Monday, 22 May 2017

How Our Lifestyle Can Affect Our Skin - Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield & Chesterfield

Our lifestyles are becoming more hectic and modern technology is taking over our lives. All this eventually takes it toll - on our skin!

Stressful schedules
A busy social life, and trying to go to every social invitation we're invited to, can leave us tired and increase our stress levels. Tiredness and stress can cause wrinkles and dull skin, and it can lower your immune system, which can result in acne breakouts.

It seems that these days, there are many fantastic films and TV shows that we just have to watch. In these days of box sets and netflix, no-one wants to wait for next weeks episode, and we tend to binge-watch them in one sitting. Unfortunately, this can cause tiredness, dehydrated, dull looking skin, dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes.

Late nights
Failing to get a good nights sleep can cause havoc with our skin. Whether it's because of partying with your friends, working or watching movies late into the night, we are quite literally losing our beauty sleep. One of the side-effects of drinking excess alcohol, is its capacity to dry out the skin. The later we fall into our beds, the more likely we won't bother to remove our make-up and this can end up clogging your pores and causing spots. Lack of sleep will dehydrate your skin making it seem dull, and cause puffiness and dark shadows under the eyes.

It's scary to think that our mobile phone and gadgets might be ruining our looks. Our obsession with our phones and i-pads is really taking its toll on our neck and jaw line. The skin on the neck is thin and fragile, and because it's a highly visible part of the body, this area can really show how fast we are ageing. When you're constantly staring down at your phone; at social media, you tube and game apps, it causes sagging jowls and wrinkles on the neck, accelerating the signs of ageing.

Out and about
When we are outside we come into contact with; car fumes, smog and dust, and over time they all have a harmful effect on our skin. They are all impossible things for us to avoid, and can cause dehydration, wrinkles and redness. It's now believed that pollution is just as damaging to our skin as UV exposure. It's important to cleanse, tone and moisterize the skin, to rid it of daily dirt and grime.

At Selston Cosmetic Clinic we have many treatments to help with the latest safe and effective cosmetic medical treatments for fine lines and wrinkle reduction, dull, dehydrated skin, dark shadows and tear troughs. Our experienced and fully trained aesthetic team will talk you through a range of treatments, either single treatments or combining different treatments.

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