Friday, 17 February 2017

Vaser Hi-Def Treatment Before & After Photos - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Not happy with certain parts of your body? Want to lose those last few pounds? Vaser lipo provides body contouring for small, as well as larger areas. It can change your body, giving you desirable results, whether it's a firmer jaw-line, a toned tummy or back fat removal.

The vaser hi-def technique offers you a smooth shape as well as high-definition around muscle groups, creating a sleek, toned silhouette and a more naturally toned-looking body shape than can be achieved with other treatments.

Before and after vaser hi-def on the abs
When this man came for a consultation at Selston Cosmetic Clinic he was so unhappy with his tummy that it was beginning to affect his confidence and self-esteem. A bigger than desired tummy meant this man hadn't seen his abs since his early teens. A vaser hi-def procedure has given him renewed youth and confidence, allowing him to live his life without worrying about his tummy or how he appears to others. Now he feels able to start a gym regime and work out to keep up his new shape - something he was too embarrassed to do before.

The vaser hi-def technique is a popular treatment with male clients, as the procedure can complement pectoral and abdominal muscles, creating the much sought-after washboard abs. Our female clients have successfully used hi-def to support fat loss in the “mummy tummy” area, improve muscle tone, and to add definition and tone to hips and thighs.

This man also came to us; he was unhappy with his body and had always wanted abs. After spending many unsuccessful hours at the gym ,he turned to Selston Cosmetic Clinic for help. Vaser hi-def left him with abs he thought he could only dream of. Now he has the abs – it gives him a solid base to improve upon, making his abs bigger and better than before!

Abs before and after vaser hi-def
The vaser lipo procedure is tissue-selective and targets only the fat, while protecting other tissues from any damage. The procedure is powerful enough to deal with large areas of fat, but is gentle on core areas such as the arms and neck. The results are instant and there are later improvements on body contouring and skin tightening over the next 5 or 6 months.

Vaser lipo is the procedure you need if you want to refine your figure and eliminate fat. From simple improvements in problem areas to full-body transformations, this procedure can help you look your very best. The vaser technique uses a precise but minimally invasive liposuction technology to deliver the eye-catching results you've been looking for, and in many cases results become visible after only one procedure.

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