Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Liquid Face Lift...No Knives Involved!!

This lady wanted to put the volume back into her face and get her jawline looking more defined.
She decided on the 'liquid facelift' and had Radiesse put into her cheeks and jawline.

The immediate results were really fab as you can see, she has more volume and her face looks more angular. But when she came back a week later she was ecstatic about the way she looked and was recommending the procedure to all in the waiting room!!

Clinic Manager

Liquid Face Lift.....Radiesse

This lady is another example of a liquid facelift using Radiesse dermal filler. Her face was starting to look flat as her cheeks were disappearing.

She had several syringes of Radiesse and this was the result straight after treatment. It will smooth out beautifully in a couple of days and nobody will ever know!

Clinic Manager

Liquid Face Lift

Liquid facelifts are becoming extremely popular at Selston. You can be in and out within an hour having had a facelift without the need of a scalpel!

The benefits being,

  1. Cheek enhancement

  2. A lifted jawline

  3. A much fresher, younger looking face.
Here is another example. The after photo is immediately after the procedure. It is a fantastic result and will improve over the next few days as the dermal filler settles down.


Clinic Manager

Man Boobs.... 4 months Later...Results

This gentleman came to Selston for Vaser Lipo to eradicate his man boobs! His problem wasn't that bad but he was seeking improvement.

He had a surprising amount of fat removed, followed our post op care to the letter and came back to see us a few months later, a very happy man!

Take a look.

Lead Vaser Technician

Man Boobs! Results After 6 Months

This gentleman was reviewed at 6 months post Vaser Lipo for his man boobs!
He has obtained excellent skin retraction and good definition augmented by his returning back to the gym.

His results are fantastic and the scarring is negligible having followed Selston Cosmetic Clinic's post op care instructions.

Looking good......!!!

Lead Vaser Technician

Monday, 25 July 2011

Vaser Lipo Abdo Results....4 Months Later

This lady came back for a review at 4 months. Initially she had very lax skin and she was counselled extensively about what could be achieved and what she expected.

With all the information given she decided to go with Vaser Lipo as she felt any improvement would be better than none!




As you can see she has had a very good result, the skin has tightened over the four months, which makes us glad we under promised and over delivered!


Lead Vaser Technician

30 Minute Facelift!!!

This client was noticing the effects of ageing, her cheeks were getting flatter and her jawline much slacker! A few syringes of Radiesse and 30 minutes later, she had a much fuller, youthful appearance. Her jawline is much more defined and she looks like a new woman!

The confidence just radiates in the after photo's!

Clinic Manager

Friday, 22 July 2011

Liquid Face Lift... Radiesse and Botox

The use of Radiesse and Botox to achieve a liquid face lift is really phenomenal! It is amazing to see the difference a few syringes of dermal filler and the skill of the doctor can make in a relatively quick treatment!

This lady felt her cheeks were flattening down with age and her face was just generally heading south!

She decided to try the Liquid Face Lift and had 6 syringes of Radiesse injected.

What an amazing result! The plumped up cheeks and the more defined jawline give her a much more youthful appearance and has definitely knocked years off her!

Think i might try one myself ;)


Clinic Manager