Monday, 27 February 2017

Chemical Peels To Achieve A Fresher Younger Looking Skin - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Don't despair at the state of your skin when you look in the mirror, because a spotless, line-free and flawless complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin, just waiting for you to discover it!

At Selston Cosmetic Clinic we use chemical peels to improve the skin's appearance. They're a widely used and useful part of cosmetic treatments, which can help a number of skin concerns. Chemical peels are most often used as an anti-ageing treatment, to improve acne and skin discolouration or simply to freshen up the skin.

Chemical peels can refresh the skin, giving your face a healthy looking glow, as well as giving your skin-care products a smoother base to sit on. The procedure basically involves applying an acid-containing solution to your face. The acid lifts away the dead cells in minutes, triggering a chain reaction: causing exfoliation of the top layer of the skin, and once it's shed, the living cells below will multiply and move up. This will increase collagen production, making hyaluronic acid, which results in a fresher, younger looking face.

Benefits of chemical peels:
  • They can reduce or take away blotchy patches that cause the skin to appear dull. They can penetrate deep enough to remove the top layer of skin, which will even out your skin tone.
  • The sun is the main cause of fine lines and wrinkles, and a chemical peel can remove the sun damaged layer of skin, leaving behind a fresh and smooth layer.
  • They leave your skin feeling smoother, revealing a fresh layer of skin, giving a youthful appearance and a much improved skin texture.
  • A chemical peel is a good treatment if you’re suffering from acne and within a few months can help clear up inflammations and even acne scars.
  • The treatment is fast and simple. The average procedure takes around 30-40 minutes.
Regularly removing dead skin cells will freshen up your skin giving it a fresh and youthful glow. It will even out the skin tone, reduce age spots and leave you with a better skin quality. The peels penetrate into the dermis of the skin and stimulate the fibroblasts deep within the skin, producing new and improved collagen and elastin and increasing the skin cell turnover. 

Chemical peels offer a quick-fix solution, without the need for surgery. Lasers can target problems such as pigmentation and fine lines, but they can prove expensive, so chemical peels are ideal for customers looking for effective, cheaper options.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Micro Blading Eyebrows With Semi-Pemanent Make-Up - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Just imagine getting out of the bed every morning with your make-up already applied. Semi-permanent make-up can make this a reality.

But before you go for this treatment, you must realise that you are trusting someone with your face. It's not like a bad haircut, where you can always tie your hair up or wear a hat, and it will eventually grow out; with semi-permanent make-up it's right there on your face where everyone can look at it. If it does go wrong there is always corrective laser treatment, but this could prove expensive and painful.

You shouldn't rush into having semi-permanent make-up treatment as it can remain in the skin for several years, so it's wise to find a reputable technician, with the correct qualifications and training to avoid unfortunate mistakes. Before you go for any enhancements, do your research!
  • Make sure the technician is fully trained, fully insured and fully licensed with the local council.
  • Check out photos of their work on social media and their websites.
  • Check out where they trained and who they trained with.
  • Always go to a shop, clinic or salon, don't have treatment at your home.
  • Choose someone who is up to date with current trends and techniques.
  • Have a consultation to discuss what you want and what will suit you.
Semi-permanent make-up has become really popular over the last five years and over the past twelve months, micro blading has become a treatment that's often asked for. Micro blading the brows with individual strokes of colour makes them look natural, unlike the block of colour that happens when you pencil them on.

Before and after micro blading
You can see from the above photo, the fullness and definition created with the hair stroke technique. The colour will fade to a softer brown complimenting this ladies skin tone.

Micro blading is a technique where we put small particles of pigment into the eyebrows to create really fine hair strokes. It's done with a hand-held tool featuring several tiny needles in a row to deposit dye into the dermal second layer of the skin. It's a cosmetic form of tattooing which puts pigment into the skin, but doesn't go as deep as a normal tattoo would. The colour should last between 12-18 months and then you should return and have a colour treatment boost to freshen up the colours.

First, before any treatment it's important to have a consultation. This is when you will learn exactly what's involved in your chosen treatment. The process will be fully explained and they can answer any questions you might have. The technician will find out what you want, and work with you to create your new look.

