Monday, 7 May 2018

Improve The Look & Texture of Your Face with Chemical Peels - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Even when your facial features and face shape are perfect, having dull skin can take away any confidence you have about your looks. When we're young, the skin regenerates itself monthly, and as we shed the old, dead cells, we find new, vibrant cells just below the surface, waiting to take their place. The skin renews itself more slowly as we get older, but a chemical peel treatment will speed up the renewing process. 
Chemical peels will remove the dead skin, and any imperfections will eventually disappear. Peels can easily be used to treat a number of problems, including fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, mild acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and tired, dull looking skin. At Selston Cosmetic Clinic, we have experienced, fully trained practitioners who will talk you through the skin peel treatment and explain how they will help your particular skin condition.

We get dull skin through ageing, exposure to UV light from the sun, smoking, environmental dirt, dust and toxins, poor skin care and even from genetics. As we age, our face can gain fine lines, open pores, dehydrated skin and a coarse texture, which will all leave us with a dull complexion. Even the most pampered skin can end up looking blemished and old through sun damage, and although we know the damage the sun can cause our skin, many of us still go outside without wearing any skin protection. 
Chemical peels are a chemical solution which cause the top layers of the skin to peel away, and they are usually performed in a cosmetic clinic by a specially trained practitioner or nurse. The peels penetrate into the dermis of your skin, stimulating the fibroblasts deep within the skin, producing new collagen and elastin. They increase the skin cell turnover, which results in improved skin texture and skin tone, making your face look fresher, smoother and more youthful.

Chemical peel can help to;
  • Remove age or sun spots, blotches, or pigmentation
  • Smooth fine lines & wrinkles on the skin’s surface
  • Tighten & tone the skin and improve the texture
  • Brighten the complexion
After the treatment;
  • Apply face cream to keep the skin supple
  • Don't scratch the treated skin as it could cause infection
  • Avoid using sun beds until your skin completely heals
  • Wear sunscreen every day after treatment to keep up the results
Chemical peels are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments used to keep the skin looking young and vibrant, and they are ideal treatments which can easily be combined with other facial procedures.

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