Friday, 13 July 2018

Lose the Fat From Under Your Double Chin with Vaser Lipo - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

As we age our face can go through many changes; wrinkles, the skin losing elasticity and beginning to droop and unwanted fat settling under the chin, giving us a double chin or undefined jaw line. Excess fat under the chin is very ageing, it can make our face look a lot older than it really is, and can leave us feeling very self-conscious.

Sometimes there are those who have slim bodies but look heavy under the chin because of a weak jaw line. Double chins don't always mean you're overweight, and those with a slender body shape can get a double chin just like anyone else. Sometimes it can happen because of the lack of muscle tone, but in most cases, the reason is weight gain.

There are several reasons why we form a double chin:
  • Ageing - As we age, we start to lose muscle tone and lose elasticity in the skin, causing the chin to become slack.
  • Bad eating habits - When we eat food that's high in calories and have meals containing processed foods and unhealthful fats, we might find it influences weight gain and this weight can settle beneath the chin.
  • Lack of exercise - We develop a double chin mainly because of excess weight, and we can get a double chin by not doing any exercise.
  • Posture - Poor posture can cause the neck and chin muscles to become weak. Prolonged periods of looking downwards at your phone or computer can cause a double chin over time, as when muscles aren't used they become slack and cause the surrounding skin to lose its elasticity.
  • Genetics - We inherit lots of things from our parents; hair colour, being short or tall or the size of our nose, but we might also inherit the potential for a double chin. A quick look at our family will tell us if we're destined to get a double chin or not.

When we aren't as active as we could be, we tend to slowly put on weight and this weight can settle under the chin, and excess weight anywhere on the face can change the contour, altering your profile and your appearance. When we want to lose weight, it isn't possible to spot reduce just the chin, so you'll need to lose weight everywhere, to try to lose the double chin but there's always the chance that your double chin will stay.

Just because we have a double chin, doesn't mean we have to keep it! There are safe procedures to reduce the fat under the chin that can remove several grams of fat and can dramatically change our face. Vaser Lipo is a minimally invasive treatment that can get rid of chin fat, refine your jaw line and improve your side profile.

A double chin can distract from even the most attractive face. A well contoured chin can define the shape of your face and give you a great profile.

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