Thursday, 31 March 2011

FUE... Before and After Pics

This gentleman had four previous strip surgeries and still not happy with the density came to see Dr Reddy for a FUE hair transplant.

As you can see from the before pictures, the hair wasnt very dense and the donor area was compromised due to the previous strip surgeries.

On the day Dr Reddy managed to extract and implant 800 grafts!

Immediately after the procedure.

8 months later......

A very favourable result!


Clinic Manager

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jason Gardiner and FUE

Jason Gardiner recently revealed his stunning new hair line to the world! He had an FUE hair transplant in America for the grand sum of £22000! He waited nine months to reveal his new look as this is the time it takes to get full results.

Our hair transplant surgeon Dr Reddy estimates he had roughly 8000 hairs transplanted.

Being a northern clinic our prices are a lot more competitive than America! We start at £2 per hair, but for larger procedures we can discount even more.

For a free consultation please call our clinic on 01773 861845


Clinic manager

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Vaser Lipo v Smartlipo......Results

This young lady from London came to see us, unhappy with her tummy area. She had smartlipo a few years ago at another clinic and couldnt see an inch of difference.

Having spent money previously, she was concerned Vaser Lipo wouldnt work for her either! We addressed her concerns and told her she would get an excellent result so she happily went ahead!


As you can see there is a definite improvement and needless to say the client is extremely happy!

This procedure required 3 litres of anaesthetic and took two and a half hours.


Lead Vaser Technician

Friday, 11 March 2011

Vaser Lipo Outer thighs...Results

Clients often come to the clinic wanting a whole body makeover in one sitting! As Vaser Lipo is a walk in walk out procedure, the emphasis being on results, safety, minimal post op recovery and the client being able to return to work as soon as possible.

For example the legs are a staged procedure, inner thighs and knees are operated on seperately to the outer thighs, usually four weeks later. The rationale for this is you can get considerable post op lower leg swelling which may increase the risk of DVT.

This lady had quite a large area treated on her outer thighs and will be returning in four weeks for her inner thighs. The after photos were taken a week later and show considerable improvement despite a fair amount of bruising and some minor swelling.

The area to be treated.

Before and after photos

A lot smoother outline!

This procedure required required 2 litres of anaesthetic and took 2 hours.


Lead Vaser Technician

Thursday, 10 March 2011

South Africa and Vaser Lipo

Dr Bassi and myself headed off to South Africa to see how Vaser Lipo was progressing and make comparisons. We were secretly pleased to note that our results were comparable if not better!

We started off in Cape town where the views were achingly beautiful, and after mornings of Liposuction, spent a little time sightseeing and tasting local wines!!

Then off to Johannesburg and the Kruger for a whistlestop safari! What an amazing thrill to see the animals in their own natural habitat, again with breathtaking views.

Certainly a trip to remember!

Lead Vaser Technician

Monday, 7 March 2011

FUE....One Year Later...Results

This client from London had a great result with a Fue 3rd Generation hair transplant. He had 800 grafts, 2034 hairs.

Below are his before, immediately after and one year later photo's.

Using dense packing implantation techniques, we have achieved a very natural hairline.

Very impressive result!
Clinic manager