Friday, 22 June 2018

Lose Unwanted Facial & Body Hair With Laser Treatment - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

It's fabulous to have a full head of hair, you can curl it, straighten it, colour or plait it, but what happens when you have lots of hair but it's not on your head? It's a sad fact that we frown upon facial and body hair when it's on women, and it's usually seen as an embarrassing problem that needs resolving.

When you have noticeable facial hair on your upper lip or under the chin, or maybe you have tufts of hair on your toes, belly, or even your back, it can cause emotions ranging from being mildly annoyed to severely distressed. If you’re not pleased with the level of hair that your body naturally produces, you might want to think about solutions.

Facial and body hair on women is actually quite common, but there's a social stigma attached to visible facial hair, that makes most women go to great lengths to remove it. All women have, at one time or another, plucked out a hair from the chin or the upper lip or tidied up a mono brow, and it's part of most women’s daily routine to shave the legs and armpits, but over time you might find you're starting to spend longer periods ridding yourself of unwanted hair.

The time and money spent on hair removal can mount up over time, and this can lead people into getting rid of this hair on a longer term basis. Unwanted hair growth on visible areas, painful ingrown hairs, waxing burns and irritations and skin caught painfully between the tweezers are a major cause of people seeking out a solution to rid themselves of unwanted hair, permanently.

Treatments for unwanted hair:

Plucking - Your face and body hair won't grow back differently just because you've plucked it, the plucking method won't make the hair grow back thicker and coarser. Plucked hair will stay away longer because the hair is removed at its root, and isn't just taken off at the skin's surface.

Waxing - is a popular method of removing hair on the legs, and especially the bikini line. For the safest and most effective results, wax treatment are best when they're done by professionals. With waxing you have to be careful you don't get an irritation or infection around the hair follicles.

Bleach and depilatory creams - these are temporary as they remove the hair from the skin's surface and not from the root. Many women find them too irritating because when the chemicals in the creams dissolve, they can irritate the skin surrounding the hair.

Laser energy - this offers long-lasting results after a course of treatments. It's suitable for men and women, most skin types and all areas of the body, although it's best when used on dark hair and light skin. It's a very safe and effective treatment for most people, although it won't work on white hair and doesn't work well on blonde hair either.

Long lasting results can now be obtained with laser hair removal, and this treatment is a better alternative as small and large areas can be treated quickly and effectively, compared to other methods.

Clinic Manager.

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