Monday, 15 February 2010

Breaking news…. Vaser Hi Def has arrived at Selston Cosmetic Clinic!

Vaser Hi Def takes Vaser Lipo to the next level.

Vaser Hi Def liposculpture marries art to Vaser liposuction. A simple analogy would be the Vaser Hi Def tools become chisels and the body is a block of marble, the Vaser Hi Def trained physician becomes a sculptor…and the body becomes slowly transformed into an athletic work of art which is pleasing to the eye and meets the expectations of modern society…of what is beautiful and sexy.
Selston Cosmetic Clinic at present is the only clinic outside London offering Vaser Hi Def liposuction. Our clinic is one of the handful offering this bespoke liposculpture procedure in the U.K.

Dr Bassi felt that having performed over 300 Vaser Lipo procedures and being a Vaser Lipo national trainer, that it was time to take his Vaser Lipo skills to the next level.

Dr Bassi and Mags flew out to Colombia, South America, where he had extensive training on the Vaser HI Def procedure by world renowned Hi Def surgeons Dr Alfredo Hoyos, Dr John Millard and Dr David Broadway.

Dr Hoyos pioneered and developed Vaser Hi Def and has performed well over 1000 procedures. Dr Millard and Dr Broadway took the procedure to the USA where it has caused a sensation in their media. Each Surgeon gave hands on training to Dr Bassi and brought their mastery of the procedure onto the table, giving him an excellent perceptive on how three experts executed Vaser Hi Def liposculpting.

In March 2008 , we were one of the first five clinics in the UK to offer Vaser Lipo and predicted that Vaser Lipo would become the gold standard in walk in - walk out liposuction in the UK…at that time smart lipo and laser lipo were all the rage. Now by Feb 2010 this is the case…well over 50 clinics in the UK are offering this procedure and the numbers are slowly increasing. We now feel that despite only a handful of doctors at present being certified in the UK to perform Vaser HI DEF, this next generation liposuction procedure will become the next gold standard.

Vaser Hi Def is ideally suited suited for mild to moderate overweight people, who have a BMI less than 30 and have good muscle tone. The procedure is tailor made for our clients who work out - but are unable to be obsessive about this and cannot live on a strict diet all of the time…this probably rings true for most of us part time gym bunnies!

So ladies if you want a more sexy, feminine body or gentleman a more athletic torso, we are talking six packs, then Vaser Hi Def is the answer for you.

Please contact Mags or Dr Bassi at Selston Cosmetic Clinic for further information regarding Vaser Hi Def.