in a very pleasing, natural appearance.

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 20 June 2016

What To Expect From a Vaser Lipo Procedure - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Deciding to have Vaser Lipo is not something that's taken lightly by most people, because after all, it's a big decision. The Vaser Lipo procedure can be used on most parts of the body, from small places like the chin or larger areas, such as the back and the abdomen. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, and it uses ultrasound technology to break down fat cells.

Vaser Lipo is used on body areas such as:

Inner thighs.
Outer thighs.
Embarrassing male breasts (Man boobs).
Love handles / Flanks.

Chin - before and after

During a free consultation at Selston Cosmetic Clinic with Dr. Bassi, you can discuss the area that you want treated, and he will give you all the details of what the procedure involves, what results you can expect afterwards and what post-operative care you will need.  He will answer all the questions you have, and if you decide that Vaser treatment is for you, you can book an appointment for your procedure.

Male breasts - Moobs

On the day of the procedure, over the counter painkillers can be taken beforehand if needed, and if it's a big area being treated or your pain threshold is low, maybe something stronger can be taken - this can be discussed with Dr. Bassi during the initial consultation.

Once the patient is on the bed and covered in sterile sheets, the procedure begins. The treatment area is injected with a saline and local anaesthetic solution, which numbs the site and shrinks the blood vessels which will minimise any blood loss and will reduce the risk of bruising. The fluid injected will make the area expand in volume temporarily, making it easier to break up fatty tissue with the Vaser Lipo's ultrasound energy.

Dr. Bassi will make a couple of small cuts between the skin and the muscle layer and will then insert a small thin probe. The ultrasound transmits waves of high frequency through this probe and this loosens and liquefies the fat cells on contact, without harming the surrounding connective tissues, vessels, and nerves. A gentle suction process then removes the liquefied fat. After this, Dr. Bassi also uses a probe which tightens the skin. Results will be immediate and once the swelling and bruising has subsided, you will get a clear indication of your new contours. There will then be a gradual and continual improvement and at about six months you will be able to see your final shape.

Afterwards, there will be some leakage from the small incisions, as some of the saline fluid will still be in the body after the procedure, and although this will eventually be eliminated by the Lymphatic System, we will show you how to massage the area to eliminate the liquid.

After Vaser Lipo, MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) massage helps to unblock and drain damaged areas, preventing fluid becoming trapped. The size of the area treated will dictate how many sessions you will need. Selston Cosmetic Clinic has now performed over 1500 cosmetic procedures and a considerable number of these clients have had their post op care with our clinic. Post op care involves ultrasound therapy, MLD massage/deep tissue massage. Treatment area's that are small can be massaged by the patient themselves at home.

Directly after Vaser treatment and during post-operative recovery, the patient has to wear a compression garment, which promotes faster healing. This garment is a tight-fitting fabric, rather like spanx, and is worn over the treated area, which helps reduce the swelling of the surrounding area. This compression garment is worn for 4-6 weeks (the doctor will recommend a time frame) and this will help the skin contract and achieve proper contours. Although wearing the compression garment can feel uncomfortable, it will make sure that your Vaser Lipo results are the best possible.

It's important to have realistic expectations about the results you'll get from Vaser and what you would like to achieve. Dr Bassi has vast experience in Vaser Lipo, and he has continuously performed this procedure many hundreds of times since it's arrival to the UK in 2008. If you are fit and well within or close to your BMI, have skin that is still elastic, then you will reap the rewards from Vaser Lipo.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Youthful Looking Lips Using Dermal Fillers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Lip fillers are a non-surgical, non-invasive way to improve the contour and volume of the lips. Selston Cosmetic Clinic specialises in lip enhancement and lip augmentation, resulting in defined, elegant lips. There aren't many of us that are born with natural full lips, and lots of us need some help achieving the fullness that we would like. The lips are an important part of our facial beauty and whether they are giving a friendly smile, blowing a kiss or pouting in a selfie, our lips are always drawing attention to themselves!

Ageing naturally, causes our lips to become thinner and lose definition. The area where we’re likely to notice it most, is around the ‘Cupid’s Bow’ – which is the V-shaped area of the upper lip. We also gain fine lines and wrinkles, where lipstick can bleed into, actually highlighting the problem. Lip enhancement treatment plumps up lips and enhances the look of the entire face and giving us a confidence boost.

