Monday, 28 December 2015

New Year Look - Botox, Vaser Lipo - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

New Year Look - with Botox, Vaser Lipo and the rest.

New Year, new you?  If you overdid the festive celebrations, then here are some great ideas for giving your face and body a fabulous, new fresh look!

Because another year has passed, that doesn’t mean you have to look a year older, so why not start the new year off fresh?  It's amazing how just a few tweaks in your appearance can make a big difference in the effort to hold back the march of time.

Botox before and after
The new year is just around the corner, so now would be the perfect time to commence a beauty overhaul. Start 2016 as you mean to go on, with some beauty treatments and must-do resolutions!  So now is the time for a New Year dash to the cosmetic clinic to enquire about botox, PDO thread lifts, lip augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) and vaser lipo.

Cosmetic surgery is now more popular than ever, with actresses, pop stars and stars from reality TV shows bringing awareness about cosmetic procedures into the public eye. We’ve all seen celebrities who seem to defy the hands of time, and yet most don’t show any obvious signs that they’ve had any work done. In the past cosmetic surgery was only available to the rich and famous, but it is now affordable to the general public.

Botox after treatment
Botox before

Younger and younger cosmetic consumers are seeking non invasive facial rejuvenation treatments early on, to avoid major procedures later in life. They undergo botox or  dermal fillers to combat wrinkles and volume loss, and treatments to rejuvenate and improve skin quality, colour and tone. More and more women, and men, are using cosmetic medicine to rejuvenate the skin and face and enhance the body contours.

Vaser Lipo before and after
With people's fascination for taking selfies and uploading their images on facebook, instagram and twitter,  maybe next year should be the year for looking carefully at those photo's and inspecting them for wrinkles, crow's feet, double chins and hairy upper lip's!!  And then instead of photo shopping and enhancing the photo's you can instead make an appointment with the cosmetic clinic. Cosmetic procedures have never been more popular or more accessible. These days popularity for non invasive procedures, particularly facial rejuvenation like botox and body contouring like vaser lipo have never been more in demand.

Non-surgical treatments are most in-demand at the moment, achieving impressive results with hardly any down time. Just like makeup, cosmetic procedures such as botox were created to help enhance your natural beauty, not to re-create or hide it.

Vaser Lipo before and after treatment
This is your year to become the best you can be by refreshing your appearance without losing your identity. The long winter months are the perfect time to think about having a cosmetic procedure that may require a little down time.
Just like makeup, cosmetic procedures were created to help enhance your natural beauty, not to re-create or hide it.

Mags. Clinic Manager.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Lip Augmentation using Lip Fillers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Lip Augmentation using Lip Fillers

Well the festive season is here! Present receiving time! Did you get a new lipstick? or maybe you will buy one with a gift voucher. Well, before you choose your new lipstick you have to know what colour suits you.

First, determine your skin’s colour. This is the easy bit. Are you pale /f air, medium / olive or dark?
  • Fair skin - Bright coloured lipsticks look great on women with a pale or a fair skin tone. Even pink and orange shades look great on this skin tone. Fair haired people can also carry off the natural makeup look quite easily with nude lipstick shades.
  • Medium / Olive skin - Warmer skin tones like this should go for lipsticks with yellow undertones as it will make their skin look healthy and bright. Pinks and peaches look great too. Warm lipstick colours like red, maroon, wine and burgundy look stunning with their complexion.
  • Dark skin - Dark skin tones should avoid bright pinks and reds as these colours may clash. If unsure about which colour lipstick to wear, try nude or brown lipsticks. And for those who love to have some colour on their lips, try coral lipstick shades as they have just the right amount of warm undertones to suit this skin tone.

Choose a lipstick shade to suit your skin tone

It's no secret that wearing dark coloured clothes makes you appear slimmer (think Little Black Dress)!!!  Well this also applies to makeup, the darker the lipstick, the thinner the lips look and no-one wants thin lips!

Follow these makeup tips for fuller looking lips :

* Apply a lip liner in a shade that is similar to your natural lip colour as a base. Trace along the cupid's bow and then outside the borders of your bottom lip to create the perception of a bigger, fuller pout.

* When you’ve lined the outside of your lips, fill them in to create a long-lasting base and that will help your lipstick last.

