Friday, 4 May 2018

Define & Contour the Jaw Line with Dermal Fillers - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Time takes its toll on our face as we get older, and as it goes through so much, it's understandable that sometimes it might need a bit of TLC. As well as changes to the texture of the skin, such as dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, the face also changes shape as we age. Loss of fat in the upper face, plus the effects of gravity can cause the skin to droop downwards, and this can lead to jowls, causing a loss of definition in the jaw line.

The jaw is what separates our face from our neck, but over time we lose definition in the jaw line which blurs the distinction between the two areas. Dermal fillers are able to correct and get back a beautifully defined jaw. A square jaw can look good on some men, who see it as the typically masculine face shape, but jaw line contouring is also ideal for women who have a square shape to the jaw, and want to get a softer, more feminine look.

Over time, the jaw line begins to sag as we lose volume from the face, which causes it to droop and fall forward. The sag can become quite significant, causing a previously straight jaw to change into a wavy one.

Dermal fillers can correct a sagging jaw and help to recover the straight jaw line of our youth. Dermal fillers can easily be injected into the jowl area to disguise the jowls by blending them into the adjacent areas, hiding the jowls and giving the jaw a straighter line.

Dermal filler is a highly successful treatment which gets impressive results. Fillers get injected along the jaw line using a tiny cannula or a small fine needle into the jowl area and this makes the jaw line look straighter. As a result, the male jaw line becomes wider and straighter and more masculine and has a more defined angle at the base of the jaw, while the female jaw line still has a more feminine gentle curve and softness to the contour of the jaw.

A jaw enhancement will benefit:
  • Those with a weak jaw line
  • Men who want a more chiselled jaw
  • Those who can see signs of ageing in the jaw line
  • Those who want a softer jaw line

Enhancing and contouring the jaw using dermal filler injections can effectively alter the outline of the jaw area  This treatment is popular, due to its instant results, natural feel and the easy ability of the injections and the little to no downtime.

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