The difference between enhancement and augmentation is;
Lip enhancement involves placing the filler over the borders of the lips, outlining the lip border.
Lip augmentation involves placing the filler in the body of the lip, making the body of the lips fuller.

(photo below)  As we age, our lips get thinner and lose their definition. A small amount of dermal filler can make all the difference.


Lip enhancements are not only about size. Lips are both individual and expressive and much of that expression comes from the lip shape and the definition. When we talk with others, our lips are at their most expressive, constantly changing shape as we speak. With the range of lip enhancements at Selston Cosmetic Clinic, your lips will be as individual as you are.

Lip filler.. Making older lips more youthful

Before considering a treatment there are some questions you should ask your cosmetic doctor:
What qualifications do you have in cosmetic procedures?
Which brands of fillers do you use, and why those particular ones?
Is the product safe. Has it been extensively tested and researched?
How satisfied are your patients with the results?
Do you have any before and after pictures you could show me?
What are the potential side effects?
What after-care will I be given after the procedure?

Dr Bassi has many years experience perfecting his lip enhancement and lip augmentation technique, enabling him to produce natural looking results. A lip enhancement procedure can contour your lips which will help make you look more youthful and feel more attractive. A fuller, plumper lip with definition and shape will give us a great smile and compliment the beauty of the face.

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Botox Injection Treatment at Selston Cosmetic Clinic - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Well, the summer is here and holidays in the sun are on the horizon! We all love the sun, but is the sun making you squint, causing unwanted lines on your face? Lines and wrinkles on the face are something that nobody wants. The solution is Botox ..... why not give it a try.

At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic, Botox injections are one of our most popular procedures, which is hardly surprising when it's now a treatment that is accessible and affordable to everyday people. The popularity of Botox in our practice is immense, and it's now one of the most used cosmetic treatments in the UK.

This lovely client is a great example that shows Botox doesn't have to leave your facial features looking frozen like Nicole Kidman, done properly it can make you look younger, fresher and more vibrant. And at Selston cosmetic clinic every fourth treatment is half price!

A fresher, smoother face, after Botox

At Selston, Dr Bassi has performed thousands of Botox procedures very successfully and he is always updating and perfecting his technique by attending lots of conferences in facial aesthetics. He is also trained in giving advanced Botox injections and he has now developed the Botox 'face lift' where Botox is given to;

1. The forehead
2. Crows feet
3. Eye lift
4. Chin area
5. Neck

6. Jawline

Remember the days when only the rich and famous had cosmetic treatments? At Selston, Botox injections are an affordable treatment, and we spend a large part of our time administering Botox injections and Dermal fillers. These days people from all walks of life are popping into the clinic to smooth away the years!

The clinic has a loyal clientele list, who return regularly as they love the results of their Botox treatment.  Dr Bassi knows exactly where to place the injections, because he knows the client and he knows how they react to it. A lot of our Botox clients come to us through word of mouth, all because of happy customers!

Botox isn't just for women, this young man had the dreaded 'number eleven' lines between his eyebrows. After a Botox injection, he was looking as good as new! Give it a go & have a line-free summer!

No more 'number 11's' after Botox treatment 

Botox is an easy procedure, it only takes ten minutes to do and within 3 to 7 days you look smoother and fresher. For a youthful look, and one that's not obvious to your friends and family, this really is an ideal solution. Our clients tell us that their friends think they have done something different to their hairstyle, or that they have changed their make up technique... they just can't put their finger on what the difference is, all they do know, is that they look better!

These days wrinkles can be dealt with. The procedure is very minor and takes no time at all! At Selston Cosmetic Clinic you can have your wrinkles treated quickly, simply, and effectively.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Anti-Ageing Methods and Dermal Fillers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

There are many things we can do as we age, to help keep us looking younger. The anti-ageing methods we use, fall somewhere between wrinkle cream and a face-lift... and let's face it, we'll try anything!

Creams and Serum
The makers of anti-ageing creams claim to be able to give you a face several decades younger, but which ones do we choose? The vast range of face creams, gels and serums that promise to keep us looking younger, are mind-blowing, especially the choice; anti-wrinkle, de-creasing, radiance, anti-ageing, age-defying, plumping up, mega-hydrating ... and on, and on. When using skin care products, there are certain ingredients you should look for;
Matrixyl - This skin-perfecting peptide stimulates collagen, restores elasticity and encourages skin repair.
Pro-Vitamin B5 - This ingredient can attract and hold on to moisture, leaving the skin supple and hydrated.
Retinol - this works by stimulating collagen production and increasing the turnover of skin cells.
Vitamin E - is moisturising, anti-inflammatory and can protect skin against sun damage.
Vitamin C - can help reduce inflammation, reverse sun damage and boost collagen production.
Sunscreen - A moisturiser with SPF 25 or higher is the best defence against wrinkles, dullness, brown spots and the loss of firmness.