* Apply your favourite lipstick to both your top and bottom lip and make sure to apply an even amount of coverage.

* Make sure to blend the lipstick and lip liner using an angled lip brush to create an even, one-tone look.

* Use a flat, thick lip brush to highlight your cupid’s bow with a little bronzer to create definition.

* Apply bronzer beneath the bottom lip which tricks the eye into thinking that the lip is naturally full.

before & after lip augmentation

If you want a longer lasting, fuller looking pair of lips then maybe lip augmentation is the next step for you. There’s absolutely nothing to be frustrated about by having thin lips because they can be easily improved with dermal fillers. They will help to create more volume for fuller and attractive lips.
At the Selston cosmetic Clinic, Dr Bassi has performed thousands of injectable lip augmentation treatments. He has over 10 years experience as a specialist cosmetic practitioner and we have achieved outstanding results.

So if you want to freshen your face with plumper, softer and smoother-looking lips, then this non-surgical procedure using dermal fillers is the solution for you.

Do what makes you happy and smile about it with your new improved lips!

Mags. Clinic Manager.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

FUE Hair Transplants for Hair Loss - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

FUE hair transplants

A recent study on hair loss has shown that the average time between noticing hair loss for the first time and visiting a doctor about hair loss treatment, is six years. And as hair loss is normally a gradual process this does seem to make sense. Before this, men go through the denial stage, then they hope their hair loss will stop, or bizarrely that the hair loss will reverse itself and their hair will come back!  If  you look at the history of hair loss patterns of parents and close relatives, then the fate of your own hair must seem inevitable. The sooner you seek out hair restoration treatment, the better the outcome. Starting hair loss treatment early means that you will have fewer  years of worry, watching your hair disappear down the plug hole.

FUE hair transplants are a process that involves removing some of the healthy hair follicles that are already on your head and then transplanting them individually to the areas of your head that are currently without hair. If possible, the transplanted hair will be put into the same slot that the former hair follicles were in, to keep the look as natural as possible.  And this also helps to increase the chances that the hair stays permanently transplanted, so that you never have to worry about going bald again – or at least drastically reduce the amount of hair loss you are currently faced with.

Before starting treatment it’s helpful to consider whether your hair loss has remained stationary for  some time, as this means no further hair loss is taking place.
If it's the initial stage of hair loss that's where hair is still shedding, then it may be that you will require more treatments later on, as continued hair loss takes place.
If it has remained the same for a while, and no further hair loss seems to be taking place, then there is a greater chance that you may only need one treatment to keep the results in place.


If you do decide to have the transplant done, you may wonder what you should be expecting. In most cases, the transplant isn’t going to hurt and once you receive the aesthetics, you’ll feel only minimal discomfort the entire time the procedure is being performed. The chances of visible scarring are negligible, so once it’s completed, you shouldn’t be able to notice that you've had the hair transplant done. Having a FUE hair transplant tends to be a less painful procedure compared to earlier transplant methods and it also produces more natural looking results. This is a big reason why it’s a far more attractive option for most people considering the process.

At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic, the team is headed by Dr Raghu Reddy who is now known as one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the country.  Dr Reddy is a world renowed hair restoration surgeon and pioneer of Third generation FUE or the H + technique. He is delivering consistent outstanding results.
Dr Reddy and his team have performed close to 3000 successful hair restoration procedures using FUE technique.

So if your hair loss is getting you down, then this is definitely a process you'll want to be considering.

Mags. Clinic Manager.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Cheek Filler using Dermal Fillers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield

Cheek Enhancement using Dermal Fillers

As we age, our skin loses collagen and fat which changes the facial contour. The cheeks can become hollow, and skin can sag and wrinkle, which results in a drawn and aged appearance. Non-surgical cheek enhancement is a process where dermal fillers are used to improve the appearance and shape of the cheek, without the need for surgery or cheek implants.

Pillow face, chipmunk cheeks and piggy eyes (where the eyes nearly disappear during a smile, or worse, without a smile, which happens when too much dermal filler is injected into the cheek area) are words used to describe faces that have been overfilled with fillers.


Celebrities, such as singer Madonna and actresses Ashley Judd and Nicole Kidman are some of the most obvious examples of stars whose new, youthful glow seems to suggest they may have had fat or filler implants in their cheeks, causing the pillow face effect.

