Thursday, 29 April 2010

Skin Tightening with Radiage

Hi all ,

Roberta here again , giving you an update on skin tightening, which is called Radiage.
Back in June of last year , we launched the treatment called Radiage that tightens your skin. We were getting ok results , but wanted that bit more.........

So we went on further training to London, where we met alot of Radiage specialists and learnt better techniques and skills, giving amazing results! Our clients are already reporting back to me saying their skin feels and looks tighter and smoother. What a fab result!!!

If you require anymore information , please contact Roberta

PRP Update

Its now been five months since we introduced PRP to our clients, with very favourable results.
As PRP works by stimulating the regeneration and recovery of aging facial tissue, you have to wait for up to three months to allow the stem cells to attach and start to work.

PRP ( platelet rich plasma ) is the only treatment that can be used safely on the under eye wrinkles. We have been trialing this now for a while and the results are really very visible.
Clients are reporting back subtle improvements in wrinkle reduction, better skin texture and appearance and open pores reducing dramatically.

Two treatments are recommended 6 weeks apart with results lasting up to 18 months, and the beauty of this treatment is that you are using your own blood so it is completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Please contact Mags if you would like any more information.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Vaser Hi-Def...' Bueno' to Bogota Feb 2010

Escaping the dire British weather, Dr Bassi and myself jetted off to Bogota in search of the latest techniques which would take Vaser Liposuction to the next level.

This new skill would make Dr Bassi one of the handful in the country to be Vaser Hi-Def trained. We and 10 other doctors from around the world were descending upon the genius behind Vaser Hi-Def, Dr Alfredo Hoyos and his esteemed world renowned Vaser Hi-Def trainers, Dr John Millard and Dr David Broadway.

South America being the home of cosmetic surgery, we soon discovered that from late teens, most people were on the route to self improvement! Every young person had perfect breasts and any excess flesh lead them to the operating table to achieve bodily perfection.

After touring the beautiful city of Bogota it was soon off to work, a day of lectures was followed by five days in the operating theatres. Both male and female patients were given the Hoyos magic, he laughed and joked his way through procedures making it look as easy as washing dishes! The end results were truly amazing, men looked like they had been working on their six packs all their lives, women looked like they had stepped off beach babe calendars, everything perfectly honed and chiselled!

I being quite a cynic was totally in awe of this procedure and the talent behind the team. What a shame we were there for such a short time, i'd have jumped on the table and begged them to throw every available treatment at me!

The evenings were spent soaking up the Colombian culture, and dining in fine restaurants under the starry moonlit sky. We return from a fabulous, enjoyable, informative and educational trip ready to take our place as a fully officially trained Vaser Hi-Def centre.

Lead Vaser Technician

Monday, 19 April 2010

What Selston Cosmetic Clinic could do for you with Vaser Liposuction

Having an international client base, it is always nice to see how people have got on after 6 months of treatment. Vaser liposuction is one of our most popular treatments as it achieves what surgery can't - ridding your body of the last stubborn pockets of fat.

One of our clients from Dubai flew in and had various treatments and she has now emailed her results approx 6-8 months after treatment. I thought I would like to share these with you.



I think you will agree she looks absolutely fabulous


Lead Vaser Lipo Technician

Selston Cosmetic Clinic