Fake Tan
Get yourself a healthy glow. We all know that "real" sunbathing is ageing for the skin, but a subtle tan obtained by using either self tanning lotions and wipes, spray or fake tan, will give you a boost of confidence. Alternatively, a tinted moisturiser will give the skin a nice glow. There is no denying that tanned skin makes you look and feel younger, thinner and more beautiful.

Teeth Whitening
Nothing is more rejuvenating than a beautiful, white smile. It’s astounding how many years a decent smile can take off your face. People with stained and dull teeth tend not to smile because they are uncomfortable or embarrassed about their teeth. According to a recent study, having whiter teeth makes you look more successful, more employable, more attractive and at least five years younger.

Haircut and Colour
A good haircut can make you look ten years younger. We've all seen the make-over programmes on TV, where a new cut and colour instantly turns a frumpy mother into a yummy mummy! Every five years you need to reinvent yourself, not drastic major changes, just little tweaks. You can have the same basic hairstyle forever, but you do need to change it up a bit. There are plenty of changes you can make to instantly take years off your look. Maybe changing your parting, adding layers, having a fringe cut in or by choosing softer-coloured hair highlights.

Dermal Fillers
Fillers will add volume to the face by filling in the wrinkles and lines, and sometimes by plumping up areas of the face, giving your face a younger look. Area's like the cheeks, under-eye area and temples, that over time have lost volume, causing the skin to sink and sag are ideal places to fill. Small amounts of dermal filler get directly injected into the skin using a fine needle. No recovery time is needed after dermal filler treatment and you can return to usual activities straight away. Some slight swelling or bruising might be experienced at the injection area, but this doesn't usually last longer than 48 hours. Your doctor will discuss your recovery and what to expect when you attend your appointment.

Under-eye area  (Tear Troughs) before and after dermal filler treatment

We should always aim for subtle results, leaving our friends and family believing that we are simply just looking our best! Dermal fillers really are like a mini face lift!

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Lip Shapes & Lip Augmentation using Dermal Fillers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

When we talk about celebrities who have beautiful lips, a few names will automatically come to mind. What makes the perfect pout? This is a question that has evolved through the years. Silent movie star Clara Bow in the 1920's with her bow lips, Marilyn Monroe and her classic red pout, right through to today and Angelina Jolie and her full luscious lips, all of them have a signature look.

1920's movie star Clara Bow and Marilyn Monroe
Over the years lots of lip shapes have become well-known by being associated with Hollywood actresses, singers or models. Lips can look thin, wide, round or full and plump, and while some have to apply lip liner and gloss to make their lips dazzle, others are born with naturally gorgeous pouts.

In Hollywood when lips are spoken of, we automatically think of Angelina Jolie. Her lips are one of her best features, and one that many women have tried emulate, and Julia Roberts is another actress that has a pair of lips that many women envy.

Angelina Jolie has full lips

But their lips are just a couple of lip shapes, here are a few more:

  • Full Lips: Like Angelina, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was also born with full natural lips, but has allegedly had fillers in recent times. Both of the lips are full but with more volume on the bottom lip. Fuller lips may not always be symmetrical but they are curvy and voluptuous.
  • Round Lips: These lips look round, like a button and it's a very cute look. They may not look as sexy as full lips, but they do look very flirty, as Drew Barrymore shows us with her small mouth and pouty lips.
  • Wide Lips: Julia Roberts is known for her wide lips and beaming smile. But there’s a big difference between full lips and wide lips. Actress Anne Hathaway's lips aren't full of volume, but are full in the sense that the lips are defined, and when she smiles it's very easy to notice that the lips are wider than those of most people.
  • Thin Lips: Think of Kate Hudson for this type of lip and you will understand that Hollywood stars look gorgeous with their own natural pouts, whether the pout is plump or thin. Thin lips have a delicate look about them that big voluptuous lips do not.
  • Bow or Heart-shaped Lips: This lip shape resembles a heart and expands like a bow. The lip is usually normal size and not too wide, but the lower lip tends to be slightly larger. Actresses Hayden Panettiere and Reese Witherspoon have this lip shape. Bow or heart-shaped lips are one of the most feminine of all lip shapes.
In recent times though, we have seen a new trend of overdrawn and over inflated lips. Kylie Jenner, Amy Childs and Courtney Love are just a few celebrities championing this look.