Ashley Judd
Madonna seems more puffy in the face

Increasing numbers of celebrities are now going for the plumped-up look, as opposed to the wind tunnel effect of a face-lift or the frozen Botox look.  Since it was realised that lifting sag and filling wrinkles wasn’t everything, and that volumizing made faces look younger, certain celebrities seem to have gone to town with the volume!  But it gets to the point where the face and cheeks look puffy and over-stuffed, hence the term pillow face. Which would suggest that restraint is vital!

Less is more, and patients should be really happy with the vast improvement fillers can achieve and be happy to just leave out that last little 10%. Over-filling is just not necessary.

At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic we have had great success with using fillers. We recommend Restylane range and Radiesse for cheek bone enhancement. It restores lost facial volume in the cheeks, cheekbones and chin. It was developed to be smoother than other hyaluronic acid facial volumizers, making it easier to inject during the filler treatment and resulting in a smooth, natural look and feel.


As we age our upper cheeks become flatter and saggy, and correction of these with dermal fillers gives you a 'cheek lift'. This treatment plumps up the apples of the cheeks and sculpts the cheek bones. This instantly gives your face a more youthful appearance. Cheek enhancements are one of the most common treatments requested at our clinic and we have numerous clients returning for repeat treatments.

Dr Bassi is a fully trained cosmetic practitioner in advanced filler techniques. As no two faces are similar, he tailors his facial filler and remodelling treatment to each individual patient , to help them look and feel their best.

Mags. Clinic Manager.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Vaser Lipo - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Vaser Lipo

Struggling to lose weight? Many women – and men – really struggle to shift the pounds naturally, and this is not just because of their lifestyles. Metabolism is a very mysterious thing. Of course we would all rather eat more salad, train at the gym or go running every week, but it doesn’t always work that way.

Stubborn fat seems to gather and settle around the back, flanks, hips, thighs and abdomen. Lots of people accumulate excess fat in specific areas and find it very  difficult to target those problem areas with just diet and exercise. If  you have been keeping fit over the years then Vaser Lipo can be a very effective way to get rid of those unsightly pockets of fat and help to maintain a slim, healthy-looking figure.
After lipo

Before Lipo

No matter how hard you stick to your diet, you can never choose whereabouts on your body that the pounds are going to come off. If you are fed up of always losing weight from your boobs and never enough from your bottom, then Vaser Lipo is really the only solution. This is of course not a replacement for keeping to a good diet and doing exercise, but it complements your other efforts.

It seems more men are turning to Vaser Lipo than ever before. The majority of people want a good set of abs, but this just happens to be one of the hardest areas to shake away excess fat. And it doesn't matter what exercises you do, or the diet changes you make, the abdomen is a difficult area of the body to get looking exactly the way you would like it to be. This is where Vaser Lipo can help to get you on the right track to getting those sought-after abs.

Before Vaser Lipo
After Vaser and exercising

Vaser lipo is a painless and non-invasive procedure which reduces fat in specific areas like hips, arms, chin, waist, back, buttocks and other areas. What's more, it doesn't involve needles or surgery and there is no recovery time. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures and many patients are looking for safer, less painful alternatives to traditional liposuction.

The procedure only removes the fatty tissues while leaving other tissues intact. Due to this, the skin retracts smoothly and evenly after completion of the procedure and this helps in minimising the pain , discomfort and bruising while promoting rapid recovery and healing. Results will be immediate and once the swelling and bruising has subsided you will get a clear indication of your new contours. There will then be a gradual and continual improvement and at six months you will be able to see your final shape.


About 2 weeks after the procedure, patients can start physical exercises, if they feel up to it. A compression garment is worn during first week after vaser lipo and returning to the gym is a good idea, although it might be rather uncomfortable. It is OK to start with weight-bearing (running, jogging) and stretch types of exercises during first week.

Your results will be permanent if you continue to follow a healthy diet and exercise programme. Vaser Lipo does not stop you from putting weight on in the future but the vast majority of patients will have no intention of jeopardising their fantastic results.

Get the body you've always wanted!

Mags, Clinic Manager.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Hair Extensions = Hair Loss ? Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield.

Hair Loss on Women

Can hair extensions lead to hair loss ?