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Vaser Lipo Treatment For Back & Bra Fat - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

When you spend a lot of money on a new outfit, there's nothing worse than bra fat pushing through the fabric. Where once you had a smooth silhouette, now all you see are layers of fat, bulging from under your bra strap. When we put on weight, it doesn’t spread evenly on the body. Women tend to accumulate excess fat across their back, which leads to bulges at the bra strap area, making you feel self-conscious about how you look in the clothes you wear.

Back fat is a common occurrence for most adults, and even those who are slim and toned will despair when they catch sight of bulges of fat pushing out from under the bra strap. The back fat appears as bulges or rolls, which will lead to folds on the back. It's hard to lose back fat by simply dieting and exercising, which makes vaser lipo the ideal procedure to correct these problem areas.

There are several areas of the back that can be reduced and sculpted using vaser lipo :
  • The lumbo-sacral fat pad: which is at the lower back, just above the tailbone.
  • Posterior waist fat: This is found on the back, just above the hips. Fat around the back of your waist is affectionately known as your spare tire or on the sides, as love handles.
  • Posterior axillary fat: Upper outer back near the armpit.
  • Infra-scapular fat: This is the roll of fat above the waist, below the shoulder blades. It's typically the unsightly fat that bulges below the bra strap.
Getting rid of back fat, just like fat on other areas of the body, can sometimes prove exceptionally stubborn, no matter what amount of exercise you do or how healthy your diet is. The skin on our back is thicker and the fat deposits are more fibrous, making it a more difficult area to treat. Vaser lipo allows a greater deal of selection than other procedures, which means it’s particularly effective in treating the back.

When we perform vaser procedure on back fat, we use local anaesthetic to numb the area. The local anaesthesia, together with the vaser lipo ensures faster healing and better quality results. During treatment we take all areas of the back into consideration, which will leave you with a consistent and natural appearance after the treatment.

Vaser lipo is a minimally invasive, walk-in walk-out alternative to traditional liposuction, the treatment allows clients to sculpt their back and deliver toning in this area. At the end of the back vaser lipo treatment, you will finally feel able to show off your body, wearing clothes that fit your style without any restrictions or concerns.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Vaser Hi-Def Treatment Before & After Photos - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Not happy with certain parts of your body? Want to lose those last few pounds? Vaser lipo provides body contouring for small, as well as larger areas. It can change your body, giving you desirable results, whether it's a firmer jaw-line, a toned tummy or back fat removal.

The vaser hi-def technique offers you a smooth shape as well as high-definition around muscle groups, creating a sleek, toned silhouette and a more naturally toned-looking body shape than can be achieved with other treatments.

Before and after vaser hi-def on the abs
When this man came for a consultation at Selston Cosmetic Clinic he was so unhappy with his tummy that it was beginning to affect his confidence and self-esteem. A bigger than desired tummy meant this man hadn't seen his abs since his early teens. A vaser hi-def procedure has given him renewed youth and confidence, allowing him to live his life without worrying about his tummy or how he appears to others. Now he feels able to start a gym regime and work out to keep up his new shape - something he was too embarrassed to do before.

The vaser hi-def technique is a popular treatment with male clients, as the procedure can complement pectoral and abdominal muscles, creating the much sought-after washboard abs. Our female clients have successfully used hi-def to support fat loss in the “mummy tummy” area, improve muscle tone, and to add definition and tone to hips and thighs.

This man also came to us; he was unhappy with his body and had always wanted abs. After spending many unsuccessful hours at the gym ,he turned to Selston Cosmetic Clinic for help. Vaser hi-def left him with abs he thought he could only dream of. Now he has the abs – it gives him a solid base to improve upon, making his abs bigger and better than before!

Abs before and after vaser hi-def
The vaser lipo procedure is tissue-selective and targets only the fat, while protecting other tissues from any damage. The procedure is powerful enough to deal with large areas of fat, but is gentle on core areas such as the arms and neck. The results are instant and there are later improvements on body contouring and skin tightening over the next 5 or 6 months.

Vaser lipo is the procedure you need if you want to refine your figure and eliminate fat. From simple improvements in problem areas to full-body transformations, this procedure can help you look your very best. The vaser technique uses a precise but minimally invasive liposuction technology to deliver the eye-catching results you've been looking for, and in many cases results become visible after only one procedure.

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Vaser Lipo Treatment Before & After Photos - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

If you want to refine your figure and get rid of those stubborn bits of fat that you just can't lose, then vaser lipo is the treatment for you! From simple improvements in problem areas, to full-body transformations, vaser lipo can help you look your very best.