Kylie Jenner before and after lip fillers

Lip augmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for enhancing the look of the lips, making them fuller with a prominent lip line. We do this by injecting a dermal filler and is a safe and effective way to plump up thin lips.

At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic a patient may come in for a lip augmentation with a picture of a celebrity whose lips that they want to copy, but the shape is not suitable for their lips. A good cosmetic doctor will be able to tell you what  style of lips will best suit your face and lip shape.

So if you want to catch a man’s attention, don’t bother fluttering your eyelashes or flicking your hair. Just practise your pout.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Safely Choose Where to Have Botox for Wrinkle Treatment - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Botox treatment tackles signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and chin. By injecting botox into the correct area's, the muscles begin to relax and lift, lifting the skin and smoothing out the fine lines. When they're done properly, botox injections can take years off your appearance, so it's not surprising that wrinkle injections are growing in popularity, and more and more people are using them to their advantage.

It's a sad fact that in the cosmetic industry, anyone, regardless of experience or qualifications, can administer non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Which means that in the UK, thousands of people suffer at the hands of untrained practitioners every year. Anyone, regardless of their knowledge, ability, qualifications or experience, can set themselves up to administer treatments to the paying customer, and it's perfectly legal. Cosmetic treatments given by untrained people can result in injuries ranging from burns, infection, scarring and allergic reactions.
Botox, the injectable treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular and most used non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Choosing where to go, and who to go to for the first time is difficult, but you can check some things to make sure you pick the right clinic for you, making sure that you are entrusting your health and appearance to the right person.

Things to think about before deciding to have botox:
  • Having botox injected into your facial muscles is a skilled procedure and should only be administered by a qualified and trained practitioner. Preferably a doctor with experience in cosmetic treatments, and who has specialised had training in facial anatomy and has a well-developed aesthetic eye.
  • Research the practitioner. For UK doctors, the GMC have an online registration checking service which allows you to check a doctors GMC status online.
  • There are established places providing botox and other beauty procedures at medical, dental and cosmetic clinics. Premises such as beauty salons, hairdressers, and department stores may offer botox treatments and most of these places are well equipped with suitable standards, but unfortunately there are some that are not ideal places to perform injectable treatments. Botox parties at home aren't suitable places to have treatment.
  • Almost all reputable clinics will offer a free consultation to clients. This is ideal for enquiring about certain procedures and finding out what is involved in your chosen treatments before you commit yourself. It allows you to check out the premises and staff to make sure you feel comfortable and is also the time to ask the doctor any questions you may have. If the doctor seems too busy, distracted, rude or is too pushy, then give them a wide berth.
  • Most people tolerate injections very well, but some are more sensitive to needles than others. If you don't tolerate pain very well, ask about pain relief, usually topical anesthetic creams or gels can be applied to numb the area before the injections. Botox needles are very thin and the injections aren't very deep, so any discomfort during the procedure is usually minimal.
  • A 2-week follow-up review should be untaken by the Practitioner/Doctor.
  • Be aware that you should be patient when waiting for results. After injections, there is always some slight swelling and bruising, regardless of the experience and skill of your doctor. Significant results will show after 3-7 days when everything has settled down. Less is more, so always be aware that over-treating the face can make the face expressionless and mask-like.
At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Bassi is a fully trained cosmetic practitioner in advanced Botox technique with over 10 year experience. After treatment, clients are reviewed at a two-week follow-up and if required we will top up the Botox FREE, to deliver the aesthetic results expected at the initial consultation.

Dr. Bassi is fully trained with over 10 years experience.
Selston Cosmetic Clinic offers a Botox clinic service Monday – Friday with afternoon and evening appointments and Saturday morning appointments. Our Botox clinic prides itself in delivering a professional cost effective service, which is well received by our clients.

With the help of the right cosmetic procedures you’ll easily be able to turn back the clock to get the line-free face of your youth. It’s surprising the difference that the right injections can make and they’re the perfect choice for anyone that simply wants to look a bit fresher.

Clinic Manager.