The magic of hair extensions is one of the best kept beauty secrets of the ladies of today. However, few of us realise the risk this growing beauty trend poses for permanent hair loss. Symptoms ranging from blinding headaches, to patchy hair loss and sometimes permanent damage are making doctors warn women about the dangers of hair extensions.

Whether long tumbling locks blowing in the breeze or a classy up do, who wouldn’t want the magic of hair extensions? The ease of being able to change your image on a whim, rather than spending years waiting for your own hair to grow must be every girls dream.  But unknown to many, extensions can cause serious damage to your hair, due to the weight of the extensions pulling at your own hair. It may break off or even worse, leave you with bald patches. Is it worth the risk?

When celebrities are seen using hair extensions to frequently change their look, women in huge numbers, and men to a smaller extent started to buy into this trend, turning hair extensions into a multimillion pound industry virtually overnight.

Britney Spears
Britney - Hair loss

The theory behind hair extensions is wonderful. You can increase the length or volume of your hair by simply attaching either artificial or human hair to the ends of your own hair. This ranges from using small clips, or small metal rings that are crimped on, or using potentially harmful glues which can strip hair of its protective layers, to sewing in bunches of extensions to your existing hair which has to be weaved into rows. The problem is the ways  you have to attach the extra hair to your own hair and the potential damage these techniques can cause.

Victoria Beckham

Overtime the friction and tugging of the added weight at the scalp, can cause injury to the natural hair follicle and hair loss can occur. Any chemical or mechanical treatment of the hair can damage at both the root and the shaft, causing it to break at or just above the extension joins. If the hair is pulled out often enough, the follicle will simply die, resulting in hair loss, a condition known as Traction Alopecia.

Naomi Campbell showing hair loss
Hair extensions have received a lot of attention in recent years as more and more celebrities are encountering side effects associated with long term use. For every star who walks down the red carpet with long flowing locks, there are the celebrities who have suffered irreparable damage to their own natural heads of hair. Friends star Jennifer Aniston had her extensions removed and had to have a shorter haircut after the use of extensions damaged her own hair to such a degree that it was no longer repairable. Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian have all shown signs of hair loss incurred through the wearing of hair extensions.

Kim Kardashian showing signs of hair loss.
Hair loss experts have pointed out that the occasional short term wearing of hair weaves and extensions should have no long lasting negative effects, but that sustained and continuous usage can result in hair loss problems.

Women experiencing hair loss and damage caused by hair extensions should have the extensions removed as soon as possible. A lot of women find that the damage leaves their own hair unsightly and their first thought may be to replace it with further extensions – unfortunately this will only aggravate the problem and should be avoided to prevent permanent hair loss. If the damage isn't too bad, then a visit to a  hair stylist should be enough to correct the appearance, although it may require a dramatic change in hairstyle to remove damaged hair, but over time the hair should grow back normally and healthily without having to resort to medical intervention.

Hair extensions can completely change your appearance for the better, but generally it is not a good idea to leave them in for too long.
Less can be more.

Mags. Clinic Manager.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Hair Transplants - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Hair Transplants

Should you have a hair transplant?
Certain male celebrities seem to have fuller heads of hair as they age, than they did when they were young!

Jude Law, Wayne Rooney, James Nesbitt, Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner have all had hair transplants, which seem to have been very successful, so do you ask yourself  "If they can do it, why can’t I?"

One reason to proceed with a hair transplant is personal vanity and just think of the self esteem boost it would give you, there is also a career angle. If you work in an industry where the accent is on youth and appearing young looking, then that could be a deciding factor on whether you go for it!

Having come to the decision that you want a hair transplant, it is wise to realise that in order to choose the best clinic and doctor for your needs, you will need to spend time doing your homework. It is a good idea to visit hair transplant forums and read through other people's testimonials and experiences.

Having this procedure is a big step to take, and you should take your time researching your options to make sure you choose a reputable establishment which has fully qualified hair transplant practitioners who will suit your particular needs.
You will also want to research the latest techniques in hair restoration so that during your consultations you can ask if the clinic offers these more up to date procedures for better hair restoration results.

Once you have decided to undergo a hair transplant it is vital to have an in-depth consultation with your doctor prior to the procedure. It is important that you have a good understanding of the procedure itself and all that is involved. But you also want to make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page and that you work together to make plans for further surgery in case of any future hair loss.

