Monday, 27 September 2010

Selston Cosmetic Clinics Tips To Maintain The Hair That You Already Have

1) Wash hair in warm/cool water, not very hot water

2) Try and avoid blow drying hair. And if you must, always towel dry first

3) Hair is made up of keratin (a protein), so a high protein diet may help

4) Wash hair at least once a day as it helps to keep the scalp clean and avoid any build up of sweat which could block the pores and cause hair loss. Regular washing also helps in preventing scaly conditions like dandruff

5) Try not to scratch your scalp with finger nails - this in turn traumatises hair

6) Using a conditioner makes your hair softer and also prevents hair loss- make sure the conditioner is applied to the hair shafts and not to the scalp

7) Make sure products like gel and wax are applied to the hair shafts. If applied to the scalp try to wash off the next morning so as not to block the pores.

8) It helps to wear a sun screen for your hair or using a hat in strong sun

If the battle is being lost with respect to hair loss…look into our 3rd generation Fue Hair Transplant Procedure

Dr Raghu Reddy
Hair Transplant Surgeon
Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Pulling your hair out over losing your hair? We may have the answer ….FUE Hair Transplant

Whilst women may fret about lines and wrinkles as they get older, most men take the onset of crow’s feet, and other tell tale signs of ageing, all in their stride. They don’t tend to panic about the appearance of frown lines, and are often happy to accept that bit of extra weight they may be carrying as a harmless side effect of ageing.

However for many men, what is devastating is the receding hair line, which can cruelly start retreating at an early age, and at an alarming pace.

And whilst everyone knows about the availability of botox to smooth out lines and wrinkles, and even Vaser lipo and other liposuction methods to remove excess fat, the existence of a simple option which works to give you your own hair back is not so widely known about, to the general public

However, hair transplant treatments have come a long way in the last couple of years and there is now an effective, non-invasive option that means you can get your own full head of hair back. Because it is your own hair, it looks perfectly natural, and the treatment has a 100% success rate.

Dr Raghu Reddy, hair transplant specialist at Selston Cosmetic Clinic, says; “The likelihood of you losing your hair, and the rate at which you will start to recede is mainly down to genes. There are other lifestyle factors which can play a part, such as stress, hormones and overall health, but if your father or grandfather lost hair prematurely that is the clearest indicator that you may too.”

The FUE hair transplant treatment that Dr Reddy performs at Selston Cosmetic Clinic involves taking hair individually from the back of the head, or anywhere else on the body (chest hair and even beard hair can be used) and inserting it in to the treatment area. Unlike previous transplant methods which involved cutting whole strips of hair away at a time, the latest treatment, called ‘Third Generation FUE’, takes the hair follicle by follicle to insert one by one. This makes for a much more natural result, a quicker recovery time and a less painful treatment process leaving no visible scarring at the back of the head. The treatment can be used for a receding hair line or a balding crown, correcting previous bad transplants and scars at the back of the head as a result of the strip surgery and is suitable for women who are thinning too.

If you are considering treatment, the first step is a consultation with a hair transplant specialist, like Dr Reddy, where a scalp analysis is carried out using a camera which produces an enlarged image, upto 200 times the size of the actual scalp. This allows the doctor to see each individual follicle, the state of health of the scalp and to assess hair growth. It also means that he can map future hair loss and predict the pattern of baldness you might experience as you age.

As Dr Reddy explains; “A healthy, full head of hair will have approximately three to four hairs growing out of each follicle. Someone whose hair is thinning will have three, two or even only one hair. Therefore by assessing the number of hairs sprouting from each follicle on the scalp, and the pattern that this is in, I can see whether a patient is thinning, and how any future hair loss is likely to progress.”

