Monday, 20 January 2014

Vaser Hi Def Selston Before And After

This is a lovely example of Vaser Hi Def. This young guy had a bit of extra 'padding around his middle and wanted to look more ripped. The after photo was taken just 3 weeks after his procedure..really fab result!

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Hi Def Vaser Before And After

This is a fantastic example of a difficult case. This client was really thick set as you can see, and his fat was really solid. When fat is so fibrous it makes it much more difficult to break down with Vaser Lipo  and remove. 
But as you can see, a few months later he has had an amazing result, you definitely wouldn't think this was the same guy!

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Botox and Filler Offers Selston Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham

            5 AREAS OF BOTOX   

           3 AREAS OF BOTOX

          LASTS UP TO 2 YEARS
                   NOW ONLY

Botox Treatments Selston Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham

As we have many returning clients for Botox we have kept our 5 areas for 3 areas offer ongoing. For the foreseeable future it will remain at £250.  We also have our loyalty card ongoing which enables you to have your fourth treatment at half price! You just have to have your 4th treatment within the 15 month timeline.

We also have an offer on for those that do not want 5 areas of Botox. You can have 3 areas of Botox for £199. This is a fantastic offer for 'newbies' to Botox  or those that just want forehead and eyes treating.

What ever your needs, just give us a call and we will find the right treatment for you. Our motto is, its not about making you look 20 again, its about making you look the best you can for your age.
Clinic Manager

Botox Nottingham

Botox injections have been safely used for the last 25 years plus. Five minutes of your time can give you a much fresher, smoother look. Botox relaxes the muscles so you can not frown and softens any deeper lines that you may have.

We go for the natural look at Selston, no caught in the headlights look given here!  With Dr Bassi atttending lots of conferences and courses, his skills are always been updated. We do advanced Botox, which involves treating the lower half of the face. The chin, the jowls and the neck can all be successfully treated.. with the right knowledge and skill.
Combined with Dermal Fillers, older patients can achieve what effectively is a facelift.

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Clinic manager.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Vaser Lipo Selston Cosmetic Clinic...Review

Take a look at the link below. We recently performed High Def Vaser on this guy and he wrote an in depth review of his experience with us. I must say he is looking yummy ;)

Clinic Manager

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

FUE Hair Transplant Selston Cosmetic Clinic

This young guy is one of my favourites.. he has had a couple of mini FUE procedures as time and money permit. He has had just one of the most amazing results i have personally seen. He has grown his hair quite long and he could now give us girls a run for our money! 
He has had around 3800 hairs transplanted in total and was a Norwood 3.

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Clinic Manager

FUE Before and After Selston Cosmetic Clinic

These photographs are a great testimony to the skill and results Dr Reddy and his team are achieving. What a huge difference an FUE hair transplant has made to this young man.  He had 4100 hairs transplanted to achieve this amazing result.

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FUE.. Before and After Dr Reddy

Just look at this fab result on a young guy. He was a Norwood 3 and had 4200 hairs transplanted by the Fue method. The team is headed by Dr Reddy who is now known as one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the country. He is delivering consistent outstanding results.

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FUE Hair Transplant Dr Reddy

This guy had nearly 7000 hairs transplanted by FUE. He was a Norwood 4. As you can see he achieved a great result, a much lower hairline and thicker density.

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