It is during the consultation that the doctor should discuss the various treatment options that are available, and both you and the doctor should be honest and upfront about any expectations or limitations relating to your hair transplant. Always discuss your wants and needs openly to make sure that the doctor has a clear understanding of what your expectations are. You should only precede with surgery once you have a realistic expectation of your hair transplant results.

A good doctor should always be very honest when discussing your procedure, whether discussing age appropriate hairlines or that transplanted hair can take between 10 and 12 months to reach full growth, or more than one hair transplant session may be required, or even that not all patients are candidates for hair transplantation.

Once you have discussed all details with your doctor and have reasonable expectations for  your hair transplant results, the chances are you will be happyto go ahead with your hair restoration procedure.

Restore your hair - restore you happiness - restore your self image !

Mags. Clinic Manager.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Lip Fillers giving Lip Enhancement - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Lip Fillers giving lip enhancement.

Lots of women these days are looking for ways to cheat time and stay looking youthful without having to resort to drastic and dangerous surgeries. Lip filler procedures are growing in popularity as it is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. One of the foremost reasons why many women long for larger lips is because they radiate youth and beauty. This has resulted in a great demand in cosmetic clinics being overwhelmed from girls - and even boys, seeking to obtain lip fillers.

The face is the first thing we look at when we first meet someone, so lips that have been badly done stick out like a sore thumb. After all, who wants to look like they have two inflated tyres stuck onto their face masquerading as lips? Fuller lips do make a woman look younger, and it takes a gifted doctor to know how much filler will transform a woman from 'Not to Hot' with just a few injections.

Sadly, the ageing process, the weather, smoking and our lifestyle choices result in the deterioration of the delicate lip area. Over time the lips become dehydrated, we lose collagen/elastin and over time this makes the lips appear wrinkled, shrivelled and thinner. Apart from just being a focal point on your face, the state of your lips impacts how other people assess your age. Aged lips are frequently thin and wrinkly.

There’s no wonder why many people, women and men, are asking for lip fillers as the results will not only provide them with captivating lips but will also boost their overall general appearance, boosting their self-esteem. Lip enhancement helps in giving balance to the face and enhancing the entire look of the face.

A lot of us have noticed the wonderful results plump lips have given to pop stars, actresses and celebrities around the world which have made them prettier and more desirable in terms of how they look. The difference in appearance of actress Nicole Kidman for instance, is amazing. The younger Nicole had very thin lips which she has now had plumped out and she looks beautiful.

Dr Bassi at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic is a fully trained, experienced cosmetic practitioner who has many years experience in performing these cosmetic procedures. Consultation is a must, so that you can discuss your needs and expectations.

The actual lip filler procedure is an easy and very short procedure. Very fine needles are used to inject the filler into your lips and also around them, if required.
Due to the use of very fine needles, bruising, bleeding and general swelling of the lips, which are expected after this kind of treatment, are minimal. The lip filler we use gives you and Dr Bassi the freedom to decide just how much your lip should get bigger, as a gradual increase is possible.

In the right hands, fillers can make your lips look the very best they can be.

Clinic Manager.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Vaser Lipo - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Vaser Lipo

According to a recent survey women are cancelling some of their Christmas plans because they don’t feel good about their body image. The irony is, the party season is when you are expected to look your best in that little black dress, but it's also the time when you’ve been indulging in one too many mince pies.

We all have days when we are not thrilled with our bodies and let's face it, when we're feeling fat and frumpy, it's instinctive to try and conceal it. When we dislike our bodies, we panic at the thought of showing it off and we hide under shapeless clothes and dread the moments where we have to be intimate. We're kindly advised to wear black or dress in something baggy that covers our bulk.

It's true some weight gain is normal but also very unwanted! But if you have a party to go to and you’re feeling fat and frumpy, do not fear. It's said by some that it is possible to appear slightly thinner, either by  getting rid of bloating or simply by a trick of the eye. These are some solutions : how well they work is anyone's guess!

BODY WRAP: Body wraps are spa treatments which have become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years. Body wraps are often used for weight loss, although experts suggest that any benefit is only temporary. The treatments involve binding and compressing the body with plastic and thermal sheets.