Of course not everyone needs or wants to take the step of going for a hair transplant, and there are some lifestyle tips and a tailored regime of medication that may help you keep the hair you do have for longer. (See box out). But as Dr Reddy puts it; “You can’t argue with your genes. If you are predisposed to balding or receding, then no amount of special shampoo, massaging the scalp or adapting your diet, will change that, although a religious use of our tailored hair retention programme will help stop progression of hair loss and help you retain your hair ”

So on that cheery note chaps, form an orderly queue at Dr Reddy’s door….
For more information or to book a consultation and scalp analysis with Dr Raghu Reddy, call Selston Cosmetic Clinic on 01773 861845 or visit
Dr Raghu Reddy
Hair Transplant Surgeon
Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Friday, 24 September 2010

SmartXide DOT Fractional Laser Therapy

How does the SmartXide Fractional Laser work?

SmartXide DOT is a fractional Co2 laser system. Using the latest technology, Co2 lasers are the most powerful systems on the market and they’re producing fantastic results. The Co2 laser is able to stimulate and rejuvenate by targeting small areas from a small wand – like device that is passed over the treatment area.

The laser creates thousands of microscopic spots and by hitting only small areas in depth during treatment it eliminates the usual side effects of laser resurfacing such as pain, scabs and swelling.

SmartXide DOT works without removing the entire skin surface so skin redness after treatment only lasts a few days. SmartXide’s fractional DOT technology is quick and precise, so we can treat the whole neck and face in under an hour.

During the treatment the high energy laser damages the outer layers of the skin , which peel away as the skin heals. The laser also heats the dermis which stimulates new collagen production. As new skin cells develop the face will become smoother, firmer and more youthful in appearance.

Recommended for: sun damaged skin, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation marks on the face and hands and décolleté. It’s a treatment that is effective for all skin types although care is required for those who like tanning often.

Results: You’ll most likely be able to see an improvement in skin tone and texture as soon as the redness fades after one treatment. As the laser stimulates collagen production you’ll see a continuous improvement in the texture and smoothness of the skin over several months. Wrinkles and lines will be reduced as well as acne scars and dark marks.

How Often: Depending on the degree of damage to the skin and the results required we will recommend a treatment program that suits you. Most people require 3 – 4 treatments, spaced 4 – 6 weeks apart.

Is the treatment painful? You can expect to feel a stinging sensation that only lasts a few seconds. However a topical anaesthetic cream can be applied before treatment.

Recovery Time: Post-treatment redness only lasts a few days and can be covered with cosmetics. Some slight swelling may occur for a few days following treatment. It is important to protect your skin with SPF 30 after the treatment and we will recommend the correct creams to ensure your skin is properly moisturised.

Cosmetic Clinic Manager

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Hair Loss Questions

I have a couple of questions with regards to hair loss. 1) How does dandruff contribute to hair loss? 2) How does scratching contribute to hair loss?

1) Dandruff is the name given to a group of conditions resulting in flakiness of scalp. A small amount of flakiness is normal as the superficial skin sheds. In a person suffering from dandruff, the cell turnover is increased 3-4 fold resulting in visible flakiness.

A few conditions lead to dandruff . The common ones being excess humidity and perspiration, lack of exposure to sunlight and also the presence in higher numbers than usual of a yeast called malassezia furfur.

Though there is no clear evidence of excessive hair loss in dandruff, the most likely explanation for hair loss in dandruff could be linked to the fact that excess scaling causes blockage of the hair shafts as they emerge from the skin, leading to lack of vital nutrients being delivered to the hair bulb which eventually leads to shedding of the hair. Another explanation might be the scratching associated with itching in dandruff.

2) The most likely explanation for hairloss associated with excess scratching is the fact that during scratching the superficial protective layer of skin is damaged. The superficial layer of skin(epidermis) acts as a protective barrier, blocking the action of bacteria and fungus which normally live on the skin. With the destruction of the skin epidermis barrier, your harmless bacteria and fungus now turn into pathogens ( disease producing organisms) and hence cause a mild infective process , leading to hair loss.

Hope this helps.