The vaser lipo procedure is very versatile; powerful enough to deal with large areas of fat, but gentle on areas like the arms and neck. For vaser lipo, after making small incisions a tumescent solution is injected which ‘blows up’ the target area. We use a thin tube called a cannula to burst the walls of fat cells which liquidises and is then sucked out. The procedure takes less time than traditional liposuction and involves less blood. Following the treatment you will have to wear a compression garment and have massage to ensure a smooth retraction of the skin and fast eradication of swelling and bruising.
Vaser Lipo before and after
This woman (photo above) came for a consultation at Selston Cosmetic Clinic. After giving birth to two children, this woman thought she would never see the body of her younger self again. Before having her children, she had a curvy figure and had a flat stomach, but when her children came along, her body shaped changed. However, after receiving the vaser procedure she once again has the stomach from her youth, filling her with confidence.

Vaser lipo and Vaser Hi-Def are much gentler treatments for removing excess fat with immediate results. Unlike traditional liposuction, vaser does not need large incisions and recovery time is much shorter, due to less damage to surrounding tissues and blood vessels.

Before and after vaser lipo for man boobs
When men have man boobs it can feel very demoralising. Breast fat is often very difficult to shed and in most cases it remains, even after weight loss has worked for other parts of the body. This man (photo above) came to Selston Cosmetic Clinic with this problem, he just couldn't lose his man boobs. Gynecomastia is often a source of concern for men and it's a leading cause of emotional upset and low self-esteem in middle-aged men. Fortunately, vaser lipo is an efficient method of tackling this problem and we certainly helped this client.

If you're one of those people who has always struggled with weight gain, and unfortunately exercise and dieting just doesn't seem to work, then vaser is a great method to get the dramatic transformation you've been looking for. The vaser lipo technique uses a precise but minimally invasive liposuction technology, which delivers eye-catching results, that in many cases become visible after only one procedure.

Give us a call and arrange a consultation.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Laser Treatment For Active Acne - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

There's nothing worse than getting spots,and an embarrassing outbreak of acne, whether you're a pimply teenage girl, a spotty youth or an adult is never an ideal scenario. The people we meet on a daily basis will look at our face first, and if we have spots it can cause us to feel self-conscious. We can try to help prevent our acne from getting worse, by avoiding frequent face washing, we can use a mild soap or cleanser, limit the amount of make-up we wear and try not to squeeze any blackheads, white heads or spots.

Around 80% of teenagers will get some degree of acne between the ages of 13 and 18 years because of changes to their hormone levels, which cause the sebaceous glands to produce increased amounts of sebum that can block the hair follicles. Spots usually occur on the face, arms, back and chest. The most embarrassing place to get acne, is on the face, as you can hide back or chest pimples underneath your clothing, but your face is always on show.

It's easier to treat facial acne than body acne, but there's a bigger chance of flare-ups on the face re-occurring. Acne, which is also known as acne vulgaris, is a common condition caused by skin cells that don't shed properly, plugging the pores and causing oil and bacteria to become trapped inside. As the oil and bacteria accumulate, the skin becomes inflamed and swells outwards, forming white heads, blackheads and pimples. Many things, such as cosmetics, dust, pollution and even shaving are all things that can irritate your skin or clog your pores, and they can also bring bacteria to this area, which is responsible for spots.

At Selston Cosmetic Clinic we use the most advanced laser technology in acne treatment and this treatment is effective for adult and adolescent acne and various grades of acne - severe, moderate or mild. The clinic's American FDA approved state of the art laser system delivers green laser light through the skin's surface, triggering the body's natural bacteria fighting defences, and significantly reducing any current and future breakouts.

Most clients experience minimal discomfort and some may experience a minor stinging sensation on the skin as we deliver the laser pulses. We always offer a topical anaesthetic cream to make the treatment more comfortable and our advanced laser system has a cooled sapphire window on the tip of the laser scope to further protect and cool the skin.

Clinical data suggests that most patients find their acne will improve after about four treatments, two a week for two weeks. While many patients continue to improve in the months following treatment, some patients experience a plateau in their improvement. It might be necessary to have repeated treatments in the distant future to keep up the results.

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Enhance Your Lips With Dermal Fillers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

With Valentine’s Day getting nearer, it's time to think about pampering and preparing your lips in time for the big day, even if you aren't planning on doing any kissing this year. Whether the winter elements have left you with dry, chapped lips, or maybe you're just not happy with the look of your lips, but you don't have to despair, help is at hand.

