Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Vaser Hi Def at Nottingham And London

This young man came to Selston Cosmetic Clinic for Vaser Lipo Hi Def. He was an excellent candidate for the procedure as he required minimal fat removal and the definition that he could acquire. He had done lots of research as do most of our clients on forums and decided Dr Bassi was the man to do the job.
He came to Nottingham for the weekend and was slowly transformed over the course of the two days. 
He looked amazing as soon as the procedure was finished, his skin was taut and his definition looked really fabulous.
He followed our post op care to the letter, he had lots of deep tissue massage and came back to see us a few weeks later. His result was perfect!  Now that he is several weeks post Vaser Lipo he can hit the gym and work on improving his body..( if that is possible!) .
In a few months time we will be able to update you on his progress.... 
Take a look at the before and after pictures and you can see why he and us are thrilled with his result!

Vaser Lipo is an excellent way of achieving either plain old fat removal or for gaining the definition or 'six pack' that remains elusive to so many people, no matter how hard they train.
The majority of clients that end up at our clinic is because they have trained to a level that just will not be improved upon.
To book a free consultation with Dr Bassi, please call the clinic on 01773 861845 and we will help you get the body that you deserve!
Clinic Manager