Dr Raghu Reddy

Selston Cosmetic Clinic

FUE Hair Transplant Consultation

I recently met one of your patients as part of my research into getting a hair transplant and I was very impressed by the density and natural appearance of the transplanted hair . During our conversation he mentioned something about hair loss being progressive and that during my consultation, I would be advised on my suitability for the procedure.

I find it strange as I have already been to a couple of clinics and have a few quotes , but no one mentioned about me being unsuitable for a hair transplant.
I am 25 and have frontal balding could you please advise on what happens during the consultation.
Thanks for your query. I firmly believe that a consultation with your surgeon is the most important part of any successful cosmetic procedure, let alone a FUE hair transplant.

During the consultation, I perform a thorough examination of the scalp, including miniaturisation mapping . This would give me a idea as to mapping future baldness patterns and also preparation that I need to make to match your expectations.

Regarding suitability , I’m afraid the fact remains that not everyone is suitable for an FUE based technique. Some of the key factors I look for during the consultation are

1) Age
2) Family history
3) Expectations
4) Sufficient donor hair
5) Nature of scalp etc.

If for any reason I find that you are unsuitable for the FUE procedure, I would recommend alternative treatments, depending on your level of motivation. I commend your diligence in finding the right surgeon and treatment for you, but if I were to undergo any surgery I would not even think about doing it without meeting the surgeon that performs the procedure.

At the end of the day , it’s not the technique, clinic or salesperson that determines the outcome, it is your surgeon. Good luck in your pursuit.

Dr Raghu Reddy

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

SmartXide DOT Fractional CO2 Laser

After recently having a trial go on the new SmartXide fractional CO2 laser, we were so impressed by the results we went and bought one!

It roughly takes about an hour of your time to take away 10 years. The Smartxide will tone and tighten your skin, reduce wrinkles and acne scarring and take away skin pigmentation. Sound wonderful? You bet it is!

I had quite a mild treatment and after a couple of days of swelling and redness the results started to come through. My skin was literally glowing, my pigmentation had gone and wrinkles were dramatically reduced...... then the compliments began to flow! People who hadn't seen me for a few weeks were asking what i'd done to my skin, my 17 year old son said 'wow mum, you look fab' and that coming from a teenager is certainly a compliment!

Im looking forward to my next treatment, as the results of this procedure just keep on improving. A course of three to four treatments are recommended if you have a mild one, but you can have a one off treatment (as seen on 10 years younger) that is more aggressive.

Whether you go for a course or a one off treatment, you are guaranteed to be the proud owner of beautiful, rejuvenated skin!

Call me for more details.

Clinic Manager

The Party Season Is Almost Upon Us

Well the Summer holidays are all but over and like me i hope you all had a fabulous time! There is certainly a nip in the air and all the warm clothes are starting to resurface.

Bearing this in mind, now is a really good time if you have been considering Vaser Liposuction. The garment and padding can now be hidden under thick layers of clothing and nobody has to know your secret!

You can appear at all the forthcoming Christmas parties looking fantastic and with tongue in cheek tell everyone how you have spent so much time at the gym!!

For any information, either look at our website or feel free to give me a call.


Lead Vaser technician

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

With winter just around the corner, our skin can start to look tired and dull!

Laser Skin Rejuventation will revive your skin and start to look and feel great for spring 2011!

A treatment for everyone regardless of age...
Mature and sun damaged skin , that needs that pick me up, will definately benefit from Laser Skin Rejuvanation . A course of six sessions, 4 weeks apart will take you into the New Year with a bang!
Your skin will start to look tighter, healthier and glow glow glow.


Lead Laser Technician

Monday, 20 September 2010

Laser Hair Removal for legs

Winter is appoaching fast so we dont bare our legs as much as in the Summer. Why not invest in your legs now, ready for next Summer? Just imagine smooth silky legs without the need for shaving and waxing.

This would be the ideal time to have laser hair removal on your legs , ready for spring 2011!

It takes up to 5-6 mths to be hair free with the treatment, so why not start now!

lead Laser Technician