The delicate skin on your lips is very susceptible to harsh weather and needs extra care to keep them in kissable condition.
  • Exfoliate the lips – Remove the dead skin from your lips to keep them smooth, making it easier to apply lipstick. To exfoliate, use a soft toothbrush and vaseline to brush over the lips once a week.
  • Prevent lipstick marks on the teeth -  Once you have applied your lipstick, place your finger into your mouth, close your lips around it, and pull it out. This will remove the lipstick from inside your lips. 
  • Dry lips - If you have dead skin on your lips, try not to lick or pick at them. Keep your lips hydrated, as licking your lips will dry them out, and picking at any dead skin can lead to bleeding.
  • Matte lips - Make sure you exfoliate your lips if you're going to wear matte lipstick, as any crust or dead skin on your lips becomes instantly noticeable.
  • Longer lasting lipstick - To help keep your lipstick on your lips for longer, put a little powder foundation on your lips and then blot. Dust a little translucent powder over your lips, then apply another coat of lipstick.

If you aren't happy with the look of your lips - they might be too thin, either through age or genetics, have smokers lines around them or maybe they aren't symmetrical. We can put this right using dermal fillers. Lip size and shape can easily be enhanced by dermal fillers, giving greater volume and a fuller appearance to your lips.

Having dermal filler treatment injected into the lips can sometimes make people nervous, imagining themselves coming out of the clinic with massively inflated lips. Visions of gaining a trout pout puts many women off, but this isn't the reality. A reputable clinic will always discuss your desired outcome at your consultation. At Selston, Dr Bassi is our fully trained, very experienced, specialist cosmetic Doctor and his ultimate aim is that all of his clients look and feel their very best.

Dermal fillers injected into the lip creases, soften the lines and prevents lipstick bleeds. This treatment enhances the area around the mouth, giving it a more youthful look. Sometimes, just a small amount of filler can make all the difference, you can get beautiful results without necessarily adding lots of volume. At Selston Cosmetic Clinic we have done many lip filler treatments with fantastic results.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Botox & Dermal Fillers at Selston Cosmetic Clinic - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

As cosmetic procedures become cheaper and more easily accessible, the more people are turning to botox and dermal fillers in a bid to look younger. But how do you know if what you're buying is the right product, or if it's being carried out by the right person.

Regulation in the cosmetic treatment industry is scant, making it very hard for people who want beauty treatments to know where to go. You want to go somewhere safe and where there's a qualified practitioner, and there are many places that offer these treatments, whether it's at a beauticians, dentists or doctors.

Botox - before and after
So, is it better to go with a doctor? Well, it's advisable that any cosmetic treatments, especially injectable procedures, are carried out by healthcare professionals, such as doctors, dentists and nurses, who have had the correct training in these procedures and use reputable and safe products.

Do your research. Check out all the information on the place where you're having your treatment, before you go. Whether you're checking out its reputation online, on internet forums or by word of mouth.
  • Check out the qualifications of the practitioner.
  • Always make sure the place you go to have treatment is clean. 
  • Avoid gimmicks, like: two for the price of one or introduce a friend and get a discount.
  • Cheapest isn't always the best. Remember, you are having products injected into your face, choose wisely!
  • Check out their before and after photos and see what results they achieve.
Botox is the number one cosmetic procedure in the world, and number two is dermal fillers.

Botox eases the lines and wrinkles that appear on the face through repetitive facial movements, that etch them into the face. People worry that botox injections will result in a frozen, plastic looking face, but that only happens when too much of the product is injected. If less botox gets injected, it will smooth out the lines, but leave you with natural facial expressions. Before any treatment, you will have a consultation with the doctor, and you can discuss exactly what you do, and what you don't want to look like following your treatment.

Tear troughs - before and after dermal filler
We use dermal fillers to add volume to the cheeks, to the tear troughs under the eyes, at the jaw line and to plump up the lips. Again, people worry about trout pouts and puffy pillow faces that happen when too much filler is injected, and the same rule applies as with the botox, let your doctor know what you do and don't want during the consultation. Less is always more!

Continuity is always a good idea. If you are having botox, fillers or any treatment where you go back for top up's and additional treatments, it's wise to use the same practitioner who knows what you want, what you are hoping to achieve and who knows your face!

Clinic Manager.