MASSAGE: Our bodies stores fat cells. Research shows that when massage is performed in the area with excess fat accumulation, it bursts the fat capsules and makes it ready for absorption inside the body. Combined with proper diet and exercise, massage can cut down high levels of excess fat in your body.

TAKE A BATH: Add a cup of Epsom salts to a bath and lie there for 15 minutes. The magnesium sulphate in the salts help to draw out fluid from your body, and helps you to look slimmer.

USE THE RIGHT UNDERWEAR: Control underwear is a woman's best friend in the party season, it can transform your body from lumpy and bumpy to smooth and sleek.

STAND UP STRAIGHT: The fastest way to look slimmer is to stop slouching, stand tall with your shoulders pulled back.

Most of these solutions are only temporary, so as well as using the gym, dieting and exercising, another good way of getting rid of unwanted fat is vaser lipo.

The popular treatments areas for Vaser Lipo are Abdomen, Inner thighs, Buttocks, Hips, Outer thighs and Arms.  Vaser lipo also has good results for under the chin and the knees.

Clinic Manager.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Botox, Fillers, Lip Enhancement and more - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Botox, Fillers and more -Selston Cosmetic Treatments

Christmas is fast approaching and the countdown to the party season is starting. It's the time of the year for relaxing, looking your best, feeling rejuvenated and having fun. So if you want to look fresh and ready to party, then how about us giving you a little helping hand to soften the effects of time?

There are less than three weeks left until Christmas. If you want to treat yourself or maybe treat your partner, it turns out that cosmetic procedures and beauty treatments make fantastic festive presents!

In the run up to Christmas and the new year, anti-ageing and skin-rejuvenating treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers and lip enhancements are proving very popular, and at this time of year why not treat yourself.

At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic we have a vast range of treatments for you to choose from.

* Botox - For Forehead creases and wrinkles, Frown lines (number elevens), Crows feet around the eyes and Neckbands.
The botox injection procedure takes around fifteen minutes. The results of botox injections give a youthful refreshing look with a normal facial expression.

* Enhanced Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment - This is often referred to as the non-surgical face-lift and is a laser treatment for fine wrinkles, ageing and sun-damaged skin. Treatment gives an even face colouring, a youthful glow and the skin feels silky, it tightens up the skin and plumps up areas such as the cheeks.

* Cosmetic Fillers : Lip Enhancement can give your lips the outline and definition that time has destroyed. You can get back a youthful looking lip by having specialised lip fillers which are hyaluronic acid based which is substance that is naturally found in the body. Treatment usually takes approx. 20-30 minutes.

* Cosmetic Fillers : Lip Creases (Smoker Lines) - These are unsightly vertical lines on top of the upper lip. Fillers soften the lines, prevent lipstick bleeds and enhance the area around the mouth to give a more youthful look. It usually takes 20 - 30 minutes.

* Non Surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) - Radiesse Dermal Filler in certain cases can be a genuine alternative to a surgical rhinoplasty. It is non invasive and gives dramatic results. It is an ideal solution for those who are reluctant to have traditional surgery. It can correct a slightly crooked nose, a hooked shape nose that requires straightening, a softening of a bump on the bridge of the nose or a reduction of the nasal tip droop. It is a simple 10 to 15 minute procedure.

* Dermal Fillers : Lip Augmentation - Lip size and shape can be enhanced by dermal fillers, giving greater volume and fuller appearance to your lips. The procedure usually takes 15-20 minutes.

We perform many more procedures - check out the website for more details and prices.

Self-esteem is important to all women, and looking and feeling good about yourself is very empowering. Appearance plays an important role in people's lives and we want to make sure you look in the mirror and feel amazing about what you see.

So whether it's botox or fillers, call us for a consultation at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic. We are easily accessible to major Nottinghamshire towns and cities in the area such as Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Lincoln and Leicester.

Clinic Manager.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Vaser Lipo on Outer Thighs - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield.

Vaser Lipo 

Women come in all shapes and sizes!

Sometimes the sizes start to get a bit bigger than we would like, and we find that we gain weight on our tummy, bottom or face, some acquire a well-endowed bosom, while others pile extra fat on their thighs.

Women, more than men, have a tendency to store fat in the lower body and the most notorious problem areas are the hips and thighs. Approximately half of all women are pear shaped, which simply means that their bottom half is larger than their top half.

The slang word saddlebags is used to describe the unwanted little fat deposits around your hips and upper thighs and these pockets of fat look like the bags that hang off a horse’s saddle or dangle off the sides of a motorcycle.

Now saddlebags are very handy when you're riding a horse out on the range or zooming along on a Harley Davidson, but not when you're trying to slide into your favourite pair of skinny jeans.  Fatty outer thighs make fitting into tighter clothes a mission impossible and can ruin the lines of an otherwise great outfit.

When it comes to our thighs many of us feel like less is definitely more. This is especially true in summer when it is the season of swimsuits, mini skirts and shorts. Clothes that cling to our problem area's just highlight the bits that we hate the most. We lose that smooth outline we want and we definitely don't achieve a great silhouette! Thank heavens for lycra.

It isn't any fun to feel self conscious about a fatty part of your body, especially your thighs. Unfortunately, as we get older, it gets harder and harder to keep these trouble spots at bay. Some women can lose most of it, while others will minimise, but not completely remove these pockets of fat.

Exercise should always be the first option, everyone needs to do the work to trim those thighs. But even if you avoid your favourite guilty pleasures and hit the gym every day, you might not be able to get rid of the fat on the thighs, sometimes it just won't shift however many times you visit the gym! And this is where vaser lipo can be your next step into losing those pesky saddlebags!

BEFORE                                                                      AFTER

Vaser Lipo at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic will give you fantastic results. Check out the before and after photo's of laser lipo on outer thighs.

                                    BEFORE                                    AFTER      

Call for a consultation at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic and we will bring back your body shape by removing fat from those areas that will simply not go away. Dr Bassi has performed thousands of these procedures and in our opinion Vaser Lipo has become the gold standard in walk in walk out liposuction.

Clinic Manager.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Cheap Botox - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Cheap Botox

Botox has been responsible for many a happy woman and man - Good botox that is!

Women pop out in their lunch break and get their nails done, get a hair cut or have a massage, but unfortunately these days ladies, and men, are likely to pop out for a bit of botox. Now this is perfectly OK, so long as they have the procedure done by a qualified and reputable practitioner in a clinical environment.

The lure of inexpensive botox foolishly entices people to pick any Tom, Dick or Harry to inject substances into their face and body.  It beggars belief that people are seduced by cost when it comes to botox and fillers - who exactly are they trusting with that syringe? Remember, getting something cheap doesn't always mean you are getting a bargain!

You can actually go online and buy botox! Imagine buying something you have no knowledge of, from someone you know nothing about and then get it injected into your face!!

These days many unqualified people are still dispensing Botox injections. These services are offered with big discounts by practitioners who aren't properly qualified, are not following proper protocols and are all done with the aim of cutting costs and making a profit. However, it is highly recommended that procedures are carried out by a medical practitioner as of course it is a medical procedure. Only a nurse, cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist or doctor should administer the injections and they would be the correct people to do so! Better to be safe than sorry.

Botox parties are still happening, where women are turning a cosmetic treatment into a party. It is really worrying that women are so willing to hand over their faces and bodies to untrained individuals, as opposed to medical professionals. Not all gatherings have gone smoothly and there have been many reported cases of botox parties which have gone wrong, which have seen ‘cowboy practitioners’ inject cheap botox purchased over the Internet resulting in significant bruising, causing drooping of eyes and scarring and no after care given.

A good practitioner will take a medical history and thoroughly explain the procedure, as well as checking for allergies. They will also discuss your needs and expectations and ensure that you know what results to expect before treatment begins.

Doctors of all kinds are advertising botox treatments so you must be careful whom you choose to use that needle. After all this your face that is being injected, so you want to know what it is being injected with!

Always make sure your doctor is an experienced specialist in cosmetic surgery and always have a consultation to discuss your needs.

At the Selston Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Bassi will perform the procedures, as well as being a GP with over 26 years experience, he is a full trained Cosmetic Practitioner in Advanced Botox Technique. He is continuously ensuring the latest skills and techniques are developed within Selston Cosmetic Clinic, so that the latest cutting edge treatments are provided.

Having Botox is a quick and simple procedure that can be done in minutes and the results are fast and amazing.

Put yourself in safe hands, put yourself in our hands.

 Clinic Manager.